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Symphonies - pick a number (not entirely serious...)

Discussion in 'classical' started by marshanp, May 8, 2022.

  1. Del monaco

    Del monaco Del Monaco

    Who couldn’t choose six when you have Mahler and Tchaikovsky. You only need those two symphonies to justify the number 6.
  2. marshanp

    marshanp ellipsis addict

    A case can be made for most digits along similar lines! It's about what you can cope without (or maybe what is so ingrained on your consciousness that you don't need to hear it played to experience it?)

    Sacrifices, sacrifices...

    PS Who is the lovely lady in your current picture, Del?
  3. marshanp

    marshanp ellipsis addict

    Another Third that needs to be heard...

    Ture Rangström. Swedish composer, himself (unusually for a composer) a singer rather than an instrumentalist. A contemporary of Atterberg, he wrote 4 symphonies, of which the one-movement 3rd ("Song under the Stars") seems to me by far the best. The Jurowski performance on CPO is pretty good.

    Some might find the music a bit blatant, in-yer-face, OTT, whatever... go with it, I say. This is passionate stuff, ripped from the composer's heart and put there in front of you! If you can't take it, that's your problem - Rangström doesn't care!
  4. schneiderhan

    schneiderhan pfm Member

    Wonder if Mr Hurwitz got the idea from someone who read this thread!
  5. marshanp

    marshanp ellipsis addict

    Saburo Moroi number 3... has become the symphony I love enough to play every few days.

    It is wonderful - far, far above any other symphony by a Japanese composer; perhaps the one great Japanese symphony to date. Only half an hour or so... believe me, you are missing out if you haven't heard it.
  6. alanbeeb

    alanbeeb pfm Member

    .....I'll give it a try on Spotify.... but you know I wasn't too impressed by that Tyberg 3rd- or that other guy I can't remember whose 3rd was like Strauss recomposed by Bruckner.....
  7. mjw

    mjw pfm Member

    I’m going for number ‘final’ (or 9, if I have to). The final symphonies of many? most? all my favourite composers are very satisfying indeed.

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