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Well produced recent albums

Discussion in 'audio' started by Andy1912, Mar 31, 2021.

  1. LPSpinner

    LPSpinner pfm Member

    Has anyone heard Nick Caves Idiot Prayer: Nick Cave Alone at Alexandra Palace? Just Nick and his Piano, Socially distanced approved.

    It’s a Clean, ambient with a full rich sound. With Nick reinterpreting his catalogue with a very unique approach to the arrangements for solo piano.
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  2. John

    John Rack’em Up!

    If you like Jazz, anything by Jamie Saft.
  3. Hook

    Hook Blackbeard's former bo'sun.

    Excellent list of enjoyable jazz albums. Thanks for posting!
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  4. scolarest

    scolarest pfm Member

    Not so recent but my go to LP, Alison Krauss and Union Station "Paper Airplane"
    Incidentally Tony Visconti rates this as one of the the best produced and recorded LPs ever.
  5. Subito

    Subito pfm Member

    +1, gorgeous sound and wonderful performances.
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  6. ossy

    ossy pfm Member

    Steve Mason - monkey minds in the devils time. Sounds really good on vinyl and is always a very entertaining and interesting listen.
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  7. Mike Hughes

    Mike Hughes pfm Member

    U Kin B The Sun by Frazey Ford.
  8. Monitor Gold 10

    Monitor Gold 10 pfm Member

    Morning Phase is a bloody good call; I have used it to 'Fault Find' sound systems for friends. All of my Beck albums sound brilliant to my ears! :)
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  9. clownfish

    clownfish It's all in the details

    From Exile by the Menzingers. Big, bold and luscious sounds where everything feels closely mic’d. London Drugs will give your system a real workout - your hifi too :D
  10. musicman56

    musicman56 50 years hifi & vinyl junkie

    How's this for a theory? Music production quality follows the means of reproduction. Hence:

    1960s - Vinyl cut very loud to offset low-powered dansettes and AM radio.
    1970s - Music production improved significantly to sound good on ever-improving HiFi and FM radio. DSOTM anyone?
    1980s - The Sony Walkman puts the mass market back to mix-tapes. Do you really need that last ha'peth of quality?
    1990-2010 - Ipod only uses sampled rip files. Enough said.

    However, with the advent of better bit-rate streaming, you would expect music production to start a 70s style my-album-sounds-better-than-your-album war again. But is this really happening, or has cost cutting just killed any semblence of quality?

    Just a thought...
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  11. Fretbuzz

    Fretbuzz pfm Member

    Try Semper Femina by Laura Marling - CD. Sounds amazing.
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  12. Gwantommo

    Gwantommo Well-Known Member

    The new pressing of Pearl Jam unplugged sounds pretty amazing
  13. Luceo non uro

    Luceo non uro pfm Member

    Ah, really? Might need to pick it up then. Have had a dodgy copy in my collection for years, but can’t say it sounds amazing.

    If the official PJ release sounds anything like the Alice in Chains unplugged vinyl, it’ll sound immense.
  14. Gwantommo

    Gwantommo Well-Known Member

    It certainly sounds nice to my ears

    after years of watching the set on YouTube, it’s nice to hear it properly
  15. Woodface

    Woodface pfm Member

    Recent release by Dry Cleaning - ‘Long Leg’ sounds rather fine.
    Wilson likes this.
  16. uncl_nigel

    uncl_nigel pfm Member

    Anyone mentioned Agnes Obel?
  17. Ridoves

    Ridoves pfm Member

    The band Low have very good production. Particularly on the last few albums.

    Random Access Memories is still the best produced album I’ve ever heard.
  18. Ponty

    Ponty pfm Member

    It certainly is very good. Grace Jones - slave to the rhythm, is another.
    eastone, Ridoves and trick cyclist like this.
  19. ossy

    ossy pfm Member

    Bill Callahan - shepherd in a sheepskin vest........mmmmmm

    also just bought Soul Station by Hank Mobley (blue note reissue).......even more mmmmmmm
  20. TonyScarlett

    TonyScarlett pfm Member

    Currently working my way through this list on Spotify, superb stuff, thanks.

    The best produced LP I've purchased in the last 12 months has to be Uniting of Opposites "Ancient Lights", wonderful album.


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