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[FS] Topping Clearout

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by mr sneff, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. mr sneff

    mr sneff pfm Member

    I have the following Topping items for sale. All prices include UK postage. Payment by PayPal friends and family or bank transfer please. All come with original packaging.

    Topping D10 USB input only. Line, Coax and Toslink out. Power is via the USB input. Black finish. Works well with Raspberry Pi. £45

    Topping D30
    USB, Coax and Toslink input, line out. Power supply included. Silver finish. £65

    Topping VX2
    Integrated amp with built in DAC. Digital inputs only - USB, Coax and Toslink. Black finish. Just add a Raspberry Pi and speakers for an inexpensive desktop system. £60

    Topping TP22
    Integrated amp with 2 line inputs. Black body with silver face. £75
  2. mr sneff

    mr sneff pfm Member

    Topping D30 SOLD
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2020
  3. mr sneff

    mr sneff pfm Member

  4. mr sneff

    mr sneff pfm Member

  5. mr sneff

    mr sneff pfm Member

  6. Guest432

    Guest432 Guest

    Bloody hell, saw the thread title and I was looking forward to chocolate sauce or 'hundreds and thousands'
  7. mr sneff

    mr sneff pfm Member

    Yes, that has been noted elsewhere, I'll sprinkle some hundreds and thousands if it's a dealbreaker :)
  8. mr sneff

    mr sneff pfm Member

  9. mr sneff

    mr sneff pfm Member

  10. irb

    irb pfm Member

    D30 arrived safely, thanks. Now doing its job very nicely indeed.
  11. mr sneff

    mr sneff pfm Member

    All now SOLD

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