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Teddy Pardo i80D

Discussion in 'audio' started by droom3, May 13, 2020.

  1. droom3

    droom3 New Member

    I've been luck enough to obtain a mint example of this integrated amp with the enhanced USB async input. Sounding great with Innuos Zen Mk3. Different presentation to my Gato DIA250S NPM but no less enjoyable. Unlike the Gato can use my REL sub with high-level input which seems to help bass control and flow. With the Gato I used line-in from the pre-amp out.
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  2. Killersteve

    Killersteve pfm Member

    The I80D would be my choise, if I want to change to digital only. Unfortunately not more available. So I am using PR1/MB100 and USB DAC into Zenith MK3.
  3. droom3

    droom3 New Member

    You do get a lot for your money and I've been very fortunate in finding a really good example. It is taking a little while in warming to the different presentation. Quite valve like.

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