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Stereo audio RCA switch box recommendations

Discussion in 'audio' started by ToTo Man, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. ToTo Man

    ToTo Man the band not the dog

    I need a switch box that will let me switch between two (minimum) or three (preferable) analogue inputs.

    Most of the units I see on eBay are bargain basement prices, - that's not to say they're not transparent but you do have to wonder when they're selling many of these for a tenner!

    Also most of the switchers I've seen are AV/Audio switchers and include composite video in/outs which I do not require.

    I need a box that either has a rocker switch or push buttons as I can't twiddle a knob. ;)

    I checked on the Kramer site to see if they had an RCA version of the VS-4X I bought but they don't seem to, all I can find is this one which I'm not sure if suitable given it also has video in/out.

    Other options include:

    Some advice would be much appreciated. :)
  2. Amber Audio

    Amber Audio This is the Day

  3. demotivated

    demotivated pfm Member

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  4. jimpey

    jimpey pfm Member

    Search QED SDR Richard.

    There aren't may on ebay at the moment but I have one languishing in a cupboard like the canadian listed one. Just run the pot wide open.

    If it will do what you need (even if only until you find the ideal item) let me know.

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  5. Brucedgoose

    Brucedgoose Well-Known Member

    I’ve tried the ones by Niles, and they’re poorly made. The Radio Shack units are all over Ebay, but they look even worse than the Niles. Much better are the Sony’s, either the SB-300, which uses push buttons and works well (I own 2) or the SB-500, which are really nice, with very good switches and labeling (2 more!). Note that the Sony’s are, strictly speaking, for tape decks and they have tape outputs as well as line inputs. You can just ignore the tape outs if you don’t need them.
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  6. brab

    brab pfm Member

    If you're happy with your Kramer, you can use it with RCA to XLR cables. I use Monoprice with my XLR switchbox from Mapletree Audio and find no signal degradation.
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  7. delange

    delange pfm Member

    You might want to look at a passive preamplifier. Just turn the volume knob al the way up if you don't need the volume control.
    Here's one example:
  8. ToTo Man

    ToTo Man the band not the dog


    Yes, most of them are pretty lightweight. I can manage operating the Kramer unit ok by placing the fingers of my right hand on top of the unit to hold it down and then using my thumb to push the buttons in. This wasn't as easy with the previous Nobsound switch I had. I could probably manage an upward-facing rotary switch mounted in a heavy casing but buttons or toggle levers would be preferable.

    I appreciate the offer, Jim, but I'd prefer to keep the signal path as simple/pure as possible so not sure I'd want to introduce a pot into the circuit.

    This isn't a bad idea actually, thanks.

    I hadn't thought of this, thanks.

    I'd rather avoid a unit with a volume control, plus the Tisbury has forward-pointing rotary switches which I find too difficult to operate, - I'd need one with push buttons or toggles.
  9. gints

    gints pfm Member

    Tisbury has second exit, passthrough
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  10. mr sneff

    mr sneff pfm Member

  11. Jim Audiomisc

    Jim Audiomisc pfm Member

    TBH I'm quite happy with ones I buy from CPC/Farnell. I've tended to prefer the rotary switches, but I think they also sell interlinked button ones.

    The rotary switches do tend to wear out eventually. But the switchboxes are so cheap I either buy another one or replace the switch. They lack 'street cred' of course, but I use them with my old Armstrong 626 to feed in external sources like a DAC, CD player, etc, and add an internal attenuator to suit the 626. Do much the same with other kit.

    You've set me wondering if anyone has even used the same approach as inside the 626. This uses switching diodes. An external box could do this using a battery and can 'cross fade' the inputs to avoid any clicks. :)
  12. James

    James Lord of the Erg\o/s

    What you want is the Pioneer U-24. You can switch between several power amps/loudspeakers, tape decks and sources at will. All push-buttons, passive switching and you won't need to hold onto it when pushing its buttons.

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  13. audiopile

    audiopile pfm Member

    Using a Emotiva Stealth SP-1 - four inputs switched via button or remote control -relay switched -but except for the fourth input which is a MM/MC phono stage -entirely passive. I like this well enough that I'd buy another one if I ever come across it ( Discontinued product).

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