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Truly great albums with no duff moments

Discussion in 'music' started by sadcafe, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. sadcafe

    sadcafe pfm Member

    As I look at my 100 favourite albums of all time, I realise very few are without fault. A duff track here or a naff vocal there. May be I am picky but even DSOTM and St Peppers have their weaker moments. The closest I get is Ziggy Stardust and strangely Camel Alive Record ( do not like their studio albums).

    So what are your ' perfect 10/10 albums?
    What are the duff moments that prevent your favourite albums being perfect?
  2. Joe Hutch

    Joe Hutch Mate of the bloke

    First 3 Velvet Underground albums. 'Radio City' by Big Star.

    Almost every Beatles' album has a duff track, usually with Ringo singing.
  3. AllyD

    AllyD ex audio room poster

    All the "Now that's what I call musick" albums :eek:
  4. AllyD

    AllyD ex audio room poster

    Got to be "Pawn Hearts"
  5. sadcafe

    sadcafe pfm Member

    Agree about 63 and 64 but not 1- 62 :)
  6. pil

    pil pfm Member

    Ratus - stranglers.
  7. sadcafe

    sadcafe pfm Member

    Perfect favourite albums
    Crime of the century
    Devin Townsend - Teria
    Lou Reed - street Hassle

    Favourite albums low points
    Brain Salad Surgery - Benny the Bouncer anyone?
    Wish you were here - have a cigar
  8. Joe P

    Joe P certified Buffologist / mod

    All four songs on Beethoven's fifth are ace!

    Well, that's what iTunes calls them.

  9. peelaaa

    peelaaa pfm Member

    whett I can recall at the mo..

    of recent times: John Grant-queen of denmark
    oldies:gerry rafferty-city to city
  10. droodzilla

    droodzilla pfm Member

    Steely Dan - everything up to Aja, but especially Countdown to Ecstasy

    Joni Mitchell - Blue

    Kings of Convenience are another band with high quality control. I rate "Riot on an Empty Street" as their best effort.
  11. Bracksy

    Bracksy pfm Member

    Catherine Feeny - Hurricane Glass.
    Really well recorded
    Google her
  12. Cheese

    Cheese Bitter lover

    Love - Forever Changes
    Jeff Buckley - Grace
    Stones - Exile
    Michael Jackson - Thriller
    AC/DC - Highway To Hell
    Beatles - White Album, provided you don't consider Revolution 9 to be a song.
  13. johnfromnorwich

    johnfromnorwich even my wife noticed the dif..

    Perfect: A Love Supreme, Crescent, Miles Smiles, Saxophone Colossus, Clear Spot, The Richard D James Album, One Size Fits All, In On The Kill Taker, Raw Power, Hex, If You Want Blood and many many others.

    Spoiled: WTF was Miles Davis or Columbia playing at when they stuck Nothing Like You on the end of Sorcerer? It would be my favorite Miles LP without it and it appears to bear no relation at all to the rest of the material
  14. Seeker_UK

    Seeker_UK Waiting for the streetcar..

    ^ This. :cool:


    Tangerine Dream - Ricochet
    Tangerine Dream - Rubycon
    Amon Duul II - Live in London
    Can - Soundtracks
    The Bevis Frond - Any Gas Faster
    Black Sabbath - Paranoid
    Kraftwerk - Computer World
  15. seagull

    seagull Seabird flavour member

    Thirded :)

    I'll add

    Script of the Bridge
    Unknown Pleasures
    Land of Grey and Pink
    Strange Times
    Close To The Edge
  16. glenda

    glenda pfm Member

    King Creosote and Jon Hopkins - Diamond Mine


  17. overprint

    overprint pfm Member

    I'll 2nd that plus also Broken English by Marianne Faithfull, or Dimension Hatross by Voivod
  18. Anex

    Anex Señor Member

    Boo Radleys: Giant Steps.
  19. Seeker_UK

    Seeker_UK Waiting for the streetcar..

    Great album but let down by the use of the inferior acoustic version of "In Tears".

    BTW, I was one of the people that got Geffen to re-release it as a 2CD set. :)
  20. Mike g

    Mike g pfm Member

    Can't think of any duff moments on blood Sugar Sex Magik by the Chillies - some songs I like less than other but I think it all fits together brilliantly as a whole.

    Also the Pixies Doolittle is great from start to think of it- come to think of it so is come on pilgrim and surfa rosa. Nothing on them I'd skip when listening.

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