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Who's Heard the Dutch & Dutch Speakers

Discussion in 'audio' started by zekezebra, Nov 27, 2018.

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  1. poco a poco

    poco a poco I'm Jim

    I have just looked at this picture which is very odd. My pair are only about 6 weeks old and I had to wait about a month for delivery of the latest batch. They only have the single slot on each side to achieve the cardioid response and that is what is still shown on D&D's website. The layout of the in & output text information on the back is different to my pair as well. It could be that this is an early prototype photo? It would be interesting to know the serial numbers of these (none shown in the normal position on the rear) and the firmware version they are running. The current ones are in 900's numbers. Current production firmware is 1.3.18, but after discussions with D&D I am running Beta 1.4.36 at present that is the latest Beta.

    Given the very good quoted price(s) (that seem to be below the normal price to the dealer?) I would want to be sure they came direct from Dutch & Dutch to the dealer and come with the full 3 year warranty.
  2. s1h1

    s1h1 performing within expectations

    Searching the D&D facebook page, there's an 'early prototype' from 2016 with the dual slots.
  3. Purité Audio

    Purité Audio Trade: Purite Audio

  4. Strictly Stereo

    Strictly Stereo Trade: Strictly Stereo

    Production speakers all have a single slot on each side.
  5. Andrew C!

    Andrew C! Been around a while....

    Interesting how Music Craft (edited - apologies) have been posting elsewhere, but have not re-visited this thread to clear up any ambiguities/questions resulting from their advert/post?
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  6. Hifi_swlon

    Hifi_swlon pfm Member

    Haven’t been following Pfm as much lately, but was following this thread on and off. That said, even with a bit of searching I couldn’t fathom what this meant !?
    Andrew C! likes this.
  7. Paul Burke

    Paul Burke pfm Member

    Assume you mean musicraft. I’m interested in the link Keith posted and why they aren’t on the official dealership list, but have been advertising 8c’s for quite a while now

    But then again there was a lot of iffy stuff going on between them and Hegel a little while ago, and practically giving the stuff away. Wonder how many actually sold at those prices too or if it’s just click bait for the sales part of the site
  8. Andrew C!

    Andrew C! Been around a while....

    Applogies - I did mean Music Craft, and not Amber Audio.

    If you are going to advertise something at such a cut-down price, then surely you'll be aware there will be questions. Whether those questions are answered via phone calls from interested PMF'ers or not, the answers should also be posted.
  9. SteveH

    SteveH pfm Member

    Could be, but you'll need a few hours and a good deal of patience to discard which items have already been "SOLD".
    I have thought of buying there many times because the prices are astonishing (I am in Derby a lot these days), and could push me into buying something I don't really need (like a second pair of actives haha). However, the apparent lack of site "caretaking" puts me off. Anyone here have first-hand experience?
  10. Hifi_swlon

    Hifi_swlon pfm Member

    I guess it would make sense just to call up and find out if interested, no need to trawl through a website for hours? Thats what I plan to do.... (edit: and did, FYI the new cheap 8c’s are gone).

    FWIW when I was about to push the button on the 8c or the Kii last year, I contacted quite a few dealers in the EU and UK and was offered some great prices. Maybe not at that level but nowhere near RRP. It pays to shop around.

    I had a last minute wave of indecision about which to go for (I really want the best bits of the Kii three and 8c in a Kii three cabinet!) and ended up holding off, but I may do it in 2020.
  11. Andrew C!

    Andrew C! Been around a while....

    So it’s ok to place an advert on here, but then not update it when one of the items contained within it has been sold!

    And this is a professional trader?

    Enough said.
  12. Strictly Stereo

    Strictly Stereo Trade: Strictly Stereo

    Musicraft is no longer an authorised retailer of Dutch & Dutch products so quite where any brand new stock is coming from is a mystery. Perhaps ask for the serial numbers prior to purchase and have a chat with Dutch & Dutch. They will be able to tell you the provenance of the speakers and the warranty position.

    For what it is worth, I am an authorised retailer of Dutch & Dutch products. I deal directly with the manufacturer and I would be very happy to buy at these prices.
  13. Hifi_swlon

    Hifi_swlon pfm Member

    @Andrew C! Did this trader upset you somehow?

    It was updated shortly after on the link I clicked on their website. I’m guessing they only reopened today?

    Have tried to buy plenty of things in the past, in all walks of life, where a listing/advert hasn’t been updated but the items sold. Not really a big deal?

    Provenance was explained to me. Someone was quick and grabbed a bargain. Well done them.
  14. Andrew C!

    Andrew C! Been around a while....

    Not at all. My observation is the description and pricing raised further questions, which the dealer did not respond to. Then the advert was not further updated.
  15. Strictly Stereo

    Strictly Stereo Trade: Strictly Stereo

    Can you share that with us?
  16. Woodface

    Woodface pfm Member

    This could get interesting
  17. Jonn

    Jonn Tons of Trouble

    What's this trial by social media? Rik at MusicCraft is sound. I've bought from him in the past. He is easily contactable by 'phone or email to answer any questions.
    I can only assume that those questioning his integrity are disgruntled buyers who paid a good bit more from elsewhere or dealers who don't like the idea of other dealers undercutting their profit margin.
    Furyous and PhilofCas like this.
  18. Andrew C!

    Andrew C! Been around a while....

    I don’t mind anyone advertising a product on here. I do expect some response to legitimate questions posed in response to an advert. I also expect adverts to be monitored by the advertiser, and updated updated appropriately. Perhaps my expectations are too high.
  19. Jonn

    Jonn Tons of Trouble

    Fair enough Andrew, but he did include a web-ink in his original posting which has been updated to show the status of the advertised products and based on my previous experience would respond to an email or 'phone call to answer any questions.
    Andrew C! likes this.
  20. Hifi_swlon

    Hifi_swlon pfm Member

    Not really, because I asked privately out of curiosity, and taking the answer on face value there was nothing untoward.

    It’s somewhat moot anyway since they’re gone, and I don’t think it’s generally good form to paste private conversations on forums, especially when there’s seemingly some knickers in a twist already.

    If anyone’s that interested or feeling out of sorts about it, I’d suggest calling up.

    I really prefer the look of the Kii three but at that price new I would have convinced myself (and tried to convince my wife) that they look nice in the living room. (Edit: in fact just thinking about this more since writing it, I’m not sure I could convince myself or my wife, so to that end it’s served a very good purpose and I think I’ll get the Kii three for home demo this year. Phew.)

    I think the ex-dem are still available.
    Jonn likes this.
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