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System pics 2019

Discussion in 'audio' started by mikeyb, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. mikeyb

    mikeyb pfm Member

    Happy New Year everyone :)

    I hope it's ok for me to start this year's one.


    Heavily modded Technics 1210 turnable with Mike New Bearing, Mike New platter, Fidelity Research FR64 fx arm, using a Shure 55EM with Jico SAS stylus, Paul Hynes regulators, Paul Hynes SR7 PSU, Trilogy 907 phono stage, Velleman 8020 pre amp, SoTm SMS 200 NAA, Beresford Caiman SEG DAC, Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP power amp into Tannoy Berkeley speakers that have been upgraded with Reference Fidelity Components external crossovers, extra internal bracing and new acoustic foam.

    The turntable with my Kontrapunkt B cartridge


    The amp


    One of the crossovers


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    YNWOAN 100% Analogue

    Those little monoblocks on the floor are funky ;).
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  3. ToTo Man

    ToTo Man the band not the dog

    No changes for me since my last upload (system components listed in my signature).

    Main system with Tannoy Monitor Gold 12:

    Main system with Celestion Ditton 66:

    Close-up pic of Yamaha A-S3000:
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  4. SteveH

    SteveH pfm Member

    Surely those speakers just cannot work properly in that room?
    Not dissing at all - just curious.
  5. Nagraboy

    Nagraboy pfm Member


    Unchanged since my last photo:

    Roon Nucleus w/2TB SSD
    Sony TA-ZH1ES Headphone amp/DAC
    Pro-Ject The Classic w/Ortofon 2M Red/Silver (for sale!)
    Croft RIAA
    Leben CS300XS
    Harbeth P3ESR Rosewood
    Sony Z1R headphones
    Wychwood Audionics mainsblock

    Looking to upgrade the vinyl setup fairly soon. Would love a TD124 but the DIY side is putting me off. The Garrards look interesting, so might go that way and add a Timestep arm.
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  6. coupe-sport

    coupe-sport pfm Member

    I rediscovered the joys of headphone listening towards the end of 2018, upgrading my Sony NW-ZX2 to the sublime WM1Z and adding Sony MDR-Z!R headphones for home use (Shure SE846 for work). I did have the Kimber Axios balanced headphone cable for the Sony phones but decided that i preferred the standard Sony balanced cable so it went back under a 60 day trial (thanks Russ Andrews)

  7. Nagraboy

    Nagraboy pfm Member


    The 1Z looks great. I have the 1A with 400gb micro SD card. For walking to work I have Sony XBA-N1 and also have the 1000X noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones. The latter are really good for coach or air travel.
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  8. mikeyb

    mikeyb pfm Member

    Ok it's not as good as I would like but this used to be our built in garage and we knocked through and made it a home cinema with projector and 7ft screen which is still there and still in use above the HiFi rack. The Tannoys do pretty good in there, would be better in the main part of the room but we wanted the HiFi away from the main TV and seating area.

    Here's a photo of the HiFi area from part of the main seating area, we also have a 2 seater settee in the HiFi area for closer listening to the system. Camera makes it look narrower than it is.

    The photo is taken from one of my fav seats about 9m from the HiFi :)

    Last edited: Jan 1, 2019
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  9. Joe

    Joe pfm Member

    A Sony Walkman that costs upward of £2,500.

    I have lived too long on this world.

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  10. Matty297

    Matty297 pfm Member

    Chromecast-IFi spdif ipurifier-Rega IO Dac-Bottlehead Crack-Beyer DT150.
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  11. linnfomaniac83

    linnfomaniac83 I bet you can’t wheelie a unicycle!

    Interesting setup, another one who’s given a “vintage” DAC a try. I use Linn Numerik, cost £1500 20-25 years ago, it still blows most budget offerings I’ve heard into the weeds, it might be limited to 16bits but it’s still musically engaging. I always quite liked the Jupiter/IO combo.
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  12. beammeup

    beammeup pfm Member

    I too like the vintage DACs, and these older DACs are indeed as good as you say until (in my experience) the battery powered JKenny ISO-DAC is likely to turn that table.

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  13. YNWOAN

    YNWOAN 100% Analogue

    I was listening to a few records last night and took these pictures.




    It’s a bit untidy in places as I have a mix of tonearm fettling tools (because of the Javelin’s recent arrival) and a bunch of bits on the floor by the radiator that are to do with the new turntable. Not exactly a simple lash up and it only plays records!
  14. Sunflower Sutra

    Sunflower Sutra Active Member

    Hey Totoman,

    I have a similar set up to you (yam and yggy) and be interested in hearing about your experience with the tannoys and celestion. Also do you ever run the Sennheiser HD600 from the Yamaha's headphone output?
  15. eastone

    eastone pfm Member

    Which Tannoy cabs are those? Canterbury?
  16. Hoopsontoast

    Hoopsontoast pfm Member

  17. TimF

    TimF pfm Member

    Ynwoan-“Not exactly a simple lash up and it only plays records!” Yes, but a quite tasty lash-up!
  18. YNWOAN

    YNWOAN 100% Analogue

    Ta - it pleases me :).
    TimF likes this.
  19. Guest432

    Guest432 Guest

    @Matty297 have you speedball'd the crack?
  20. TimF

    TimF pfm Member

    ^^^^^Now that sounds like a real personal question!
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