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Supernait 3 on way?

Discussion in 'audio' started by JoeJoe, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Olsen

    Olsen pfm Member

    In as meaningless and time waste as your comment ?
  2. Olsen

    Olsen pfm Member

    SN3, Qb 2

    New version of 272
    New entrylevel China made integrated amp
    More Statement kit (lots of profit)

    Fake news !
    Rosewind likes this.
  3. TLS

    TLS pfm Member

    IMO, it would be a unrecoverable error for Naim to have Naits or separate components manufactured in China or anywhere else. Even if they cut prices in half, they would instantly lose all credibility.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2019
    Gervais Cote likes this.
  4. Old Shatterhand

    Old Shatterhand pfm Member

    Or your reply?:rolleyes:
  5. Olsen

    Olsen pfm Member

    DDR free speech syndrome
  6. Old Shatterhand

    Old Shatterhand pfm Member

    I'm from west Germany.:p
  7. janaka303

    janaka303 Member

    You clearly read the situation very well :) Hope you did hold off and - as an SN2 owner - would be interested to hear your views if/when you get an SN3.
  8. L&N republican

    L&N republican pfm Member

  9. seakayaker

    seakayaker New Member

    Well the SN3 has been announce and positive comments on 'The Ear' review site.....

    Current USA pricing for SUPERNAIT 2 listed as $5,695.00
    Proposed USA pricing for SUPERNAIT 3 stated as $4599.00

    It would be hard to believe that NAIM created an improved amp with added features and reduced the price by $1,096.00. Anyone with a recent purchase in the USA may get a bit annoyed.

    If the reported pricing is correct then it is great news for new customers.

    For folks currently with a SN2 the trade in value and resale value would be negatively impacted with the reduction in price of the newer amps.

    Looking forward to reading the reviews after some audio review sites and other folks have had their hands on the the new amps.
  10. TLS

    TLS pfm Member

    The Vervent Audio Group, owner of Naim and Focal acquired Plurison and Audio Plus Sevices in North America in January 2019. They are now called Focal Naim Canada and Focal Naim America. No surprise to see Naim prices going down for the new releases.
  11. allthingsanalog

    allthingsanalog pfm Member

    Well, you were right!
    Andrew Williams likes this.
  12. JoeJoe

    JoeJoe pfm Member

    Exactly what I was hoping for bar a digital volume control.
    I get Naims insistence that the alps pot sounds better but it doesn’t track very well at low volumes, which is where I like to listen at night. I’ll still buy one though as the same pot was used in SN2 and I’m delighted they’ve installed a quality MM phono stage and the many other improvements
  13. matteo.renesto

    matteo.renesto pfm Member

    Including taxes?
  14. booja30

    booja30 pfm Member

    Some states have sales tax, some don't. E.g. Washington is about 10%, Oregon is 0%.
  15. Allaboutmusic

    Allaboutmusic pfm Member

    Was just reading the spec on both the xs3 and sn3, for the audio input it says 'suitable for 2V' what would happen if your source exceeds 2V?! Wonder if if would cause input clipping?
  16. ryder

    ryder pfm Member

    Are you sure it's not the other way round.
  17. Robert M

    Robert M pfm Member

    Naim prices don't go down.
  18. simon g

    simon g Older, wiser & retired

    The below does indeed show Supernait 2 in USA at $5,695 plus any local taxes.


    If the SN3 does indeed sell at $4,599, then that is obviously a price reduction. It would seem that there has been a rethink on price positioning of this product in the US. Other manufacturers (eg Gato) have also recently reduced prices. Perhaps there's a (market) limit to the ridiculous hifi price inflation we've seen over the past few years?
  19. Woodface

    Woodface pfm Member

    I am wondering when someone will criticise naim for reducing prices;)
  20. Allaboutmusic

    Allaboutmusic pfm Member

    Has anyone read the specs of the new amps with regard input voltages, it says suitable for 2V for the normal line inputs and 5mV for phono. Seems pretty low?

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