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[FS] Transcendent Sound Son Of Beast OTL Amplifier

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by Ali T, Jun 7, 2021.

  1. Ali T

    Ali T pfm Member

    15W OTL amp for sale, see details here-

    This is fitted with top quality CMC input/output sockets.

    Comes with a full complement of power valves as well as a set of Mullard CV4024 front end valves- I bought these for the amp at a cost of £100. Also included is a box of spare valves which include-

    1. Six EL509 new and unused- these are £34 each from Hotrox.
    2. Four Psvane 12AT7 TII which are £25 each.
    2. Four JJ ECC81 which are £19 each.

    There are also resistors for setting the bias and two packs of glass fuses.

    This is a great sounding amp with the OTL strengths of great imaging and sound staging, and it is very fleet of foot. Only selling as I now have a set of Pinnacle monoblocks.

    I'm in the North East if you wish to collect, and can deliver within say 100 miles free, further afield for cost of fuel.





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  2. geoturbo

    geoturbo pfm Member

    OTL is king, GLWTS
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  3. Ali T

    Ali T pfm Member

  4. Soulman

    Soulman pfm Member

    I'm very interested, just need to check finances before saying yes. Is Sheffield too far for delivery?

    Is it a power amp or is that a volume control on the back?
  5. GruntPuppy

    GruntPuppy pfm Member

    't interwebs says "preamp recommmended" -

    Then again, a web search also threw up the name "wobblechops" so I'm starting to doubt my sanity even more this morning.... That is a beautiful amp, I still have some speakers here that would be perfect for it (Wharfedale Super 10 gold editions in DIY cabs following the Wharfedale design), but I've run out of room! Good luck with the sale, OP.
  6. Ali T

    Ali T pfm Member


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