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Trip Hop - Unkle, Tricky, Portishead, Allflaws

Discussion in 'music' started by smike, Jul 30, 2019.

  1. smike

    smike pfm Member

    Hey, I am interested in collecting various trip hop music from all over the globe. Currently Ive been checking out the likes of
    Portishead, Unkle, Tricky, Amon Tobin, Allflaws.
    Please post any song, video and link suggestions. I will post some too ;)

    Here is a good start

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  2. Still

    Still he said his naim was ralph

    Welcome smike. This is one of my favourites.

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  3. Big Tabs

    Big Tabs looking backwards, going forwards

    Amon Tobin can be touch drum & bass in parts, love the early stuff.

    Have a look through Ninja Tunes label, plenty to explore.
  4. aedagnino

    aedagnino pfm Member

  5. Sich

    Sich pfm Member

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  6. alanbeeb

    alanbeeb pfm Member

    Unkle are trip-hop? I know they do a lot of dubbing and mixing, but War Stories has been one of my favourite Rock albums for many years, never heard anything in it to put them in same classification as some of the other bands mentioned here. Is there a definition of Trip-Hop? It's all just labels though.
  7. Ibbots

    Ibbots pfm Member

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  8. stevec67

    stevec67 pfm Member

    Really? I have a CD single of Spin spin sugar, I'm not that attached to it.
  9. James Evans

    James Evans Bedroom Bodger

    Had totally forgotten about Money Mark!
  10. Ibbots

    Ibbots pfm Member

    It's quite a good album of the ilk I guess and sounds good, but like I said - sold all mine. Not really my thing, all a bit pointless and dull.
  11. Darren L

    Darren L pfm Member

    Some of my very favourite albums are you Massive Attack & Portishead, would Morcheeba be considered Trip hop or ???
    I'd be interested in any other Trip hop
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  12. foxwelljsly

    foxwelljsly Me too, I ate one sour too.

    Mark's keyboard repair is a totally fabulous record - one of my favourite LPs of the 90's. I love it's musical sketchbook quality and killer grooves - I was disappointed that he appeared to transform into a second rate Elvis Costello on his subsequent records.

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  13. foxwelljsly

    foxwelljsly Me too, I ate one sour too.

    I've always thought that Morcheeba are to trip hop what UB40 are to reggae (UB40's excellent first album notwithstanding).
  14. foxwelljsly

    foxwelljsly Me too, I ate one sour too.

    Yeah, there's a lot of smoky hip hop and techno stuff on Mo Wax, like Kool Keith/Dr Octagon, DJ Krush and Kirk Degiorgio/As One that would appeal to those looking for a bit of trip-hop, without strictly being trip-hop.
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  15. James Evans

    James Evans Bedroom Bodger

    Agreed, we played my flatmates copy to death.
  16. Yomanze

    Yomanze pfm Member

    Also try:

    Thievery Corporation
    Funky Porcini
    Kruder & Dorfmeister
    DJ Krush

    ...not strictly trip hop, but plenty of it in there.
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  17. Sich

    Sich pfm Member

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  18. blossomchris

    blossomchris I feel better than James Brown

    For sure, not so about his other entry should it even be there.

    Thanks for the link, I learned a lot, a bit of listening is required now.

  19. Still

    Still he said his naim was ralph

    ime best trip hop between song stage banter:

    Tricky: Who likes trip hop?

    Many of audience: yay!

    Tricky: I don't - it's fecking sh1t!

    (Tricky 2004)
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  20. Darren L

    Darren L pfm Member

    Not a fan, lol, to be honest I never thought about it until today, I suppose I just considered Morcheeba a pop band, though I reckon Big Calm is a great album.
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