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Triangle BR 08 review

Discussion in 'audio' started by Millennium, Dec 6, 2019.

  1. Millennium

    Millennium pfm Member

    Welp, here it is. Finally a platform on which to explore and share myself. And an excuse - let's start with that.

    The Triangle BR 08 are sublime. I've chosen my first adjective fairly carefully Here.In the around 2 hours of listening to them I have experienced so far (and they are appallingly close to walls and the like) I think I count 1.7 times of sitting here thinking to myself "that was a life changing experience".

    I'll leave you with this thought. Did you think the same on aural examination of?

    Lorde; Run The Jewels - Supercut (El-P Remix)

    (Wolf Alice played First of course. Somewhat by happenstance - thanks radio!)
  2. Millennium

    Millennium pfm Member

    For context, totality of times I've told myself (this moment changed your life) in around 38 years - well below 100.
  3. Millennium

    Millennium pfm Member

    queue the speakers track, naturally

  4. DrBallMD

    DrBallMD pfm Member

    Hi there, I don't seem to meet anyone with the more recent Triangle speaker ranges!
    I have had the (I think still current) Antal EZ, which seem to be the similar size speaker, for 2 1/2 years now and I love them, do everything well for me. I am probably biased I suppose, but have no plans to change them in the foreseeable future.

    i am happy to hear that these new offerings could also have a similarly great sound and that you are enjoying them.
  5. Millennium

    Millennium pfm Member

    Thanks Dr Ball

    I'm one extra life-changing moment up and counting. Not bad for under 10 hours!
  6. Thetiminator

    Thetiminator Painfully virile

    Triangle are my favourite ever (box) loudspeakers. Worst hifi mistake I ever made was selling my Quatuors for B&W800 Diamonds.....sigh..
    Millennium likes this.
  7. Millennium

    Millennium pfm Member

    Thanks for the couple of replies so far - much appreciated.

    I don't currently intend to write a full review though this might change as time goes on. HiFi (and ears) are such a divisive topic such a review calling the sound 'barren' or 'uncynical' might not achieve a whole lot for us, and I am not really (though a huge Triangle fan) the gushing fan that I may seem to be of these loudspeakers, owning a pair of Comete EX with crossover that I May try in my other system (currently Elac B6 and valve amp).

    With the Primare A30.1 they sound as I imagine they should. Good. Electrons move, sound happens. Here are some pictures:



    They are a large statement piece and will forever hold a part of your life should you choose to keep them. Mine are technically on a return at cost demo (i.e. purchase from Elite Audio UK) but they will certainly be stayin.

    I am happy to answer questions as an owner and take close ups of the finish. As you can see I opted for a simple white (it was white or black for me, and with all the iPhone hype I figured white is as good as anything). Now to remember to pay off my credit card bill!

    (this is the largest single purchase I have ever made, including cars and holidays and property, so I'm happy to say it impresses). (this is also the first first-hand audio purchase I have made outside of headphones and DACs and err Dali Zensor 1s).


    Why the BR08 model you ask? Well, I would have got the B9 but I was worried about inadvertently killing off my neighbour. So I settled. Also, is there some pedigree to 4 driver tower designs?


    I paid around £750 but I feel bad about lowballing them with a random quote for delivered from France which they matched, site unseen. Now to find somewhere to store the covers for the next 10-20 years cheaply!
  8. chartz

    chartz If it’s broke fix it!

    Here in their native surroundings they will set you back € 450, worth a try then I guess.
    Thanks for the review!
    Millennium likes this.
  9. Millennium

    Millennium pfm Member

    I should have moved to France a decade ago then. That's a fantastic price for these speakers. I won't grumble at the industry.
    There's too much enjoyment to be had to be honest. Listening to Taylor Swift - Reputation*. This is the first time I can hear the soundstage actually coming from each speaker. I love it.

    They are staying, I don't care if I paid a little much, everyone needs a little extra Christmas pudding, right?

    *deezer tidal

    #and now we're both sorry (both sorry)#
  10. GDBD59

    GDBD59 Member

    Sorry for old thread resurrection.....

    I'd like to get a pair of BR 08, - used would do rather than spending £900 for walnut, but few & far between likely..... Are there places to order from in France that will send to the UK?
  11. Amber Audio

    Amber Audio This is the Day

  12. chartz

    chartz If it’s broke fix it!

    Honestly I have no idea, sorry.
  13. GDBD59

    GDBD59 Member

    Thanks for replies chaps.
  14. Bairnstorm

    Bairnstorm pfm Member

    They had a good write up in HFW. Look good as well.

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