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What concert have you last been to #3

Discussion in 'music' started by Rasher, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Dee-Kay

    Dee-Kay pfm Member

    Friday- Stephen Fretwell at the Stoller Hall in Manchester- a really nice venue.

    Had wanted to see this guy live for years. He didn’t disappoint, playing and singing with passion, he held a few hundred of us captivated. His talent with the guitar was matched by that at the Grand Piano, a real treat in that space.

    Great that he’s back making & sharing his music.
  2. halvis

    halvis pfm Member

    The Comet is Coming (Dublin).

    Bloody hell - Shabaka Hutchings has such stage presence with that Sax, you can't keep your eyes off him. With him piercing that into your head along with the deep bass synths and Betamax drum action!

    Full on and I wanted it all!!!
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  3. Alex S

    Alex S carbon based lifeform

    Tom Sochas Trio at Woolwich Works:

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  4. eighties_boy

    eighties_boy permanently outside the box

    Jo Harman at Shoreham Ropetackle. Still with the ability to belt it out - even at seven months pregnant with twins! Shout out to support Hollie Rogers too :) All for £20. Seen a lot worse for a lot more...
  5. paulfromcamden

    paulfromcamden Baffled

    Saw Glacial play in the week - Lee Renaldo (Sonic Youth), Tony Buck (Necks) and bagpiper David Watson. Epic longform drones. I was standing at the back but here's a photo a friend took.

    foxwelljsly likes this.
  6. tuga

    tuga Legal Alien

    Took my youngest to see-listen to Turandot at the ROH a couple of weeks ago. Cheapest tickets but an enjoyable evening nonetheless.
  7. rbrierle

    rbrierle pfm Member

    BBC 6 music festival at Band on the Wall Friday. Caught Anthony Szmierek, Phoebe Green and start of the Lathums. Eclectic mix.
  8. yentone

    yentone pfm Member

    The Ephemeron Loop at Cafe OTO, with Vindicatrix. Excellent, slightly mind-blowing evening. Great venue, always challenging artists.....
  9. antinchip

    antinchip pfm Member

    Eels at Bath Forum this evening. A brilliant show. As Mr E said himself “a mix of old sh1t and new sh1t”. All very good indeed!
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  10. yentone

    yentone pfm Member

    Abyssinians at Jazz Cafe last night - tickets bought by my daughter for last year's birthday gift. After two postponements, they re-arranged for my actual birthday this year - very thoughtful. Great songs, harmonies and the band was excellent.

    kensalriser likes this.
  11. kensalriser

    kensalriser pfm Member

    Another for The Comet Is Coming here, at Koko the other week. Intense! Slightly unsettlingly but perhaps unsurprisingly the crowd was a fair bit whiter and older than the local population.
    paulfromcamden likes this.
  12. Aethelist

    Aethelist pfm Member

    Can I ask how they opened the show? We went to the first night of the tour in Nottingham last Sunday night and they opened with the most hilarious off key trumpeting rendition of Also Sprach Zarathustra anyone has ever heard. Completely out of tune and completely bloody brilliant.

    Just wondering if that was a one off?
  13. antinchip

    antinchip pfm Member

    Yes, the opening was the same and very funny. A varied and enjoyable set.
  14. Aethelist

    Aethelist pfm Member

    Thanks for the reply. We just loved that re-jigged version of I Like Birds. Good times.
  15. foxwelljsly

    foxwelljsly Me too, I ate one sour too.

    Utopia Strong and Steve Hillage at Exeter Phoenix, great bands. Unfortunately, Hillage was ruined for me by pissed up nutter shouting and whistling all through the ambient sections. I had to step out for that section to prevent myself from lamping him.
    seagull, vince rocker and yentone like this.
  16. DipsyDave

    DipsyDave pfm Member

    Martin Simpson at the Stables in MK, superb guitar playing as always, and an eclectic mixture of songs from his own pen and various other sources. Excellent couple of hours.
  17. vince rocker

    vince rocker pfm Member

    Saw this tour at "The Mecca of the modern dance" The Ritz in Manchester on Saturday. Both bands were great entertainment, Hillage covering Kevin Ayers and "The Glorious Om Riff / Masterbuilder" were highlights for me.
    foxwelljsly likes this.
  18. vince rocker

    vince rocker pfm Member

    I've had a good couple of weeks for music and theatre but the absolute standout for me was Jasmine Myra and her band at the Brudenell SC in Leeds last night. Just beautiful music played by eight superb musicians. I love her album but she takes it to another level live. Future dates are on her website
    kensalriser likes this.
  19. kasperhauser

    kasperhauser pfm Member

    Brice Springsteen and the E Street Band last month in Portland, Oregon. Last minute-ish decision so the seats weren't great and I watched most of it on the giant screens. Still, a bucket list event for many rock fans, myself included. I'm an even bigger fan of Nils Lofgren than I am of The Boss, so it was nice getting to watch them both.
  20. m7rso

    m7rso pfm Member

    Twas last year unfortunately, but David Grey White Ladder concert at the M&S arena. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Tickets bought for my missus and I by my daughter. It was fantastico. Thanks David…..l.

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