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[IC] Teddy Pardo PR1 / MB100s and Other TP Units FOR SALE IN APRIL

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by RBrinsdon, Mar 19, 2023 at 11:35 AM.

  1. RBrinsdon

    RBrinsdon pfm Member

    Good morning,

    In an effort to downsize and "lose" boxes and shelf levels, I shall be selling some TP gear in mid-April when my new amp arrives BUT NOT UNTIL THEN.

    I jumped off the Naim upgrade path a while ago and have been extremely happy with TP electronics but need to make some space and have gone for a quality integrated.

    In the first instance there will be the Teddy PR1 and MB100 monoblocks with TP interconnects between the pre and power stages but no power leads as Teddy does not include them. Original packaging etc is still present.

    I shall be looking for around £2,150 for the minty pre/power combo and would prefer collection from Kidderminster in Worcestershire which is about 20 minutes from either J2 or J3 of the M5. I will use a decent courier in the UK, mainland only and will NOT post overseas. I can possibly deliver in the West Midlands or Worcestershire but we can hopefully sort that out later.

    If any Fish in my area are interested, we could sort out a demo at my current home.

    Later on there will be a TeddyDAC and maybe a Teddy Phonostage in May.

    Also available will be 2 x 5m runs of Teddy speaker cable (the original type) with WBT connectors.

    Sorry to be a bit vague on dates etc but it does all hinge on delivery of my new amp.

    PM me with any questions and I will get back to you although it may be a day or two after.


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  2. Stemcor

    Stemcor I should be listening to music

    PM sent
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