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[WTD] Volt/Supravox 10"/12" Bass Drivers (Open Baffle)

Discussion in 'd.i.y. classifieds' started by Hoopsontoast, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. Hoopsontoast

    Hoopsontoast pfm Member

    I'm looking for some used bass drivers to use in an Open Baffle speaker, ideally one of the following but open to suggestions:

    Supravox 285GMF or 400GMF (long shot the 285-2000/EXC or 400-2000/EXC possibly)
    Volt B2500.1, BM251.3 or any other 10" or 12" model
    Any other 10" or 12" such as Peerless SLS10 or SLS12 if multiples.

    Cheers, Rob
  2. jonnoshore

    jonnoshore physicist, engineer and healer

    I have 4 x 12" drivers Eminence Beta's if you're interested in these instead, let me know via pm if interested.
  3. Hoopsontoast

    Hoopsontoast pfm Member

  4. Hoopsontoast

    Hoopsontoast pfm Member

  5. keith24601

    keith24601 pfm Member

    I have just bought some JBL 123a's (not for sale) for doing something similar.
    There was also a subsequent model JBL 2213 ? (check this though) that superseded it.
    Both can occasionally be picked up for reasonable money!
    Waaaaay cheap than the Supravox equivalent.

    Some good info out there about these working well in OB.
    May be worth adding to the list.
    Good luck.
  6. Hoopsontoast

    Hoopsontoast pfm Member

    Thanks, I've just picked up a pair of 285GMFs which will do me for the moment!
  7. cooky1257

    cooky1257 pfm Member

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