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What Christmas tree?

Discussion in 'off topic' started by Fatmarley, Oct 22, 2021.

  1. puddlesplasher

    puddlesplasher pfm Member

    My Mum uses what's basically an old dead branch sprayed white, with a modest amount of lights and decorations; actually looks really nice

    must look a bit like Charlie Browns.
  2. eguth

    eguth pfm Member

    Make your own artificial one: I did.
  3. Fatmarley

    Fatmarley "It appears my intelligence circuits have melted"

    Any chance of a picture?
  4. blossomchris

    blossomchris I feel better than James Brown

    grow up ffs, invent one, be different
    gintonic likes this.
  5. cubastreet

    cubastreet Espresso Fiend

    Just don’t kill the tree, then the needles won’t fall off.
    Fatmarley likes this.
  6. eguth

    eguth pfm Member

    I did post a pic on photo forum pic of week, in past - but I can't now find it. My Tablet is problematic, and I have not set tree up yet. So, sorry, no photo.

    If it helps, I built mine some 15 years ago, from dead tree branches, cut up then araldited in place, on a split wood 'X' base made from same tree branches. It is decorated with artificial green stuff....looks fabulous when adorned with all the usual and unusual decos. Still going strong on its 16th year.

    Best to use your imagination, and steer clear of imitating commercial trees.


    Fatmarley likes this.
  7. eguth

    eguth pfm Member

    [​IMG]_DSF2009 by Round Person, on Flickr

    Found this on old Flickr a/c. Sorry about dark image.
  8. Fatmarley

    Fatmarley "It appears my intelligence circuits have melted"

    A bit small I think. I realise you could scale it up, but It seems like a lot of hassle, and we'd have nowhere to store it.

    Someone needs to invent a realistic looking, telescopic tree.
  9. eguth

    eguth pfm Member

    I am not an inventor. ~~It does occur to me that it is easy to purchase two (2) different diameter dowels.

    Mark up the central thick branch with numbers and holes, and drill each hole about, say, 1/2" deep, at an appropriat angle. Araldite a piece of dowel in each hole, leaving it, say 3/4" proud to allow for a final trim as necessary after branches are fitted.

    Leave enough room between branches to allow for the thicker dowel to be used to create the 'telescope' for the trunk. Drill appropriate holes at appropriate trunk intervals to allow for dismantling of the 'telescope'. Araldite dowel into the LOWER half of cut main branch, again leaving about 3/4"-1" proud- pointing upwards.

    After you select branches, all you need to do is trim dowel to fit entry holes in dowels. DO NOT use araldite in the holes in want branches to be easily removeable.

    I suspect that the finished tree could be assembled in minute, and dissassembled in a similar time, after removal of decorations. Green fake spruce spiky leaves can be left tied to branches...what I do. ~Even a good size tree, after dissasembly, would fit into a plastic rubbish bag- or tied into a bundle to be stored under Sanrta's bedroom bed.

    Just a thought. You could probably come up with a better design.

    Think outside the box!
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2021

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