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System Pics 2021

Discussion in 'audio' started by Whaleblue, Jan 1, 2021.

  1. DimitryZ

    DimitryZ pfm Member

    I have to say, everyone's systems look so much neater and more elegant than does mine!

    Do you people have interior decorators? Or just a better sense than me?
  2. Conan

    Conan Loop digger

    They probably don't have kids...or if they do, they are locked away :)
  3. calorgas

    calorgas Ratty bumpkin

    Ha, I often sit here thinking the very same thing Dimitry. My system looks a like a random pile of non-matching boxes and despite regular cleaning everything is perpetually covered in a layer of dust due to being in an old cottage + dirty dog + wood burning stove. My floor is so wonky that the corner of one speaker is currently being supported by a shard of wood that I took from the log basket! It wouldn't make a very impressive photo :D
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  4. Dinovector

    Dinovector pfm Member

    If you saw down the back of mine you'd laugh from now till Christmas, cable dressing? It looks more like the undressing room for a drunken Roman orgy
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  5. JTC

    JTC PFM Villager...

    ^^^^ THIS. In our case, old house, two 'doodles, two teenage sons, a stove (in the other room, but still) and a wife who seems to deny the very existence of dust and dusting. So I have to do it. Which means it doesn't get done so often :)
  6. Somafunk

    Somafunk Well-Known Member

    Allo all, new forum user. There is some fantastic looking systems posted in this thread so I thought id add a few of my own but it appears that when I tried I received a message that my post was flagged as spam and couldn't be posted? - is this because im a new forum user?
  7. John

    John Fore!

    The photo I posted was from my Living Room/Dining Room. The back of my home has the kitchen and family room which is where most of our time is spent. This is the part of the home which is the most challenging place to keep tidy, especially when our kids lived with us.

    The LR/DR has always been the music room. Loudspeakers, piano and comfortable seating. The records and bulk of the gear is in the basement. The speakers, amps, turntable are well isolated from one another.
    DimitryZ likes this.
  8. Somafunk

    Somafunk Well-Known Member

    Allo all, finally got it working so I thought id add a few of my own, whilst not up to the hi-fi standard and cost of many posted above it sounds pretty good to my ears, New forum user but have had a financially ruinous appreciation for that "perfect" sound since the late 80's after saving up my minuscule pay from first job to buy a walkman DC-2 paired with Koss-Porta pro headphones, That's how it below show how its going 31years later





    2020 iMac/iPad Pro with 500gb ish Flac files running Roon/Tidal hifi - Cambridge Audio CXN V2 - KRK 10s sub - KRK G4 Rocket 7, Audioquest Cinnamon usb cables, Audioquest Pearl Ethernet cables to iMac/CXN V2, balanced Neutrik XLR cables to sub/speakers with isoacoustic 155 speaker stands and isoacoustic 200 subwoofer stands. Quite a few GIK Acoustics room treatment panels, 4 of Tri corner bass traps (corners of front wall), 2 of 244 bass traps with flex range limiter (front wall), 2 of 4A Alpha pro diffusers (front/rear wall), 2 of 2A alpha pro diffusers (side walls), 7 of 242 acoustic panels (2 @ first reflection, 5 still to fit to ceiling), 2 of Monster bass traps with flex range (rear wall). You'd think that'd be enough in a 3.3m x 4.2 m room right?.....Nah - not quite........I have a spike at 70khz and 100-125khz (I love the visceral thump of my sub) so I'm also buying 2 monster bass traps with flex range to sit on floor/against front wall behind desk and 2 of scopus tuned membrane T70/T100 bass traps for far rear corner.

    It sounds pretty bloody good as it is and an unimaginable difference compared to the non treated room beforehand but I do like my electronic music at a healthy volume so needs must, waiting on a floor to get laid but covid restrictions have put that on the back burner for the foreseeable future so there's nothing left to do apart from sit down and enjoy the music.
    Fortunately sitting down is one of the things im rather good at due to secondary progressive multiple sclerosis and a good sounding room to sit in is well worth the effort to treat, Ive spent far more on the room acoustics than my hifi system and from my perspective, currently sat on my arse listening to what surprises roon radio throws at me it is fantastic value.
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  9. Nero

    Nero Wiped Clean

    I'd keep an eye on those office chairs. Otherwise, you're going to see a real mongrel in nine months time
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  10. Tumeni Notes

    Tumeni Notes pfm Member

    How did you determine which treatments to buy, and where to put them?
  11. Jono_13

    Jono_13 Duffer

    Sold mine, didn't get as much as expected but hey...;);)
  12. ex brickie

    ex brickie pfm Member

    You are lucky Jono - had to pay for mine to be taken away... :D
    Jono_13 likes this.
  13. Somafunk

    Somafunk Well-Known Member

    Tumeni Notes : I had a fair idea of what I needed as I've been very fortunate enough to spend time in treated studios over the years to know what works/what doesn't work but I still took advice and got my room swept by a mate who's a bit of a geek when it comes to his studio set up, I wasn't totally off with my initial room choices but the addition of range limiters on panels to deal with specific frequencies helped a lot and with accurate positioning of the panels (a laser level helps with this), I also sent GIK my room dimensions/freq response etc and their technicians comeback/recommendations was surprisingly accurate - I guess when you deal with acoustic room treatments day in day out then you get an understanding of what will work for a given price/cost outcome.
  14. John

    John Fore!

    Here’s another angle.

  15. Andrew C!

    Andrew C! Been around a while....

    Lovely room! I must get round to starting a piano thread! In fact, I'll do it now!
  16. Somafunk

    Somafunk Well-Known Member

    Wow, a baby grand Yamaha piano in your living room......very jealous..........not that I can play more than few chords but that's never stopped me from butchering the keys whenever I got the chance.
  17. geetee1972

    geetee1972 pfm Member

    Those speakers be like:

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  18. Amber Audio

    Amber Audio This is the Day

    Love Silent Running :)
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  19. geetee1972

    geetee1972 pfm Member

    It came up in a random YouTube video I watched last night on 'Best underrated hard sci-fi films' (gotta love the titles of some of these videos). I haven't seen the film in years but imagine it might feel oddly prescient now. I remember being quite upset when Huey (or was it Duey or maybe Louie?) got hit by the vehicle and ended up partially disabled.

    A cult classic Sci-Fi film if ever there was one.
  20. Amber Audio

    Amber Audio This is the Day

    Huey gets damaged. Looking back at old Sci Fi dying/dead planet stuff, it’s a lot more real now than at the time for sure.

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