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Yamaha R-N402D - opinions?

Discussion in 'audio' started by Dongle, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. Dongle

    Dongle pfm Member

    I've kept my eye on some of the Yamaha offerings for a number of years but have never actually owned any. I currently have a Linn Majik DSM used as a 2 channel system with my TV/Sky/DVD etc and would like to move that into a different room as a more dedicated hifi setup, but would need to replace it with something to handle the TV stuff.

    My initial inclination was to try and get hold of another Majik DSM until I saw this offering from Yamaha and, on paper, the spec looks pretty extensive with the added attraction of FM radio.

    Has anyone used/heard one or have any general views around Yamaha gear at this level?

    It equals if not betters the specs of the Linn so I am kinda scratching my head about the price difference apart from the name.....? The Yamaha MusiCast functionality is apparently pretty flawless.


    Any views/experiences folks? Thanks.
  2. Dongle

    Dongle pfm Member

    Nobody? :(
  3. Weirdness

    Weirdness pfm Member

    I haven't heard this specific unit but I have spent some time with the RN602 and it's a very good receiver for the price.

    Doubtful that it's as good as the Linn but it's probably 20% of the price so I wouldn't expect it to be.

    All of the musiccast streaming services work great, you also now get tidal which is a definite win. It'll drive most speakers fairly easily definitely a good one box solution for reasonable money.

    Hope this helps...
  4. Dongle

    Dongle pfm Member

    Thank you - it does. I think your summary is right in terms of the comparison of standards but when you consider a new Linn unit (mine is one of the earlier versions) would cost around £3000 then for the purpose stated you have to ask whether it's worth 10x the cost of the Yamaha. I find, on paper at least, the spec on the Yamaha for the cost to be quite staggering, especially with the amplifier that it contains which, I believe, sends around 140 wpc into 8 ohms, is very impressive.
  5. JTWzen

    JTWzen Active Member

    I recently bought the larger, more powerful, R-N803D and I am delighted with it. I would be interested in a comparison with Linn kit if you go ahead but I can't imagine that there would be much, if any, improvement if the sound of the smaller unit is as good as the R-N803D.
  6. Dongle

    Dongle pfm Member

    When you say you wouldn't expect there to be much do you mean you wouldn't expect the Linn to be that much better?

    I am going to go and have al listen this afternoon if I can.
  7. JTWzen

    JTWzen Active Member

    Just that I listened to some Linn kit a few years ago and while it is good it wasn't that good, in fact I eventually bought another Yamaha Cd player / streamer the CDN-500 and spent the spare money on new speakers a bit later! (more correctly used the spare money as a contribution to the cost).
  8. Dongle

    Dongle pfm Member

    Ok that's worth knowing. I couldn't get out this afternoon but am going tomorrow and have arranged to have a listen to it with quite an array of speakers so am looking forward to that.
  9. beammeup

    beammeup pfm Member

    I still have my Yamaha CD-N500, it's a very good sounding bit of kit and very reliable as a network streamer. It's fully DLNA compliant so you can even stream Tidal to it from an Android tablet using BubbleUPnP 'easily'! In a funny sort of way it's also useful to plug a lower end Google Chromecast Audio device using the front USB port of the CD-N500, so that you are using the linear psu from the yamaha rather than the cheap psu of the GCA. And of course you can play CDs from it too. Quite a remarkable device, and exploiting the DLNA feature on the CD-N500 allows you to set it up as an OpenHome renderer for BubbleUPnP as mentioned earlier! Sorry if I'm speaking gibberish.
  10. JTWzen

    JTWzen Active Member

    I will still be using mine in a second system, it is a brilliant, sadly underrated, bit of kit.
  11. Dongle

    Dongle pfm Member

    Not at all - I understand what you mean. What I am picking up from this and other things I have read is that Yamaha gear is pretty high quality and often under the radar. I am going to have a listen tomorrow with some Q Acoustics 3020 and Concept 20's.
  12. beammeup

    beammeup pfm Member

    Good, I'm glad I am making some sense. Your FM radio request to a point is also included in the CD-N500, with built in vtuner (internet radio) capabilities.
  13. Dongle

    Dongle pfm Member

    Well, I actually bought it today and got quite a discount into the bargain so am pretty happy. Having set it up I am happy with everything apart from the fact that Tidal doesn't seem to be integrated into the MusicCast app and that was one of the main reasons I bought it. I have updated the firmware but it still doesn't appear as an option in the tiles for the 'Room' which the Yamaha is in.

    Is it something I am doing wrong?
  14. JTWzen

    JTWzen Active Member

    Well it is on the 803D. It doesn't show on my phone because I had edited sources in the Musiccast app. From the rooms page select the settings icon on the top of the screen (in the app not phone settings). select the receiver, scroll down and you will get to "Edit Sources" select this then a list of sources is displayed - only those ticked show on the app, so if Tidal is there and not ticked then tick it, then return to the main page of the app.. Did that work
  15. Rana

    Rana pfm Member

    The Tidal option is available on the Musiccast app for me. I use a R-N602 and also a WXAD-10 for online streaming but don't actually use Tidal (Spotify Premium is fine for my online streaming purposes). The 602 is a mighty fine amp as I'm sure the 402 is. My 602 doesn't lose much if anything to the Naim 102/180, Accuphase, Unison Research and Copland amps that preceded it, although it's relegated to system 2 thanks to my 30 year old but freshly serviced Linx Stratos amps. Yamaha do make mighty fine and under-rated amplification.
  16. Dongle

    Dongle pfm Member

    Thanks for helping. The Tidal thing is now fixed - the unit needed rebooting and after that all was good.

    I have to say I'm very very impressed. After a couple of hours or so I honestly (and here's a big statement) could not hear any discernable difference between the Yamaha and the Linn. I am staggered.

    The MusicCast app needs some work as it's a bit clunky and if anyone can point me towards a decent FM/DAB Aerial to replace the one it comes with I'd appreciate it. The supplied one has a threaded connector at the end which connects to the unit.
  17. JTWzen

    JTWzen Active Member

    Good to hear that all is sorted and that you are pleased with the result.
    I use an omnidirectional FM antenna which I have in the loft so can't suggest any internal solution but the connector is an F plug which is the same as those on satellite coax cables.
    Enjoy the music.
  18. Del monaco

    Del monaco pfm Member

    Having listened to a wide variety of streamers, both cheap and very expensive, I often find their is little or any discernible difference in sound between these streamers. Even a humble Pi can hold its head up high in such exalted company.
    narabdela and Julf like this.
  19. raysablade

    raysablade pfm Member

    it's not hard to see why....

  20. Dongle

    Dongle pfm Member

    You’ve lost me.....???
    lordsummit likes this.

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