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Top 5 Integrated Amps

Discussion in 'audio' started by backtovinyl, Jun 26, 2021.

  1. CJ14

    CJ14 Waiting for the Death Monitor

    It is very pleasing to see folk liking the other designs I did and modified.
    The Naim Nait 5i was a challenge it had to keep with the sound of Naim but be much better at the top end and cost less to make than the Nait 5 standard.
    The mods on the Super Nait proved to be fun, the poor amp had to drive high capacitive loads (long crap cables) and in the end after I changed a few idea it drove into 100uF with ease, a great beast.
    Al the above was done in the period 2005-2011 just as I was starting TQ speaker cables then known as Catch 22.
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  2. RoA

    RoA pfm Member

    Purify (Eigentakt)
  3. Jezzer

    Jezzer eats shoots and leaves

    Krell KAV400xi
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  4. oldius

    oldius Can pleasure be measured?

    I have had a lot and heard a lot, but I always return to the Denon PMA850, which has once again just seen off a new, £5.6k integrated, on demo in my system for a full week.
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  5. Hoopsontoast

    Hoopsontoast pfm Member

    My favorites I've owned:
    Sony TA-F770ES - Loads of power, great MM/MC phonostage and amazing build.
    Denon PMA2000AE / 2500NE - Like the 770ES above, very similar. The NE version has a great built in DAC too.
    Bryston B60 - Super compact, great flexibility to run as a seperate Pre/Power and just all round great amp.

    Not owned but I have also heard the Audionote Oto on a few occasions which I really liked. On a similar valve note, mentions to the Decware Zen, Puresound A10 and Audion Sterling although all three somewhat more limited on power/speaker matching.
  6. gerlando

    gerlando Prog Rocker

    LFD zero LE
    Lavardin IS
    EWA Claymore
    Exposure XV
    Exposure 2010/3010
    Densen DM10
    Electrocompaniet ECI-1
    Roksan K3

    audio note OTO
    Tube Technology Unisis
    Leben CS300
    Verdier 210
    Jadis Orchestra
    Audio Innovations 500
    CR Development Kalypso
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  7. linnfomaniac83

    linnfomaniac83 I bet you can’t wheelie a unicycle!

    Did you design the Nait 5i then? If so, bravo, very nice affordable amp, really enjoying mine in my second system!
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  8. flatpopely

    flatpopely Prog Rock/Moderator

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  9. pocketkitchen

    pocketkitchen Registered User

    My top 5 would be, in no particular order,

    Sugden A21, any version
    Creek 4140
    Leben CS300
    Accuphase E 650
    Rega Osiris
  10. DuncanF

    DuncanF pfm Member

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  11. kjb

    kjb pfm Member

    I've got a Leben 300, which I love but, according to all reviews, it needs to be carefully matched to speakers.

    A friend whose system I listen to a lot has got a Hegel integrated - can't remember which model ( i think 390 but might be the next model up) : it is very powerful and would drive any speaker. He replaced a Musical Fidelity integrated ( one of the M 5 models) and we both could hear a step up in terms of presence, tone and timbre.

    ( As an aside: More people should talk abut tone and timbre when discussing amps IMO - having moved on from Naim I now think it is much more important than PRaT)
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  12. Gza

    Gza pfm Member

    Currently own a naim 5i and a roksan k2 (which ive had for around 8 years). I paid around £500 for each amp. can't recommend them highly enough if someone was looking for an amp in that price range.

    now looking for the next step up and recently listened to an xs3 and a supernait 3 and that were pretty impressive.
  13. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    That applies to any little valve amp. 10-12 Watts from a pair of EL84s sounds superb but only goes so far!
  14. cj66

    cj66 pfm Member

    List below is from what I have heard properly or owned only, in very rough price order...

    Nad 3150
    Exposure X
    Claymore serviced & updated
    MF E100
    Marantz PM17KI
    Restek Challenger or Fantasy
    MF A1000
    Roksan Caspian, all versions
    Chord CPM2600

    Forgot the ATC SIA-150(original)
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2021
  15. badger748

    badger748 Like en eel. But in reverse.

    I can only really say the best 5 integrateds I’ve owned for a decent period of time, and really enjoyed. A demo with someone else’s kit in someone else’s room, makes it difficult to be objective about how good something actually is!

    In alpha order.

    Gryphon Diablo
    Hegel H590
    Lavardin IT
    Luxman 590
    YBA IA350
  16. herb

    herb music live

    ATC SIA2-150 with Mogami interconnect into Harbeths, PRAT with tone.:)
  17. maccar

    maccar pfm Member

    The only other one I might add to that list is the Yamaha AS30000, but not sure if it's better than those others.
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  18. radamel

    radamel Music Fiend

    I must add my favourite one, the GamuT Di150 LE.
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  19. vesuvian

    vesuvian Well-Known Member

    Tell us more...

    The best solid-state integrated amps I've had in my system recently were both Denon models (1600NE and A110); very natural sounding and much preferred to the Luxman A550AX II and Marantz SA-KI Ruby.
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  20. foxwelljsly

    foxwelljsly Hawkwind and Fire

    The best integrateds I've owned were an Exposure Super XV and an Inca Tech Claymore 2. Both 90's amps retailing for around £1k with excellent MM/MC stages.

    Both knocked spots off an 8000a.

    I've always gone pre/power/phono since as I find speakers and power amps pair nicely, whereas frontends and speakers are pretty agnostic.

    If I had £3k now, I'd get exactly what I have got - Quad QSP, Sugden class A active pre and one of Jez's superlative transimpedance phono stages - and blow the rest on discogs.
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