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UK Election 2015

Discussion in 'off topic' started by Rasher, Mar 5, 2015.

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  1. Greg

    Greg 2t5b

    if they get to form another government they will return to cuts because their ideological desire to shrink the state trumps any economic objectives.
  2. Mullardman

    Mullardman Moderately extreme...

    Matthew, I would not disagree with you.

    If you look back a little, my comment about Tories at the Beeb was a response to a post from Joe Hutch. (# 669.)

    I met his attempt at humour, with my (quite possibly equally poor....) attempt at humour.

    Tony for whatever reason decided to infer from my words a whole scenario of thought and motivation far beyond what could reasonably be inferred from my words.

    I did not accuse anyone of bias. But those I mention are Tories now

    Not quite the same thing but I'm rather reminded of when I went into the decidedly left wing Grass Roots Books in Manchester during my studies. I was trying to source a copy of the classic work 'Political Parties', by Robert Michels. The sales person in Grass Roots told me with ill-disguised distaste that they would not stock such a book because Michels was a Fascist.
    "Indeed he was", I replied. "But not when he wrote 'Political Parties'".

  3. Mick P

    Mick P Retired and content

    Why state the bleeding obvious - it's in their manifesto and it is there because it works.

    Labour will do the same to a lesser degree as will the Libs. So the three main parties will continue with a varying degree of austerity.

    If you disagree with austerity you got to vote SNP or Green because only they are anti.

    Again all very obvious because it's in their manifestos. There is no need to state it here, I think we all know it.
  4. Steven Toy

    Steven Toy L3 Toy

    The banks were only a significant part of the problem. Less profligacy during the boom leading up to the banking crisis would have left more money in the pot for Keynsian stimulus when the banking shit hit the fan.
  5. Steven Toy

    Steven Toy L3 Toy

    Such is moral indignation against an author instead of his pertinent words.
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