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Your loudspeaker holy grail

Discussion in 'audio' started by James, May 26, 2021.

  1. docstocker

    docstocker pfm Member

    Acoustic Research AR3
    Lusted after them in my teens but settled for AR7s. Eventually obtained a pair thanks to that marvellous auction site that helps us realise our younger-selves’ whims. Also thank to a delightful chap in Oxford who had two pairs he used in a surround system and then had to downsize
  2. Markyb

    Markyb pfm Member

    I'd quite like to have a pair of those omnis Dr House had
  3. Del monaco

    Del monaco Del Monaco

    By hook or by crook… they will be mine…
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  4. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    Not compared to a really good high-efficiency speaker. I absolutely love Quads, possibly my favourite speaker, so nothing I say should be taken in any other light, but you really need to hear a very good large horn system driven by a very good valve amp to understand dynamics. This assuming the right material of course, I’m a jazz fan and exceptionally skilled and well recorded drums are the norm there. Just listen to the way a high efficiency system, even odd things like Lowthers, just ‘get’ the touch and feel of a brushed snare compared to a low-efficiency system like Quads. It is entirely different, and far closer to the envelope of a real kit in the room. I’m not talking about volume either, this is all about dynamic light and shade, life etc, and is evident at very low levels. Quads are fabulous tonally, they are beautifully quick, but they also suffer from dynamic compression compared to the very best, and no amount of amp muscle will get beyond that IME.
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  5. pocketkitchen

    pocketkitchen Registered User

    My list would be Shahinian Diapasons, some mahoosive Lockwood Tannoys, Yamaha NS1000, ESL57, Isobariks on the end of a six pack and DBLs likewise.

    At the cheaper end of things, a pair of Response 1SC.
  6. Rosie

    Rosie pfm Member

    Kef KM1 BBC studio monitors 'cos I love 80's Kef gear

    Meridian M10 just out of curiosity
  7. 90125

    90125 pfm Member

    Shahinian Diapasons and Keltiks but I fear I'd never get them to sing.
  8. pocketkitchen

    pocketkitchen Registered User

    I used to love Keltiks. Happy memories of playing Siamese Dream by Smashing Pumpkins at stupid volumes through them. Still one of my favourite Hifi memories.
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  9. kasperhauser

    kasperhauser pfm Member

    The Superwax "Mini" (a bit misleading as they have a 15" bass driver) seems to be around $10k USD, so yes, I imagine the full-fat Superwax price would water the eyes. I didn't know I wanted them until you brought it up, so THANKS.

    I'd still like to have a pristine pair of Snell Model A II. The pair I heard in the testing room at ASC Tube Traps were amazing.
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  10. 90125

    90125 pfm Member

    A very very long time ago I did the Linn Aktiv training in Glasgow - since then I've lusted after the Keltiks but only every made it to active Kabers.

    But these things are much more affordable s/h these days ..
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  11. sq225917

    sq225917 Bit of this, bit of that

    Big quads with well integrated subs take some beating in the right room.
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  12. ArtK

    ArtK I bite you!

    Spendor Classic 1/2’s on their dedicated stands.
  13. Rockmeister

    Rockmeister pfm Member

    Amongst the best I ever heard too, the A’s.
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  14. 90125

    90125 pfm Member

    Oh ~20years ago I heard Neat Petites on Kudos stands with Exposure Pre/Power - just had 'something' special about it.
  15. suzywong

    suzywong Wot, no electrons?

    Naim DBLs - active (for the office Naim system)
    Linn Keltiks -aktiv (for the conservatory Linn system)

    neither of which I've heard.

    And the one that we have heard and lusted after for years

    Apogee Scintilla. (plus the ubiquitous Audio Research-Krell amplifier)
  16. Seanm

    Seanm pfm Member

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  17. Gervais Cote

    Gervais Cote Predator

    I heard big Audio Physics and they really disappear as you say, at least in terms of sound stage.
    They are also very dynamic and can produce huge slams on bass drum kicks like you wouldn’t believe such a narrow speaker can give.
    Nevertheless, I refrained from buying some because they are TOO good : very transparent and they throw A LOT of details. Listening to some Metallica on it, you think the singer is throwing his vocal cords at you.
    In theory very good but they do not surrender on medium to low quality recordings so making impossible to me to listen to 75% of my rock and blues music !
    Perfect source and recordings are mandatory with Audio Physics !
    sean99 likes this.
  18. Hook

    Hook Blackbeard's former bo'sun.

    Some great lists on this (potentially dangerous to the wallet) thread.

    Great to see Linkwitz mentioned. One of the most confounding, baffling audio experiences I’ve ever had involved his LXmini design. Had just gone through several rooms at RMAF 2014, listening to very large expensive systems, and next up was the Linkwitz room. Sat near-field in front of a pair of agricultural-looking LXminis and, you guessed it, was completely astounded. Such beautiful clear sound from such an ugly inexpensive thing! Best VFM I know of, but the WAF is hugely negative. Went back later and heard the Orion. Same great sound, just bigger and more room filling. Siegfried was a very nice man, and his contributions to audio will hopefully long be remembered.

    My list is constantly changing, but here’s some speakers I’ve been dreaming about.

    1 - ATC SCM 50 ASLT

    2 - Magico S3 Mk II

    3 - Joseph Audio Pearl 3

    4 - Von Schweikert Ultra 55
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  19. joe9407

    joe9407 actress/activist

    Surely, I could find a way to live with Tannoy Westminster Royals in my sumptuous apartment in the Dakota building here in New York. Or perhaps a pair of Devore O/96 in my elegant Parisian flat -- pulling in FIP with a NAT-01 tuner, as one does. Alternatively, were I forced to move back in with my parents, I would definitely get Apogee Scintillas.
  20. Sean K

    Sean K pfm Member

    Bose wave radio

    I'll get my coat
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