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System Pics 2020

Discussion in 'audio' started by Cereal Killer, Dec 30, 2019.

  1. Hoopsontoast

    Hoopsontoast pfm Member

    I have heard some 1SCs but under the impression most Proac models (exculding the Tablette 10) need to be placed away from the walls for ideal sound.
  2. Cereal Killer

    Cereal Killer 432 Point5

    I never had an issue with the 1SCs (on R1 stands), they need about 30cm behind them. The SM100s are front ported so just 15-20cm behind them is ample.
  3. Hoopsontoast

    Hoopsontoast pfm Member

    Due to the location ofthe door, I need to put them right up against the rear wall. The ATCs are around 10cm from the walls to account for the cables and acoustic panel.
    topa likes this.
  4. Cereal Killer

    Cereal Killer 432 Point5

    SM100's would be just fine, even at 10cm.
  5. Amber Audio

    Amber Audio This is the Day

    The front ported Studio models I’ve had were fine in the office near side/back walls. The best sound was on R2 well out in a lounge but I have always been very pleased with them in the offices, currently using Cesti for a bit of variety but have kept the Studio 115 to go back in rather than sell until I get something like DB1.
  6. sunbeamgls

    sunbeamgls pfm Member

    End of year update. Gone from a Linn Akurate/0/D surround processor to the surround processor built into the Akurate Exakt DSM streamer/pre-amp and an Exaktbox10/1 Katalyst to feed centre, rears and sub with a full range signal. The box change is on the right hand source rack, second shelf down. Plus the rear Linn amps replaced with Lejonklou Tundra Stereo 2.0 to bring them in line with the front end amps.
    Rear speakers changed from PMC Twenty.21 to Twenty.22
    A pair of Boris Blank headphones added too.


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  7. gerlando

    gerlando pfm Member

    Analogue Seduction 2....
  8. Conan

    Conan Loop digger

    I could do with a pair of Boris Block headphones myself.
    I sick of hearing him.
    Jono_13, halvis, sunbeamgls and 3 others like this.
  9. Nero

    Nero Wiped Clean

    Is that a real ichthyosaur on the wall?
  10. Fretbuzz

    Fretbuzz pfm Member

    Yes and no - not a genuine fossil - a cast from one. Well spotted.
  11. matt j

    matt j pfm Member

    New turntable, rest of system the same.

    PT Anni/774/ZYX R50
    RSL Phono Stage
    Klipsch La Scalas

  12. myrman

    myrman pfm Member

    That PT looks lovely
  13. matt j

    matt j pfm Member

    Thanks, yes it's in stunning condition, it's the only reason I considered it having read about the varied build quality on PT decks. I must say they aren't that bad!

    Suspension adjusting is genius, doesn't get any easier to set up.
  14. fegs

    fegs pfm Member

    Love the gloss finish on that TT, very nice

    Also like the look of the sideboard / unit they're sat on
  15. matt j

    matt j pfm Member

    I'm in Hucknall if you every fancy dropping in for a listen. Would be good to hear someone else's opinion of it.
    Big Tabs likes this.
  16. fegs

    fegs pfm Member

    Hucknall eh??

    small world!!

    Once this local lockdown is over i'll pop round

    matt j likes this.
  17. Iain Docherty

    Iain Docherty pfm Member

    Excellent choice of TT... enjoy!
  18. jan tomczak

    jan tomczak pfm Member

    that set-up looks really cool matt, i would get pleasure just looking at it let alone playing music on it.
  19. Damas

    Damas pfm Member

    When leaving for the Middle East in 2012 I packed up the Xerxes, CD player and stored them in the loft, just took a Squeezebox Touch and Benchmark DAC1 for streaming, since replaced with Weiss DAC202 and Auralic Aries Mini. Have been back for a year or so and only just got round to unpacking the TT, almost a decade since it last saw light. Setting up was fine, I'd bought the new blobs around that time, they were still in the packaging and now installed. New belt fitted and bearing oil replaced (ball bearing is in place). Motor was doing some funny things, even got it to go in reverse at one point, I think it was interference from power cables as did some re-arranging and running fine now. The DV-20X was still on the arm but knackered, since replaced with AT-OC9 after a quick discussion on here. Sounding very good, it's a lovely deck, less than 2mm sag - lucky me. Rest of the system is NAC102 modified by Avondale and a pair of their M130s into Shahinian Arcs.


  20. 2ManyBoxes

    2ManyBoxes pfm Member

    Nice system, probably quite versatile over many types of music I would think.

    Which phono boards have you got in the 102? Also you seem to have 2 Avondale TPX1s there, are they both hooked up to the 102?

    Also you should know better by now than to post a snap with a mysterious picture on the wall without saying what it is :)

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