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Turntable upgrade. Rega P3 to P6 or to Origin Live Aurora/Silver tonearm?

Discussion in 'audio' started by Peter McDermott, Oct 25, 2021.

  1. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig ^'- -'^

    Can you describe the differences between the Exact and the Ania? I've never fancied the Ania but interested in the Ania Pro.
  2. Bob Edwards

    Bob Edwards pfm Member

    To me, the Exact seemed . . . more a piece and thus more "musical." I could never quite shake the feeling that the Ania was a little too bright and not quite as integrated as the Ania, even if the Exact was not as "transparent" and didn't have as much frequency extension.

    Then again, I now have a AT OC9-XML in an Ekos1 and think it's terrific, so what do I know? ;)
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  3. Jono_13

    Jono_13 Duffer

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  4. Peter McDermott

    Peter McDermott pfm Member

    Hi Jono, thanks for these, really like the look of that.
  5. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig ^'- -'^

    Sounds about right. The Exact is one of the most musical cartridges I've heard, period.
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  6. Jono_13

    Jono_13 Duffer

    Thanks, I was going for a system comprised of as few possible things as I could. The other goal was hifi from as close to home as sensible. So Rega > Naim > Tannoy is my current best effort.
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  7. Paul Mc

    Paul Mc pfm Member

    Audioworks in south Manchester have a s/h Vertere in your price range.
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  8. Peter McDermott

    Peter McDermott pfm Member

    Thanks Paul
  9. Ptah

    Ptah pfm Member

    Exposure XM3.

    But the Ania Pro may resolve these issues as it uses the same stylus profile as the Exact, I believe.
  10. Peter McDermott

    Peter McDermott pfm Member

    Thanks Ptah re the phono stage
  11. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig ^'- -'^

    Yeah, both use Vital profiles I think. A tip which has featured on a lot of cartridges I've liked.

    I'm sure the P6 is a great turntable but my only issue with it is that the price is taking you into tidy used LP12 territory.
  12. gerlando

    gerlando Prog Rocker

    Is LP12 so much better than Rega?

    Rega is faster, more rhythmic, more controlled and drier, a matter of taste.
  13. PerF

    PerF Scandinavian Member

    There are at least 234 combinations of LP12's, maybe more

    Rega, maybe 20-25
  14. david ellwood

    david ellwood Kirabosi Kognoscente

  15. gerlando

    gerlando Prog Rocker

    Generally speaking, all that version would have the same sound signature.
  16. TheFlash

    TheFlash Superhero of Sound

    I have gone P3 - P6 - RP8 - and now RP10.

    Phono stage: Fono - now Aria

    Cart Dynavector 10x5 - now Apheta2.

    My advice is therefore probably obvious!

    (I do use an Origin Live Illustrious arm on a Gyro SE and it’s excellent).
    Rosewind and Peter McDermott like this.
  17. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig ^'- -'^

    In my opinion, yes. A well sorted and decent spec LP12 is better than a Rega.

    Not really. The lower end Rega turntables don't have the same signature as the top ones and there is so much variation in LP12 build possibilities that there is no way you can say they all sound the same. You could quite justifiably like one and not another.
  18. ossy

    ossy pfm Member

    How many records have you got? It’s easy to get carried away and there are plenty of folk on here happy to spend your money for you :eek:

    If you’ve got a planar 3, try the exact and you might decide you don’t need to spend more.

    I’ve now got a new planar 3 / Exact (+ groovetracer sub platter I picked up cheap) having been previously up the turntable tree and I really like it. It’s now big bucks to get any meaningful improvement and am instead spending lots on records.
    Peter McDermott and Mr Pig like this.
  19. Darren L

    Darren L pfm Member

    And there's also some individuals that recommend the record player they now have despite previously saying their last record player was much better when they owned it:rolleyes: you know who you are, lol;)
    Durmbo and Rockmeister like this.
  20. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig ^'- -'^

    This is great advice. The Planar3 is as good a turntable as most people will ever need.

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