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Trenner & Friedl speakers - that good?

Discussion in 'audio' started by Singslinger, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. Singslinger

    Singslinger pfm Member

    I came across an interesting review of a pair of speakers by an Austrian brand that's new to me - Trenner & Friedl. In it, the writer makes quite a bold statement -

    "The Sun is the finest stand-mounted speaker I've heard: a modern classic. The sum of $3450 is a not-insignificant one to spend on the reproduction of music in your home, but a pair of Suns is well worth it. If your dream is of sublime sound in a small space, the Sun just might fulfill it''.


    Just wondering - anyone here familiar with the brand and/or listened to these speakers?
  2. Purité Audio

    Purité Audio Trade: Purite Audio

    We carried them a few years ago now, they aren't bad, less coloured than some high sensitivity designs.
  3. TimF

    TimF pfm Member

    These intrigue me a bit too, had read the review a couple of days ago. The price is a bit eye watering though, but hearing them would maybe prove their worth. Their next step up the line, Art monitors have always been tucked away in my brain if I wanted to try a quality small monitor that isn't the same as the usual Harbeth/Stirling/Proac type speaker.

    I have known about Trenner for quite a few years now, and I like their styling/finishes, but they are rare to get an opportunity to listen to here in the US. Maybe someday....
  4. eka

    eka pfm Member

    Here's a happy Pharoah owner, I think they are wonderful (which I suppose is also a way of saying "they aren't bad" so I agree with Keith :)) Before these I had Harbeth 30.1 which I liked too, but the Pharoahs are really performing in a different league. Sure the pricing is different too.
  5. Singslinger

    Singslinger pfm Member

    My thoughts exactly. Seems to me that when it comes to small mini-monitors, the default tendency is to opt for the brands you mentioned (including Spendor).

    While these brands undoubtedly make good speakers (I still own a P3ESR and a Falcon LS 3/5A) I'm intrigued by T&F which says it uses only natural materials inside its cabinets - even if Stereophile's John Atkinson has cast doubt on the company's claim that it incorporates the Golden Ratio in its designs.
  6. Sonci

    Sonci pfm Member

    They look gorgeous too.. What's the price?

  7. PerF

    PerF Scandinavian Member

    I would move one of those pair speakers out and away

    Wonder how many base their findings in such setup:D
  8. eka

    eka pfm Member

    The retail price for the non-glossy finishes is a bit under 9k€. Mine have the "rough sawn oak" finishing.
  9. TimF

    TimF pfm Member

    Singslinger, I was able to hear the Arts in my system awhile back ago, and have to say that they are a very good little monitor. I also like the Harbeth P3ESR too, but wow, felt the Art just had much more dynamics and can play much louder by a reasonable margin.

    Both are built very nicely, fit and finish look great, but I would say if I was going to buy another small monkey coffin, the Arts for me would take a lot to make me consider anything else. Pricey, at around double the P3, not to be taken lightly, but.....

    Like most things of this nature, one must hear them and make choices based on that. I would love to hear the little Suns though at some point.
  10. eka

    eka pfm Member

  11. TimF

    TimF pfm Member

    eka, that looks to be an older pair of Arts, a decent price too. I think if the tweeter is working, one could possibly massage some of the dents out of that dome. I would also think one could find a replacement tweeter with a bit of searching.

    Curious, what do you drive your Pharoahs with, system wise? I do like the rough sawn finish you have, only have seen it in pictures though, very unique!
  12. eka

    eka pfm Member

    TimF, I'm using Devialet as amp/front end. As the speakers have 92 dB sensitivity and 8 Ohms impedance they could probably be used with quite a variety of different amps.

    Maybe one could drop an email to the folks at T&F and ask about the Art tweeter - they've always been quick to reply. If it's a soft dome model it might be easily repaired.
  13. TimF

    TimF pfm Member

    Thanks eka, I have heard that the Pharoahs are pretty amplifier neutral, if there is such a thing. I am sure your setup would sound quite nice!

    The older tweeters on the Arts were aluminum dome, the new models use a silk ring type tweeter from Scanspeak I believe.
  14. Singslinger

    Singslinger pfm Member

    Thanks for the input Tim. The problem is that T&F have limited worldwide distributorship and with no one in my country bringing them in, an audition is impossible.

    Then again, more than 20 years ago I bought a ProAc Response 1 purely on the basis of a review by Alan Sircom that described them as having "panel-like transparency''....I ended up using them happily for 15 years!
  15. TimF

    TimF pfm Member

    Yes, it was quite fortunate for me to be able to hear the Arts, although one of the dealers on the west coast was willing to send me a pair of demos across the country-I would just have to pay return shipping. I would have done that if it came to it. So it would even be difficult for me to hear the bigger units such as the Pharoah etc. without some expense.

    I do think a lot of the Arts though, they do fit my listening/room very well. Thing is, I just am not really needing a pair of speakers, as my Larsens and little Shahinian Larcs do me just fine. But if that urge were to strike....

    Sounds like you got a lot of mileage out of your R1's though, great speaker!

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