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[FS] Townshend Maximum Supertweeters - boxed, as new

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by es.klopfte, Mar 19, 2023.

  1. es.klopfte

    es.klopfte pfm Member

    Up for sale is a pair of Townshend Maximum Supertweeters in satin black, absolutely as new and boxed.

    Their effect in my system was very obvious and very positive: there was much more "air" and (perhaps unexpectedly) bass dramatically improved to the extent that I could turn off Space Optimisation in my Linn Klimax DS.

    But now funds are required elsewhere and I don't listen to music that much lately.
    RRP: £1,320

    Selling for: £600 + P&P




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  2. es.klopfte

    es.klopfte pfm Member

  3. Seth Eagles

    Seth Eagles New Member

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  4. m7rso

    m7rso Active Member

    These are a very good price. The black usually sell better i have been told. Good luck.
  5. 2N3055

    2N3055 pfm Member

    Hi, I'd like to take these if still available.
  6. es.klopfte

    es.klopfte pfm Member

    Thanks all - just waiting to hear from Seth: if he doesn't commit by this evening, they're yours, Tony. I'll check with the post office tomorrow morning how much postage will cost.
  7. es.klopfte

    es.klopfte pfm Member

    Sold to Seth. Many thanks for everyone's interest!

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