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Your Loudspeaker history...

Discussion in 'audio' started by Jonathan Ribee, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. Hoopsontoast

    Hoopsontoast pfm Member

    Few more additions in the past couple of years since my past update on this thread.....

    Technics SCHD70 speakers
    Tannoy Mercury MX1
    Tannoy DC1000
    Tannoy Sensys DC1
    CSS FR125S (DIY)
    Rega R3
    KEF XQ1
    Tannoy HPD315's in OB (DIY)
    Tannoy Cheviots
    Omnes Audio L8 (DIY)
    Silver Iris 10" Coaxials in OB (DIY)
    Rega Jura
    Bandor 50mm (DIY)
    Veravox 5S BiB (DIY)
    Veravox 5S Bipoles (DIY)
    Rega R7
    Tannoy Mercury S
    ATC SCM7 (mk2)
    Fostex FF225K Jericho Horns (DIY)
    Kord Tornado
    Veravox 3 (Omnes Audio BB3.AL) (DIY)
    Keesonic Kolt
    Rega R1
    ATC SCM10
    Fountek FE87 (DIY)
    IAS Prototypes
    Keesonic Kolt
    Wharfedale Diamond Active Plus
    Acoustic Energy AE2
    Kord Vulcan
    Magnepan MMG
    KEF Reference 104/2
    Eclipse TD-508
    Veravox 5S (DIY)
    Fostex FF225K
    Klipsch Heresy II
    Seas based Hypex Active (DIY)
    Rega Alya
    Goodmans Axiom 201 (DIY)
    ATC SCM10
    Tannoy Chester (Project)
    Tannoy Stirling HE
    Rega R9
    Frugelhorn Lite (DIY)

    KEF 201/2
    Supravox 165-2000 DIY
    Supravox Active Open Baffle (165-2000 & 285GMF)

    I still have the Supravox drivers, Veravox drivers, Frugelhorn Lite and Rega R9s.
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  2. thomasthetank

    thomasthetank Member

    Wharfedale Linton 3xp
    Kef Celeste
    Tannoy Mercury
    Tannoy 605
    Sony floorstanders that what hifi rated. I think 176es
    Tannoy xt6f
    Heco Celan 500
    Monitor Audio gs20
    Quadral Chromium style 8
    Not quite in order.
  3. Manimal

    Manimal pfm Member

    Pioneer CS 363 from the 80s
    A small 3 way Monitor Audio from the 80's - can't recall the model number
    Heybrook HB1 - drove these so hard from an underpowered amp that I melted the bass unit voice coils. Oops
    BLQ2 (used these for years - huge soundstage)
    B&W DM600's - regretted buying these
    JPW mini monitor
    Celestion Ditton 300
    Wharfedale Dovedale III - surprisingly good given their age
    Ram CD10
    Proac D15 - zzzzzzz
    ATC SCM40 - my current main system speaker. Very classy and capable
    Zaph ZD5 - DIY. These would be the set I would grab to save if the house was on fire. After wife, kids and dog of course.
    Zaph ZA5.2 - DIY. Superb value for money
    Troels Peerless HDS134 - DIY. These got me into my DIY journey - wide and deep soundstage and very smooth
    Ruark Epilogue
    IPL M1TLm - DIY. Transmission line with ribbon tweeter. Sold these to a friend who still has them. Nice to hear them again when I visit.
    Audioexcite Classic M5 - DIY. I liked these but not as much as the guy who helped my daughter pass her maths GCSE. Sold them to him for peanuts and he was so pleased. Not as pleased as I was though as the wailing and moaning about maths stopped.

    There must be some I have forgotten and there will no doubt be others that will come along later...
  4. DONE

    DONE Active Member

    Heybrook HB1
    Neat Petite mk1
    Naim NSats
    Naim NSub
    Naim Ovator 400s
    Naim Ovator 600s
  5. major-tom

    major-tom pfm Member

    Wharfedale Dovedale 3s
    Arcam 1s
    Wharfedale E70s
    Ruark Talismans
    Wilson Benesch ACT1
    WB ACT
    Sonus faber Cremona M ( grey)
    SF Cremona M (maple)
  6. orbscure

    orbscure My God, its full of stars...

    Ruark Templar
    Monitor Audio R352
    Rogers LS6a/2
    Quad 22L
    Spendor S3e
    ProAc Studio 140 MKII
    Tannoy Chevoits
    AudioNote AN-E/Lx hemp
    Ascendo C8-C
  7. Martian Sunrise

    Martian Sunrise pfm Member

    Tannoy 605
    Proac 3
    Cura CA10
    Tannoy Eaton
    Royd Minstrel (x2)
    Meridian M30
  8. davidf

    davidf pfm Member

    Dahlquist DQ10
    Vandersteen 2c
    Linn Saras
    Linn 5140
    Piega C 8 Ltd
    Focal 1038 be
    Kudos T88- best by far
  9. Fretbuzz

    Fretbuzz pfm Member

    Cambridge Audio S30
    Castle Howard S2
    ProAc 140 mkII
    ProAc D2
    Audio Note AN-E/D
  10. Conan

    Conan Loop digger

    KEF Q60
    Cervin Vega VS8 (great headbangers)
    B&W602 (yuck)
    Usher S520 (love them)
    Rega RS3 (Usher were better)
    Royd Eden (amazing speaker but I need more bass)
    Royd Sapphire (a bit harsh)
    Royd Merlin (my sweet spot)
    Q Acoustics 3020 (ok)
    Dali Zensor 1 (unbeatable for the price)
    Genelec 1029 (probably the most communicative speaker that I have heard but too small for decent bass)
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2019

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