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Used equipment list

Discussion in 'trade sales' started by BD-Audio, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. BD-Audio

    BD-Audio Trade: BD Audio

    Bump for ex-demo bargains
  2. BD-Audio

    BD-Audio Trade: BD Audio

  3. BD-Audio

    BD-Audio Trade: BD Audio

  4. BD-Audio

    BD-Audio Trade: BD Audio

    List currently...

    Ex Demo. All with full manufacturer warranty.

    Grandinote Proemio Preamplifier RRP £7500 This £3825

    Grandinote Silva power amplifier RRP £9250 This £4050

    Trafomatic Experience 2 Mk2 300b Integrated RRP £4250 This £2295

    Cancelled order, brand new and unused units in mint condition including shipping crates etc and full warranties.

    Trafomatic Evolution Line One pre amplifier RRP £2400 This one £1250


    Trafomatic Evolution Phono One RRP £2160 This one £1050

    Last edited: Apr 14, 2018
  5. BD-Audio

    BD-Audio Trade: BD Audio

    List updated.

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