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The Brilliance of Tiny Desk Concerts - any other recommendations?

Discussion in 'music' started by kjb, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. lordmortlock

    lordmortlock A Linde Mann

    Yeah, agreed. It’s very affected isn’t it?
  2. stefane

    stefane pfm Member

    Another great one from the beginnings of Tiny Desk Concerts.

    Recorded in July 2009.
    Singer/songwriter Bill Callahan performed the songs "Jim Cain", "Rococo Zephyr" and "Too Many Birds" from his album "Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle" that had been released in April 2009.

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  3. matt j

    matt j pfm Member

    Missed this from a few weeks back, love it, did well getting most of them in the same room.

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  4. stefane

    stefane pfm Member

    Great concert by Nathan Salsburg, a folk guitarist from Louisville/Kentucky. Wonderfully intricate and melodic fingerpicking.
    In his day job he is working as the curator of the Alan Lomax Archive.

    The Tiny Desk Concert was recorded in 2012.
    Nathan Salsburg is playing the songs "Affirmed" and "Eight Belles Dreamt the Devil Was Dead", both included on his debut album "Affirmed", released on the Philadelphia/Pennsylvania label No Quarter Records in 2011.

  5. stefane

    stefane pfm Member

    Charming performance by First Aid Kit from March 2012.

    They are playing "New Year's Eve", "The Lion's Roar" and "Emmylou" from the then new album "The Lion's Roar".

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  6. Space is the Place

    Space is the Place pfm Member

    These are Tiny Desk at Home (or at the awesome Lightship for the Nubya Garcia recording) so not sure if they count!

    Two of my recent favorites...

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  7. Alex N

    Alex N pfm Member

  8. ReggieB

    ReggieB New Member

    Top of my list would be the blue men
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  9. notaclue

    notaclue pfm Member

    Sleater-Kinney did an excellent one recently (if you like guitars).

    Though looking at the recommendations on here, I think this classic would be more in keeping. Only two tracks, but the second one is epic.

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  10. mrlamonta

    mrlamonta pfm Member

    This was the first one I ever watched. It came up as an autoplay from something else I watched. Nora Brown. I love 'The Very Day I'm Gone' at the start.

  11. BillT

    BillT pfm Member

    Already a few of my favourites mentioned, so here's a few more;

    Other good places for live music; Jazz Night In America, Paste Magazine, KEXP etc etc
  12. jimbob75

    jimbob75 pfm Member

  13. Ian G

    Ian G pfm Member

    Really enjoying this thread.
  14. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    I’ve linked this one on other threads before now, but this is great. Just impossibly good drumming.
    kjb likes this.
  15. kjb

    kjb pfm Member

    82,591,373 views and rising. This is easily my most watched on line video - just blissful.

    And a shout for the fine guitar playing as well as the drumming.
  16. notaclue

    notaclue pfm Member

    Another great one here. Typically great Tiny Desk sound too. I had no idea she was this good until I saw this.

  17. stefane

    stefane pfm Member

    The rather unique and great Laura Marling with a concert from July 2012.

    She plays "Don't Ask Me Why" and "Sophia" from the 2011 album "A Creature I Don't Know", interspersed with an early version of "Once", which was not to be released until the 2013 album "Once I Was an Eagle".

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  18. Engels

    Engels pfm Member

    By coincidence I watched the new Plant/Krauss one yesterday

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  19. tuga

    tuga Legal Alien


    A couple of suggestions:

  20. lordmortlock

    lordmortlock A Linde Mann

    Two more notable performances here. Chalk and cheese, but equally brilliant.


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