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[FS] Stirling Broadcast LS3/5a with Cicable external crossovers

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by canonman, Mar 20, 2023.

  1. canonman

    canonman pfm Member

    Rarer than hens teeth.

    Stirling broadcast LS3/5a using original Ref B110 and T27 units.

    There are no internal crossovers as they come with the ultra rare Cicable external crossovers in individual boxes. Designed by Derek Hughes. These Cicables, from memory, sold initially for about £2K per pair , although that price came down a bit. Considered, back in the day, to be the ultimate LS3/5a and featured in HFN, Oct 2001

    Designed by Derek Hughes, the Cicable crossover replaces the existing KEF-made network. In essence, it is exactly what you would expect a crossover to be if cost constraints were ignored: filled with premium parts. The company produces versions for every LS3/5A variant – single or bi-wire, 11 ohm or 15 ohm, regardless of make – with the former incorporating a specially designed autotransformer instead of the resistive ladder network.

    Both versions include an extra tweeter impedance compensation circuit to reduce the effects of the T27 resonant frequency characteristic and are also available in a further improved ‘premium’ version for ‘a little more expense’. Other details include +/- 0.3dB precision in the filter pass band and pair matching of both the high-pass and low-pass filter; up to ten times reduction of static magnetic field and vibration due to the crossover being outside the speaker (especially the static field near the inductors working like a ‘magnetic DC offset’), less component ‘cross-talk’ due to the ‘spacious’ external box and it’s high-grade PCB with low resistance tracks giving the opportunity to arrange components for the best performance.

    The complete package £1500 ono although I might split later.

    Also got a pair of Rogers AB1 bass extenders in Rosewood that can be used in this set up or separately.

    Can be shipped or collected.
  2. Quad74

    Quad74 pfm Member

    Nice !glws.
  3. lilolee

    lilolee pfm Member

    Oo nice. I've heard LS3/5a with and without cicables, and there was a nice improvement. Subtle, but easy to hear.
    Dark Lord likes this.
  4. canonman

    canonman pfm Member

    Thanks for all the likes/ comments
  5. canonman

    canonman pfm Member

    The Rogers AB1 bass extenders also on offer at £500. Rosewood finish.

    Will sell the Stirling Broadcast LS3/5a at £750, add your own crossovers.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2023
  6. tuga

    tuga Legal Alien

    Brilliant! Have a bump.
    canonman likes this.
  7. canonman

    canonman pfm Member


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