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Your Song/Track of the Day

Discussion in 'music' started by Musicraft, May 25, 2015.

  1. Musicraft

    Musicraft Trade: Musicraft

    The Batman (Michael Giacchino)

  2. uncl_nigel

    uncl_nigel pfm Member

    Italian artist Nada, discovered in the tiny cafe next to the Santissima Annunziata Basilica in Florence where I had lunch Tuesday - both members of staff and a couple of the clients were singing along :)

  3. Musicraft

    Musicraft Trade: Musicraft

    Für Elise (Beethoven)

  4. zygote23

    zygote23 pfm Member

    Caveat is that it's mid day here and my track for the day will likely change as time progresses.
  5. Musicraft

    Musicraft Trade: Musicraft

    Rocket Man - Live at Agganis Arena, Boston, Massachusetts (My Morning Jacket)

  6. uncl_nigel

    uncl_nigel pfm Member

    Moody Blues, "Lazy Day"

    "...must be lamb today because beef was last week..." Oh for the certainties of the pre-plastic-antiniotic-laden-chicken era
  7. Musicraft

    Musicraft Trade: Musicraft

    Flower - Live at The Fonda, Los Angeles (Moby, Ingyang Bassey)

  8. uncl_nigel

    uncl_nigel pfm Member

    Hot Butter, "Popcorn" (1972) my 2000th addition to the NAS since the first day of the first lockdown - for some reason I wanted to listen to it and discovered I only had it on vinyl with no cart on the SME20/2a

  9. Musicraft

    Musicraft Trade: Musicraft

    The New Four Seasons - Vivaldi Recomposed: Summer 3 (Max Richter, Elena Urioste, Chineke! Orchestra)

  10. uncl_nigel

    uncl_nigel pfm Member

    "The Weight" from You & Me We Are The Same by Roxanne de Bastion

  11. FranzD

    FranzD pfm Member

    Everyday People By sly and the Family Stone
  12. Musicraft

    Musicraft Trade: Musicraft

    Claudia’s Theme - Version Eight (Lennie Neihaus, Clint Eastwood)

  13. uncl_nigel

    uncl_nigel pfm Member

    "Wet Dream" from Wet Leg's eponymous album

  14. Musicraft

    Musicraft Trade: Musicraft

    Eli (Bosnian Rainbows)

  15. uncl_nigel

    uncl_nigel pfm Member

    Lithuanian group, Laiminguo, "Žemelė"

  16. Romulus

    Romulus pfm Member

    Girl School (featuring Kelly Johnson on lead guitar RIP) - Com'n Lets Go
  17. mik_rik

    mik_rik pfm Member

  18. Musicraft

    Musicraft Trade: Musicraft

    Music - Groove Armada 12” Mix (Madonna)

  19. uncl_nigel

    uncl_nigel pfm Member

    Marina and the Diamonds, "Savages" from the album Froot

    CD rip played quite loud :)
  20. uncl_nigel

    uncl_nigel pfm Member

    "Bruidsnacht" from the album Laïs by Laïs


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