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The Premiership of Mary Elizabeth Truss.Sept 2022 - Oct 2022

Discussion in 'off topic' started by TheDecameron, Sep 5, 2022.

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  1. Ponty

    Ponty pfm Member

    Ha, sadly no more!
  2. ff1d1l

    ff1d1l pfm Member

    You need to read PE on charter cities and feeports - worrying laws unto themselves (sovereignty brexit boys and girls?) and already even in the early stages as they are, corruption and graft already in evidence.
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  3. ff1d1l

    ff1d1l pfm Member

    You got paid in sterling? Idiot!
  4. Ponty

    Ponty pfm Member

    Holy smoke, I had absolutely no idea it was ever at these levels! A bit like those who loaded up on debt over the past decade had no idea about 15% IR’s.
  5. mandryka

    mandryka pfm Member

    Yes, I've seen it and I'm sure that terrible things can go on in them. However, my point was about their strategy for growth and how charter cities is the key idea really. But, as I said, "we're in early talks" about them sounds like they're a long way off.
  6. twotone

    twotone pfm Member

    I had a mortgage back in 1985-92 interest rate was 18.4% less MIRAS so about 14.5% the mortgage was £24,000 I paid £187 a month.
  7. Ponty

    Ponty pfm Member

    My interpretation of today is that the goal is Singapore upon Thames.
  8. Ponty

    Ponty pfm Member

    Unfortunately, because IR’s have been kept too low for too long, there is a whole generation who’ve known nothing but ZIRP. They’re about to discover something else, even normality.
  9. ff1d1l

    ff1d1l pfm Member

    Well, if youve been keeping up with PE, you'll no doubt realise they'll do zero for the economy, but might make substantial contributions to the tory crime family.
    kendo and palindrome like this.
  10. paulfromcamden

    paulfromcamden Baffled

    Fat chance. Singapore is a nation geared towards trade with very low levels of government corruption and one of the busiest ports in the world.

    Our government managed to turn half of Kent into a truck stop and gave £40m to the landlord of the Matt Hancock's local pub.
    ff1d1l, Alex S and Ponty like this.
  11. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    Liz Truss’s Historic Gamble With the UK Economy Is Already Unraveling
    • Markets crash after UK unveils massive unfunded tax cuts
    • Analysts warn that traders are losing confidence in the pound”

    Bloomberg calling it exactly as it is.

    I actually feel sick. Tories are always wrong, always corrupt, always incompetent, always economically illiterate, always dipping the till, always cruel, but this time they really have placed us right on the event horizon of Stirling collapsing. I’d not be surprised by a bank-run, and there is no one of anything like the calibre of Alistair Darling around this time to do anything about it. These people really are idiots. So far out of their depth I don’t even know where to start.
    chris@panteg and Nic Robinson like this.
  12. Realist

    Realist pfm Member

    A Kamikwasi budget. Even the reverse ferrets are more disoriented than a Chinese dissident.
    andrewd likes this.
  13. Barrymagrec

    Barrymagrec pfm Member

    No, 2.80 from 1949, Wilson`s devaluation to 2.40 in 1967. - The pound in in your pocket....
    chris@panteg and doctorf like this.
  14. Ponty

    Ponty pfm Member

    Probably a good idea to order your new Apple gear / anything from the US now before prices are revised!
  15. NRG

    NRG pfm Member

    Utter twunts, when is the next General Election?
  16. notaclue

    notaclue pfm Member

    That may be the goal. But the execution will more likely resemble Sri Lanka on Thames.
    Ponty likes this.
  17. Ponty

    Ponty pfm Member

    Maybe even Hull upon Thames.
  18. droodzilla

    droodzilla pfm Member

  19. sean99

    sean99 pfm Member

    With the more likely outcome being Argentina on Thames.
  20. mik_rik

    mik_rik pfm Member

    Weimar-on-Thames !
    Alex S, ff1d1l and paulfromcamden like this.
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