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[FS] Vitus Audio REFERENCE combo for sale

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by 79kage, Feb 28, 2019.

  1. 79kage

    79kage pfm Member

    I have for sale my Vitus RD-100 Preamp/DAC and my RS-101 Amplifier both in silver.

    Both in excellent working order and originally supplied by Lotus!

    Listed here seperately or a combined price can be agreed if someone is interested in both items.

    Collection only from Surrey. Original boxes.

    VITUS RD-100:
    Excellent working condition. RRP: £8500. Selling for £3800 lowest price about!
    Digital Inputs: (2) XLR, (2) RCA, USB, TOSLINK
    Analog Inputs: (2) XLR, (2) RCA
    Analog Outputs: XLR, RCA
    Digital Audio Input:
    Resolution: 24 Bit
    Sample Rate: 32-192 Khz
    Volume Control: Relay controlled fixed resistor network. Gain: -99 to +12 dB
    Power Consumption: 30 watts RMS (Standby/Operation)
    Dimensions: (H x W x D) 100 x 435 x 377 mm
    Weight: 9 Kg

    'The RD-100 is the latest addition to our Reference Seriesof products. This DAC however is not your ordinary DAC. Itfeatures true analog inputs and a volume control. The RD-100 also uses the typical modular topology that is beingused in our other products. This modular topology offers a future proof product, thatcan always be upgraded to our latest technology. Pushingthe envelope of achievable sound quality. When we designed the RD-100 we took advantage of thesuccess of the SCD-010 technology. We optimized everyaspect of its design to be able to fit it into the smallerchassis, and match the lower price range of the ReferenceSeries. Still pushing the performance to the next level,above the SCD-010.( The SCD-010 has been replaced by the SCD-025 inaugust 2012 ). As something new – we have included two analog inputs– one single ended and one balanced. These analoginputs are kept in the analog domain and not convertedto the digital domain, as with some other similarproducts. When the analog inputs are selected – the fulldigital part of the DAC is shut down so no digital noise ispicked up by the delicate analog signals. We have implemented an new version of our relay basedvolume control, to complete the analog part of the RD-100. This makes the RD-100 a perfect analog line stageon top of its digital functions. The analog volume controlis also functional when the digital inputs are used. Thevolume control in the RD-100 can be bypassed when theRD-100 is combined with an external line stage like theRL-101.'

    VITUS RS-101:
    Recently serviced at Vitus (via Lotus) and upgraded to RS-101 specification.
    RRP: £11000. An opportunity to make a huge saving on list price. Available for £7700.

    'The technical ingenuity of our engineers made it possible to take the ‘musical engine’ of the RI-100 to a whole new level. Excellent craftsmanship and leading innovation enable it to capture the drama of a full-scale orchestra and translate it into a lifelike performance. Goosebumps. With advanced technology like an enhanced output stage and power supply, the RS-100 Reference Stereo Power Amplifier assures a future proof investment into music. No compromise. Its life long performance stands for the unique dedication of Vitus Audio as a manufacturer. Experience the musician’s finesse and the delicacy of each instrument
    with the intelligent Class A bias.
    Expressivity, emotion, finesses. Three words that best describe the essence of the RS- 100 Reference Stereo Power Amplifier.'
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  2. 79kage

    79kage pfm Member

    Still available...
  3. 79kage

    79kage pfm Member

    Both RD and RS are available as a combined deal or sold seperately...
  4. 79kage

    79kage pfm Member


    RD-100 now £3000!!!
    RS-101 now £6000!!!

    Must sell unfortunately.

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