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Your loudspeaker history...?

Discussion in 'audio' started by Moppit, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. Jimbobbyron

    Jimbobbyron pfm Member

    Started in 1991
    Wharfdale diamond 4
    Some ugly missions which I can't remember the model
    JPW AP3
    Castle Chester MK2 (I had these for 23 years)
    Audio Physic Tempos
    Not a very impressive count compared to most! Especially mr Hoopsontoast impressive list
  2. Stunsworth

    Stunsworth pfm Member

    The penny in the slot criticism is that they had a sucked out midrange due to the tweeter and bass unit being deliberately out of phase with one another.
  3. DM-10

    DM-10 pfm Member


    JBL TLX600
    Mission 702 and 702e
    Rogers db101
    Epos ES14
    Rogers ls6
    Dynaudio Audience 40
    Dynaudio Contour 1.1
    Dynaudio Contour 1.3MK2
    Harbeth Monitor 20
    ATC SCM7 mk2
    JBL 4425 Studio Monitor
    Epos ES30
    Russell K Red100
    Russell K Red50
    ProAc Ten Signature

  4. GML

    GML pfm Member

    Thanks for that.
  5. 57charles

    57charles pfm Member

    Wharfedale Denton XP2
    Solavox PR?? ( basically Wharfedale Glendale XP2 but with paper cone mid as opposed to the white 'perforated' mid on the Glendale - Solavox was a Comet own brand I believe)
    RAM 200
    Celestion SL6s
    Celestion SL700SE
    Celestion Ditton 551
    Rogers LS3/5a
    Heybrook HB150 - disappointing
    Audiomaster MLS1
    KEF Corelli - too much Bextrene quack
    KEF LS50 - couldn't get on with these - didn't like the presentation
    Monitor Audio MA5 series 2
    Monitor Audio MA4 series 1
    Spendor S3e - not a favourite
    Goodmans Achromat Beta - surprisingly musical
    Goodmans Achromat Kappa
    Goodmans Achromat Sigma
    Monitor Audio MA7 (very underated)
    B & W DM12
    B& W DM1400
    B & W DM7 MK1
    Wharfedale Denton 80th Anniversary (current)
    Spendor S3/5r2 (current)
    Spendor SP2/3r2 (current)
    Monitor Audio MA1 series 2 ( arriving next week - a nostalgia trip for me and a bit of fun)
  6. Old Shatterhand

    Old Shatterhand pfm Member

    Acoustic Masterpiece

    Astin Trew
    AT 1000 Pre

    A 38

    Solfege Reference

    Pre 1

    IPA 80


    Charisma X
    Twinstar IV H.P.

    Pre XVs + PSX-R
    Pre VS2

    XXI RC
    XVIII Super
    Dual IV Regulated

    PowerAmp (400 watt version) x2 times

    PM 11 S2
    PM 15 S2
    SR 5004


    Superuniti x2 times
    Nait XS x2 times with Flatcap x1 time and Flatcap X x1 time
    Nait XS-2 x2 times
    Naim Nait 5i

    Classic One

    SC LX 83
    SC LX 82

    Brio-R x3 times


    PA 1500 R x3 times
    PA 1530 R x2 times
    P 1200 R
    PA 2000 R


    CST 100 MKII

    Unison Research
    Simply Italy
    S6 MKII x2 times

    Reference 150 MKII

    RX A 3010
    AS 2100


    BTW: Most of my stuff I bought used and not at a hifi shop.;)
    Last edited: Mar 10, 2019
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  7. Dancer_not

    Dancer_not Member

    I remember the RS4s as spacious & airy but perhaps due to
  8. Dave-L

    Dave-L pfm Member

    Consider my hat well and truly doffed!
  9. Jonqpr

    Jonqpr pfm Member

    Linn kan MkII
    Linn isobariks
    Lumley Lampros 100 MkII
    Nightingale Concentus
  10. 57charles

    57charles pfm Member

    I believe the Tangent RS4 won a 'speaker shootout' in one of the hifi mags late 70's early 80's - was the reviewer Chris Franklin? - it beat Spendor BC1 and KEF104ab and I believe it was a purely listening exercise with no technical measurement involved. I remember listening to the RS4 in 79/80 and they were not to my taste - although I could understand why some people liked them - to me, they were just not a good all rounder. I remember the out of phase tweeter wiring caused quite a lot of controversy at the time. Maybe I should revisit them - could be a bit of fun - although power handling and max SPL could be a problem for me. I did purchase a pair of Tangent TM1's a couple of years ago (substitute KEF B200 in place of Audax unit in RS4 and requisite revised crossover) but unfortunately the speakers arrived in pieces due to poor packaging and so I therefore lost the opportunity of a listen.
  11. Old Shatterhand

    Old Shatterhand pfm Member

    @Dave-L : Thank you, but I see no reason. I have fun to test different stuff, but there wasn't that many interesting stuff included IMHO.
    If I look back there are only a few I would consider again (both, speakers and amps).

    Maybe it is interesting for some people here to name the ones which I still like.

    Dynaudio Confidence C1 (maybe, long time ago that I listened them)
    Odeon Midas SE (if I'd have a smaller room) and No. 28 SE (current)
    Harbeth Super HL5+ 40th. Anniversary Edition, Compact 7, Super HL5 (lineup = ranking)
    Klipsch Cornwall III (as a second speaker)
    Pro Ac Response D 38 (maybe, long time ago that I listened them)
    Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento (still love them)

    Acoustic Masterpiece AM201H (current, incredible sounding amplifier)
    Audiomat Solfege Reference (terrific amp)
    Berendsen IPA 80 (great budget solid state amp)
    Croft Charisma X with Twinstar IV H.P. (if I have the money over I'd have kept them as backup, one of the greatest combos I have ever listened to)
    Naim Nait XS and XS-2 with Flatcap X (still like them)
    Rega Brio-R (with the right speakers on of the most fun amps I have owned, can listen to it for hours and hours)
    Primare A30.1 (current, great allrounder amplifier sadly it doesn't match with the Odeon No 28 S.E., so I'm selling it right now)
    Dave-L likes this.
  12. BB Wan

    BB Wan pfm Member

    Surprising how many people say they owned speakers they thought were sort of begs the question ;)
    My list is a bit of a yawn fest compared to some of yours, but here goes:
    Castle Chester 2 (I was 15 and I loved them)
    Acoustic Energy Aegis Evo 1 (uni speakers)
    Acoustic Energy Aesprit 300
    Monitor Audio PL100
    Monitor Audio PL200

    I've had the 200s for a few years now and i love what they do. I would probably only change for one of the following which are all sadly beyond my means:
    Focal Sopra 2
    B&W 802d3 Prestige
    Kef Blade (not the Blade 2)

    Never say never though eh...

    Technics SA-GX190
    Musical Fidelity P172/P170
    Tag McLaren 60iRv
    Musical Fidelity A3.2
    Rotel RA-02
    Musical Fidelity X-P100/X-A50
    Cyrus DAC XP/PSX-R/Mono X pair
    Musical Fidelity M6i
    Cyrus DAC XP+/PSX-R/Mono X pair
    Musical Fidelity M6Pre/PRX
    Linn MDSM/M4100
    Musical Fidelity A308 Pre/Power (JS mod)
    Puresound A30
    Cyrus Pre Dac/8-Power
    Cyrus DAC XP Signature/PSX-R/Mono X pair
    Chord CPM2650

    Some ups and downs in there for sure, but there's something I like about all of them in their own way and for their respective cost (rarely retail price).
  13. Old Shatterhand

    Old Shatterhand pfm Member

    I for myself don't say my speakers/amps were crap, not want to buy or own them again isn't the same.

    I call this evolution process. I don't bought speakers I didn't liked at that time. But taste changes and listening experience grows. If I know that there is stuff that is better sounding, why should I keep the other stuff any longer.

    And I bought most of the stuff used. If you buy used, you can not listen to it at home, so I have to buy it more or less blind without listening in my room and in my system.

    Also every component is a compromise and we have moved six times to different flats with different sized and shaped rooms.
  14. davidlf

    davidlf Active Member

    Wharfedale Linton
    B&W DM1 ( a major improvement)
    KEF Cadenza (had these for many years...)
    Celef Monitor (not sure why I sold these)
    KEF Ref 103
    KEF Ref 104aB
    B&W DM4 (short lived, a disappointment after the DM1, perhaps faulty?)
    Spendor BC1 (for many years...)
    Dynaudio Contour 1.1 (for a change, but reverted to Spendor..)
    Audiomaster LS3/5A

    Currently own:
    Spendor BC1
    Spendor SP1
    Celestion SL6s
    Audiomaster LS3/5A
    B&W DM1 (second pair, but with hardened surrounds so require restoration...)
  15. Hoopsontoast

    Hoopsontoast pfm Member

    Well, now that I think about it....
    Mainly flirting bewtween Big Japanese integrated and valves depending on the speakers paired!

    Some Trio 70s amp
    Cambridge Audio 540R
    Teac A-BX7R
    Consonance Cyber 10SE KT88 SET
    Sony TA-F770ES
    Rega Brio3
    Sony TA-F448E
    Sony TA-F670ES
    Arcam AVR200
    Decware Zen SE84C
    Denon PMA-2000AE
    Teac A-H01
    Icon Audio LA3 / ASL AV-25 Monos
    Audion Sterling Plus KT88
    Icon Audio LA3 / Quad Elite Stereo
    Restek Challenger
    Puresound A10
    Sony TA-F770ES
    Eagle SA-100 (project)
    Doge 8 Pre / T-Amp
    Doge 8 Pre / Decware Zen DIY
    Audionote Zero Pre / Decware Zen DIY
    Croft Micro Basic Pre / Decware Zen DIY
    Sony TA-F770ES
    Rega Brio-R
    Bryston B60
    Sony TA-F3000ES
    Benchmark DAC1 HDR / Decware Zen DIY
    Rega Mira
    Rega Cursa3/Mira3
    Denon PMA-2500NE
    Decware Zen DIY
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  16. Jeff Young

    Jeff Young pfm Member

    Boston Acoustics A40
    Linn Sara
    Linn Isobarik
    Magnepan 0.7 w/ PSA1500 sub
  17. major-tom

    major-tom pfm Member

    Wharfdale Dovedale 3 mk2
    Wharfdale E70 (which I built from a kit.)
    Arcam 1 standmounters. (E70s had to go due to spousal disapproval & small house)
    Ruark Talismans. (Which I loved)
    Wilson Benesch ACT 1s. (Very good, so bought ACTs in leap of faith)
    Wilson Benesch ACTs. (Never could get on with these)
    Sonus Faber Cremona (in grey wood finish)
    Sonus Faber Cremona Ms. (By far my favourite speakers to date)
  18. Snufkin

    Snufkin pfm Member

    These are the speakers that have sat in my main system:
    1972 - Wharfdale Denton - my first hifi. They was alright but the Celef's that replaced them a few years later were so much better.
    1976 - Celef Domestic Monitor - a really good speaker that grew in competence with every improvement down stream.
    2003 - Harbeth Compact 7 - big jump from the elderly Celef's but was a little toppy.
    2006 - Harbeth M30 - like the Compact 7 but with a much better tweeter; a gorgeous speaker.
    2013 - Shahinian Obelisk - an itch to try the 'omni' thing. Loved it but its top was a little harsh at times compared to the Harbeth.
    2014 - Shahinian Obelisk 2 - solved the harshness issue; a great, majestic speaker as long as you have suitable amplification.

    Other speakers that have been in play or in a second system:
    Celstion Ditton 15 - very disappointing; I really wanted to like these speakers as they have a 'legendary' reputation. Heard another pair recently and the Arcam 20's (mentioned further down) trashed them.
    Castle Severn 2 - lovely speaker and easy to position.
    Arcam 20 - what a great speaker with lovely voicing - if you see a good pair, grab them. Mine went to a musician friend who loves them.
    Shahinian Super Elf - a beautiful little speaker but didn't have enough bottom end for what I needed but, like the Arcam's, beautifully voiced.
    Shahinian Compass - much of the charm of the Super Elf although not quite as sweet but has a surprisingly good bottom end and is very easy to place; a lovely speaker.
    Radford M90 - they are very revealing 'monitors' and I am enjoying them enormously.
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  19. Dozey

    Dozey Air guitar member

    1975 to 1999 - Tangent TM1's, first with an Alba UA900, then a Nytech CA202.
    1999 - 2019 - PMC FB1's, with a Bryston 4B-ST. Got them updated 2 years ago to FB1+ status at the factory.
  20. camverton

    camverton pfm Member

    1970s...B&W bookshelf...............Blew the tweeters with Messian's Turanagulia
    1979....Rogers LS35a..................Seemed OK at the time
    1987....Quad 57s.......................Lovely
    1989....Quad 63........................Not quite so lovely but better in some respects;
    ...............................................damn unreliable though.
    1991....Apogee Centaur Minor.......Very good, should have kept them
    1992....REL Stygian....................Hummed along with the music
    1996....Quad 63s again................Will I never learn; even more unreliable
    ................................................Honed up my soldering skills though!
    2000....BKS 107.........................Great little speaker, still in use with TV
    2004....PMC FB1........................Bit harsh, didn't last long with me
    2004....REL Stampede.................Waste of time really, subs have to be big
    2004....Martin Logan Aerius-i.........Enjoyed them a lot
    2006....SVS PB12 sub...................Still in use, does the low end business
    2007....Martin Logan Ascent-i.........Greater scale, needed a better amp than I could afford
    2011....Meridian DSP5500..............Splendid sounding coffins, still have them somewhere
    2013....Kef LS50.........................Ended up as clean clear desktop speakers
    2015....Martin Logan Electromotion..Very good, still in use at end of bed
    2016....MBL126...........................These have put all the above into perspective. Dismissed by some as effects boxes, but they make music believable in a way that I thought only electrostatics and ribbons could manage. They need to be a long way out into the room and need careful setup along with a sub. These are the baby of their range, heaven only knows what the 101e's sound like! Why analyse the recording when you can get so close to recreating the original sound in your room.

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