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UKHHSoc update

Discussion in 'classic' started by Jim Audiomisc, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. Jim Audiomisc

    Jim Audiomisc pfm Member

    FWIW I'm currently finishing off an article for the Audiomisc site which looks at why NICAM3 has remained fine for the BBC's stereo FM distribution. That should be done in a couple of days. Since we're 'confined to barracks' I then now plan to do a stint of adding stuff to the UKHHSoc site and 'catch up' with the items I'd not known about!
  2. tuga

    tuga Legal Alien

    Yes, I sent those and some more (might have been a lot more than 30). I used the message field to describe the content.

    I sent only speaker-related files from B&W, Celestion, Chartwell, Harbeth, Jim Rogers, Linn, Meridian, Quad, RAM, Rogers, Spendor and Wharfedale.
  3. tuga

    tuga Legal Alien

    May I suggest that inside of each manufacturer folder you split the files into different folder categories: Souces, Amplification, Loudspeakers.
  4. Jim Audiomisc

    Jim Audiomisc pfm Member

    Thanks, yes that chimes with what I found with the relevant date. :) But no sign of any message coming to me. There is also a problem with using the ukhhsoc's internal FTP distribution as well. But I can put stuff onto the website. :)

    Note, though, that any magazine/book scans may be copyright, so I can use them as a UKHHSoc resource, and are thus welcome, but legally I can't put them onto the public pages. Main exception is if they are 'publicity reprints', which I can usually make available. Stuff in long-defunct mags is probably OK to make public, but can be tricky to decide this.
  5. Jim Audiomisc

    Jim Audiomisc pfm Member

    We've subdivided some of the existing pages in a similar way. But it hasn't always been consistent as the site has 'just grown' as and when items arrived. I'll need to look and decide, but yes, dividing in some way like that usually makes sense.

    Edit: now off to start preparing dinner!
  6. tuga

    tuga Legal Alien

    Did you check the spam folder?
  7. Jim Audiomisc

    Jim Audiomisc pfm Member

    Yes. No sign of the messages I should have got.
  8. Jim Audiomisc

    Jim Audiomisc pfm Member

    I've now finished the webpage (NICAM effect on FM Stereo) and put it up. I have a couple of other things to do that I hope I'll finish today. Then I'll devote time to adding the new items to the UKHHSoc collection. :)
    tuga likes this.
  9. Jim Audiomisc

    Jim Audiomisc pfm Member

    Been distracted for longer than I'd hoped! I've been trying to sort out getting food, etc! So have 'on hold' adding things to the UKHHSoc site at present. cf a new thread elsewhere I'm about to start...
  10. Jim Audiomisc

    Jim Audiomisc pfm Member

    To update: I have started processing some recent items sent in, and hope to start putting them onto the site. But in the main I have been trying to arrange food supplies, etc!
    tuga likes this.
  11. Jim Audiomisc

    Jim Audiomisc pfm Member

    Pleased to say that I've now added some new items to the UKHHSoc website.

    Radford SCA30 maintainace

    QUAD 405 maintainance

    Cambridge Audio P110 Service Manual and User Handbook

    These were uploaded in previous months, but the server didn't send me the email which should alert me to new arrivals. So I only spotted them recently. Apologies to whoever uploaded them and then nothing happened...

    I'll add the more recent items as and when I can, but I'm mainly trying to still sort out food supplies at present!
  12. Jim Audiomisc

    Jim Audiomisc pfm Member

    I have just added various items to the KEF, Spendor, and Celestion sections of the UKHHSoc site. Doing this is bursts as I have to keep sorting out other urgent issues wrt getting food, etc!

    I should add a point for reference: UKHHSoc welcome scans of magazine reviews of HiFi kit. However we can't put these onto the public website for copyright reasons *unless* there is a specific reason to think it will be OK. Most often that means the item is a scan of (or the actual printed) 'publicity reprint'. These are handouts a maker will have paid to use as advertising handouts so become 'publicity material'. Although even here there are sometimes 'issues' as they say...

    Despite that, having copies for reference use and archiving purposes is welcome, but when in doubt about the IPR we don't want to risk getting into trouble with a copyright holder.
  13. tuga

    tuga Legal Alien

    I am sorry to hear about the food supply issues. I'm too far to help unfortunately.

    I understand your reservations regarding reviews.
    It's common for manufacturer websites or international distributors to host reviews for download. That is how I find many of the reviews I have in my possession.
    But some are scanned by audiophiles posted on forums.
  14. Jim Audiomisc

    Jim Audiomisc pfm Member

    The problem is that it is a twitchy vague area. Some magazine IPR holders may well turn a blind eye to this, but if you ask them, they then can't ignore it! :-/

    Personally, I REALLY wish that UK IPR allowed such copies of monthly mags to be recopyable after, say, 20 years unless republished by that time by the original IPR holders. I feel the time limits on this are absurdly too long and material vanishes before anyone can save it! But we are where we are.

    WRT food, etc, things are improving. We are now starting to use someone assigned by a local volunteer group which self-organised to deal with the inability of supermarkets to support those of us who are 'confined to barracks'. Hopefully, this will help solve our problems. Until now we have had to rely on various neighbours doing bits and bobs of shopping for each other and us. Which is difficult to plan, and means some of those doing the shopping are themselves 'vulnerable' but despite that take the risks! Not a situation we've been happy with, but had little choice. :-/
  15. tuga

    tuga Legal Alien

    Jim, I've just uploaded the following article, you may already have it:

    Current dumping, does it really work? - Theory and practice
    J. Vanderkooy and S.P. Lipshitz
    Wireless World, July 1978
  16. Jim Audiomisc

    Jim Audiomisc pfm Member

    Thanks. :) Can't recall offhand if UKHHSoc have a copy - probably means we don't. But, as before, I didn't get the automated email alerting me! :-/
  17. Jim Audiomisc

    Jim Audiomisc pfm Member

    I have now - at last! - managed to get the 'upload' page sending me an email when someone uploads an item!

    The delay was because I needed to ask others to sort this out and I didn't know the cause of the problem. I do build the site content, but the server and its active controls are run by others. It took a few tries at getting them to spot and fix the problem which I wasn't able to diagnose.

    I'm currently in the middle of writing another part of my 'biog' - prompted by:

    A) someone doing a nice set of pages which quote some of what I already have done (1)

    B) Been asked to write about this for a campaign to get people into science who have 'difficult' backgrounds.

    But I will resume adding material asap.

    (1) if anyone is interested, this is at and shows what the area where I grew up now looks like - having had all but one of the buildings demolished, and even some of those new buildings demolished! Again, if interested you can find some photos of what it was like here
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  18. Big John

    Big John pfm Member

    Though I am a Fulham boy 1948 my parents rented rooms in what was a Travelers Post box, the landlady "Queenie" had gone brick. Demolished when I was 3-4 , we moved to a1930's council flat I can remember playing on the adjacent bomb site, I can also remember ridding my M/C then later driving my car through the area of Stratford Broadway to see friends who had moved. The area was being flattened one night I think 1965-8 I saw a spectacular meteorite shower as no buildings tall enough to disrupt the view. I also discovered just off Leytonstone High Road a realy good Pie & Mash shop traveling from Stratford down a road on the left just before the old Police Station. Not been in that area since the 1980's This has brought back so many memories.
  19. Jim Audiomisc

    Jim Audiomisc pfm Member

    My regret is that, of course, we didn't have the money - and it wouldn't have occurred to me at the time - for me to have a camera and take pictures of what was about to go. Nor any way then to record people's recollections. As a kid you don't think of such things. Nowdays pretty much everyone has a 'camera' and can record speech if they wish.

    Fortunately, I thought to make some recordings during the period when I'd moved out from the council flat and I then 'emigrated' to Scotland. By then I had a portable recorder, albeit with poor mics. Just as well I managed to make some recordings then because my Dad didn't last much longer, so I'd have had no recordings at all of his recollections.

    I did try more than once to get more info about any local history info, but the libraries now in the area seem to have been run down like so many others have by decades of 'cuts'.
  20. Jim Audiomisc

    Jim Audiomisc pfm Member

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