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Vast Brexit thread merge part III

Discussion in 'off topic' started by SteveS1, Oct 1, 2019.

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  1. Steven Toy

    Steven Toy L3 Toy

    I would not welcome an all-England assembly. I would prefer several regional ones in order to encourage people to sink their notions of identity into something a bit smaller and less menacing.
  2. Steven Toy

    Steven Toy L3 Toy

    I did call out the hypocrisy of bribing smaller EU states l(ike Hungary). Is that allowed?
  3. HairyHaggis

    HairyHaggis <((((º>`•.¸¸.•´¯`•.¸.•´¯`•...¸><((((º>¸.

    rod? raab? roy? ray? is your name legion?
  4. HairyHaggis

    HairyHaggis <((((º>`•.¸¸.•´¯`•.¸.•´¯`•...¸><((((º>¸.

    now THAT"s a scary post
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  5. Brian

    Brian Eating fat, staying slim

    I haven't. I've seen the opposite. Interesting to know you don't see the likes of Johnson and his backers to be part of "The Establishment". I thought this was a given but it seems not.

    Why would I care about your time, by the way? I'm not interested in what you do with your time other than historically you spend a lot of it whinging. Looks like nothing has changed there.

    Mine isn't. Neither is my wife's. If there turns out to be nothing left in the UK are you planning to move to Korea?

    Thanks, though I'm not convinced this is representative of 17.4m people. What on earth is "spiked", "Leigh Journal"? You can't expect "Brexit Central" to write anything sensible? The Telegraph is hardly worth a mention.

    Anyway, "The Establishment" is Johnson, Rees-Mogg, the ERG group and their backers who are trying to push through a hard-brexit to further their own self interest. Do you disagree?

    Maybe there are 2 "Establishments"? Or perhaps "The Establishment" is split between remain and leave? In any case, the sweeping statement made by the member earlier is just spurious nonsense. I can't see why this point about "The Establishment" was even raised other than being just another whinge in a whole series of whinges.
  6. Steven Toy

    Steven Toy L3 Toy

    Any people versus establishment narrative is dangerous especially when the narrative comes from the establishment (the prep school/coaching > Eaton > Oxford > PPE > drop E in year 3 > Tory Party > inherit Daddy's money > Brexit set.)
  7. Stunsworth

    Stunsworth pfm Member

    One of them is my local newspaper. The MP is a hard Brexit, Johnson arse kissing. Tory with a majority under 1,000. He's rabble rousing hoping to pick up votes from Labour voters disillusioned with Corbyn.
  8. Steven Toy

    Steven Toy L3 Toy

    I DO see the likes of Johnson and his backers as part of the establishment.

    Now you really are deliberately wasting my time. Is this the forum equivalent of gas lighting on your part?

    Our contingency plans don't include Korea, North or South. I am fortunate that my wife is of Irish descent. The application left for Dublin via my solicitor's office only last week.
  9. thebigfredc

    thebigfredc pfm Member

    I acknowledge that new cars are generally more efficient but this does little to offset the cost of energy/resources to build the car in the first place. And, of course, that new car will go onto become another old car which, if there are loads of them, will be comparatively cheap enough to be owned by people who otherwise may well have used public transport.

    We always look to buy second-hand in other areas of consumption these days. For example, we recently bought a used LCD telly and a used table/chairs set for 50 quid each - all local too. Now, I am not blowing smoke up my own arse and neither would I demand that others do the same, I am just saying it makes perfect economic and environmental sense to me.

    As always your mileage may vary.

  10. HairyHaggis

    HairyHaggis <((((º>`•.¸¸.•´¯`•.¸.•´¯`•...¸><((((º>¸.

    Dear Mr Rat,
    Yours Ever,
    etc etc
  11. kendo

    kendo Prussian bot

    Treason? Hadn't you better report this to the police or some other authority? You sound like you have a watertight case.
    Calling 999 should get the ball rolling...
    Covkxw likes this.
  12. Colin L

    Colin L pfm Member

    What a splendid metaphor for Brexit.

    We could stay in the EU or even the SM/CU, and be able to afford nice cars, or
    Brexit, and buy something serviceable but just a little bit shit.
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  13. matthewr

    matthewr spɹɐʍʞɔɐq spɹoɔǝɹ ɹnoʎ sʎɐld

    My proposal for a new deal is to rebrand the backstop as wicketkeeper to make it more Brit friendly.
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  14. notaclue

    notaclue pfm Member

    Explanation for yesterday's events?

    Tusk had given Johnson a deadline for today https://twitter.com/tconnellyRTE/status/1182584774059352065

    Johnson had earlier promised Tusk "to come forward with a solution that would work for all. A solution that would not only satisfy the hardcore brexiteers, but also solve our well known and legitimate objectives."

    But he didn't... Quelle surprise.

    So probably a mix of desperation and lies explains yesterday's optimism.
  15. Bob McC

    Bob McC Living the life of Riley

    perhaps Trabant could take over the Nissan factory when they decide there will be no new models built in the UK post a no deal brexit.
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  16. ff1d1l

    ff1d1l pfm Member

    But it is.
    The figures are out there.
    There is no majority now for leaving, let alone leaving without a deal.
    So, surely persevering with a ineptly implemented sh1tstorm which will damage the country is TREASON?
    Not trying to avert disaster?
  17. Steven Toy

    Steven Toy L3 Toy

    No majority in Parliament

    No majority in the country

    The British people elected the Parliament more recently than they voted in the referendum.
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  18. Konteebos

    Konteebos Traitor Re-joiner

    From Patrick Maguire (New Statesman) some information on what Johnson is proposing, it sounds plausible, but I can't see the DUP and ERG signing up for it;

    "The suggestion doing the rounds in Dublin is that Northern Ireland would leave the customs union - fulfilling, on paper at least, the DUP's demand for the whole UK to leave on the same terms - but be treated as if it hadn't, with EU tariffs applied at its ports and any difference with Britain's rebated to businesses. As for consent, Northern Ireland Secretary Julian Smith said last night that no one community would get a veto over the arrangements - and did not rule out putting them to a referendum.

    If you think that all sounds a bit like the sort of de facto Irish Sea border that the DUP has set its face like flint against for the duration of this process, then you'd be right. If you're old enough to remember the so-called customs partnership proposed by Theresa May last year - and subsequently rubbished by her own cabinet and many of her MPs - then this will also feel incredibly familiar. Both Arlene Foster and the hard Brexiteers of the European Research Group are keeping schtum for now, and have been careful to dismiss nothing. But, if the gist of this morning's reports are right, they have reason to be angry."
  19. Brian

    Brian Eating fat, staying slim

    You said it, not me.
  20. zarniwoop

    zarniwoop hoopy frood

    I didn't claim that any of those sources were sensible or worthy. You said:

    "I haven’t seen any regular insistence or reference from leave supporters that remain politicians are ‘the establishment’."​

    These are all leave supporters who regularly insist that remain politicians are the establishment. The Telegraph, for example, has headlines like that on a regular basis.

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