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Discussion in 'music' started by garyi, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. garyi

    garyi leave blank

    Just discovered.

    Shit the bed.
  2. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    The Last Resort is very good IMO (especially if one has speakers that can do bass!) though not too keen on the latest one based on a couple of plays on Spotify.

  3. garyi

    garyi leave blank

    I'll bare it in mind, have last resort playing and I like it a lot.
  4. Wolfmancatsup

    Wolfmancatsup Empire State Human

    Last Resort is excellent - I also have Trentmoller Chronicles and Live at Rosskilde, but easily prefer Last Resort over those others.
  5. scoobs

    scoobs pfm Member

    The last resort is a bit special...even more so on vinyl! The guy clearly cares about sound quality and it shows in the production / engineering / mastering...or wherever the magic happens.

    If you like the last resort it's worth trying dubtractor which is along similar lines and again has superb production.
  6. garyi

    garyi leave blank

  7. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    I like Dub Tractor. Must track down a copy of More Or Less Mono, I've got the other two. The label they are on, City Centre Offices, have many other fine things too - a lot of it is on Spotify.

  8. jagdesign

    jagdesign pfm Member

    Last Resort is a sublime album. I defy anyone to not like the bass line on Vamp.
  9. nirvanah

    nirvanah pfm Member

    Hi i am intrigued by this album, what or who would you liken it to.
  10. Nick Dartmoor

    Nick Dartmoor pfm Member

    Trentemoller is a serious customer. I agree with the overall endorsement of The Last Resort over the other albums, though people are insisting to me that the new one is a grower. I saw him live at Glastonbury a few years back on the first international gig of the Last Resort Tour, and I had the good fortune to slip down the side of the tent and find an open space, nicely in the sweet spot of the system, and it was arguably the most impressive live electronic performance I've ever heard. He's one of the headlines at this year's Glade Festival.
  11. Cyanosis

    Cyanosis pfm Member

    Yep, the bass will shake the stools out. Really great album, one of my top of 2010
  12. Nick Dartmoor

    Nick Dartmoor pfm Member

    You can't particularly liken it to anyone, and that is its strength. It has flavours of other styles, but to list them is to undersell it, as it's far greater than anything it bears resemblance to. Without going into specifics, its a hybrid of very detailed electronic and instrumental music, compositionally and sonically very strong. Its a highly original, landmark piece of work, and if you're intrigued, then just take the plunge and get it! Really!
  13. nirvanah

    nirvanah pfm Member

    Sounds nice, will add it to my list.
  14. Unregistered

    Unregistered pfm Member

    Hard to go wrong with any of his output, though I'd echo Tony's comments and suggest you leave his last 'till last, as it were.

    A 'must have' is the Rokslide Live 2007 EP...also check out his remix work, particularly The Knife We Share Our Mothers Health and Moby Go, both are proper mental.

    The Trentemoller Chronicles album has lots of his early (and superb) singles on and should be owned, by law.

  15. muzzer

    muzzer Numb Nut

    Listening to Last Resort now through the headphone system, Jeez its throbbing(my head that is:D)
    Must sound spectacular through Tonys Tannoys.
  16. dsg

    dsg Bearded fellow

    Another Trentemoeller fan here.

    If you like Trentemoeller you might also like early Pole. The first three albums (called 1, 2 and 3!) are superb.

  17. Dr_Evil

    Dr_Evil Necessary evil

    Just got Last Resort - vinyl edition. Highly excellent. Why wasn't I informed previously?
  18. dss

    dss Musical Bons

    I am liking Pole, he has been honoured to remix Conrad Schnitzler's 'Zug'. Not a good result though, the original is too strong is it.

    A closer musical compatriot to Trentemoller is Dominik Eulberg, with a good series of singles and album on Traum Schallplatten there.

  19. vibemaster

    vibemaster pfm Member

    Just ordered The Last Resort on spec...
  20. Dr_Evil

    Dr_Evil Necessary evil

    Good decision.

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