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Transciptor Skeleton

Discussion in 'classic' started by mirland, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. mirland

    mirland pfm Member

    I have just been offered a Transcriptor Skeleton. But to me it seems as a somewhat strange construction? Why the glassbox ? Won't it resonate like a bell?

    Any info is welcomed :)

  2. hifi_dave

    hifi_dave Hi-Fi Retailer

    You don't buy these things because they sound good. It's because they look great and (hopefully) are a good investment.:cool:
  3. mirland

    mirland pfm Member

    Aha! :) But I prefer hifi investments to be "functional" :)
  4. bottleneck

    bottleneck pfm Member

    personally I've always thought the glass/perspex box on michell decks were because a) they look good and b) keep the dust off.
  5. Pulse Studio

    Pulse Studio TubeTech

    As I used to own one of these exquisite TT's I will offer what advice I can.

    1/ They are a pig to set-up correctly
    2/ They are prone to being only useful with certain arms
    3/ The belts are difficult to come by, I brought what I thought was a direct replacement from the original manufacturer, it was superglued at the join and jumped the platter on every revolution.
    4/ It is very difficult to stop the platter from hitting the glass sides ( front ) when it is started as it bounces a fair bit.

    1/ Looks very, very retro and is the talking point in any home.
    2/ Can sound OK after hours spent setting it up
    3/ It will increase in value surely
    4/ It is a piece of art

    I obtained mine from a boot sale, it was in a cardboard box in several bits under the sellers pasting table, and nosey me just had to have a peek, glad I did, I paid £3.75 for it in 1992, I totally rebuilt it, I swapped it 3 years ago for a Linn LP12 and Ekos, I think mine increased in value, dont you !!!
    I fitted a Hadcock GH228 Uni-pivot arm to it, a very, very bad decision, it needs a gimbal bearing arm.
    What price are you being asked for it if you don't mind me enquiring?
    NB. This is not a Michell deck, it is Transcriptors.
  6. mirland

    mirland pfm Member

    Thanks for the very informative answer! Well, the price for me might be in the area of 500 quid...
  7. Pulse Studio

    Pulse Studio TubeTech

    Mirland, does it have the Transcriptors Vestigal arm?? if so that is quite a keen price, I would be tempted just for the sheer fashion statement, they do look awsome with a low wattage lamp placed nearby.
  8. hifi_dave

    hifi_dave Hi-Fi Retailer

    I doubt you will ever use it to play music but if you can afford to blow £500 on a piece of 'art' and it's in good nick, it can only become worth more over the years.
  9. colasblue

    colasblue pfm Member

    both Michell and Transcriptors made versions, though transcriptors were the original.

    The Transcriptors one has three round feet, and the Michell one sits on arch shaped feet.

    The price of these things is unbelievably variable in the second user market - anything from a hundred quid to a grand. Either version can be fully restored by the original manufacturer (at a price)

    here's the site

  10. mirland

    mirland pfm Member

    To be honest I think I'd rather use my money on a tt which also seems to actually be a good player. I can in no way understand the glass box concept - resonance anyone ? But it looks grand I must say :)
  11. The Captain

    The Captain ~~~~~~~~~~

    v interesting reading that, Id not heard of Transcriptors before. Fabulous art/ hifi/ clockmaking crossover type idea, the homepage has no mention of how they actually sound!
  12. gilkinted

    gilkinted Banned

    Colasblue - I might be wrong - someone will know! - but I think the 'Hydraulic Reference' used both types of feet. Certainly, there is one featured in the March Issue of Hi-Fi World which has round feet. On the other hand, a friend owns the same model but with 'arched, sprung' feet. As the company history notes, the Skeleton turntable was made from 1973 onwards in Ireland. The design went its own way in terms of arm, plinth, materials, feet and everything else for that matter! I think it is the coolest looking of all these wonderful turntables. As for performance, surely some of us own, and enjoy listening to ,'design icons' just because they are such rather than 'state of the art' soundwise. I reckon one would be hard put to find anything contemporary at £500 that comes anywhere near in terms of sheer style.

    jmtpw - Allan
  13. mirland

    mirland pfm Member

    Well, it's out of my reach now. It's been put up for €1000.
  14. stevec67

    stevec67 pfm Member

    At Eu1000 and above I'd be buying a Gyro. They look similar and at least the Gyro sounds great.
  15. colasblue

    colasblue pfm Member

    According to the transcriptors site the first few Michells were in fact Transcriptors rebadged - so by definition they almost certainly did have the same round feet. Certainly the arched ones came in quite quickly though.

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