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What are you listening to right now #56

Discussion in 'music' started by Darren L, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. Aethelist

    Aethelist pfm Member

    Tatty sleeve but the vinyl is still pristine and A1.

    Always loved that segue on the first 2 tracks...and of course the Reaper.

    After the Patti Smith track it all takes a bit of a nose dive into schlock rock mediocrity and I don't think I've ever played side 2 all the way through without cringing But Still.

    Memories are made of this
  2. Aethelist

    Aethelist pfm Member

  3. Tarzan

    Tarzan pfm Member

    'The Piper at the gates of dawn' LP -Pink Floyd.:)
  4. mikechadwick

    mikechadwick pfm Member

    Miles Davis - The Lost Septet. CD rip
    gavreid likes this.
  5. eevo1969

    eevo1969 pfm Member

    The KLF - Chill Out
    kendo likes this.
  6. Engels

    Engels pfm Member

    Moses Boyd - Dark Matter (24 bit FLAC)

    This is nominated for this year's Mercury prize and I'm hopeful for him
    Ragaman likes this.
  7. irons1965

    irons1965 pfm Member

    The new Psychedelic Furs album 'Made Of Rain' CD rip....And it is very good indeed.
  8. webster

    webster Listen & enjoy.

    Miles Davis - Rubberband
    Engels likes this.
  9. Woodface

    Woodface pfm Member

    Field Music - ‘Making a new world’
  10. webster

    webster Listen & enjoy.

    The Alan Parsons Project - The Turn Of A Friendly Card
    John.P likes this.
  11. irons1965

    irons1965 pfm Member

    The Passions 'Sanctuary' (POLS 1066)
  12. Ragaman

    Ragaman Mentalist

    Camp Claude - double dreaming (album)

  13. Ragaman

    Ragaman Mentalist

    New album is worth a listen.
    irons1965 likes this.
  14. Ragaman

    Ragaman Mentalist

  15. Ragaman

    Ragaman Mentalist

  16. Ragaman

    Ragaman Mentalist

  17. blossomchris

    blossomchris I feel better than James Brown

    Les McCann & Eddie Harris - Swiss Movement

    Promo copy, bought around 10 or so years ago, no cover, M to M- vinyl, hand written record shop reference in ink.
    I paid no more than GBP5
  18. mikechadwick

    mikechadwick pfm Member

    T Rex - Electric Warrior. SACD rip
  19. John C

    John C pfm Member

    Duke Jordan.. Flight to Jordan (Bluenote. Pathe Marconi)
    Duke Jordan ... Flight to Denmark (Steeplechase)
  20. Tarzan

    Tarzan pfm Member

    'Peter Gabriel' LP by......Peter Gabriel.:D
    Ragaman likes this.

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