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Stand-Alone DAC Alternative?

Discussion in 'audio' started by maxflinn, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. maxflinn

    maxflinn pfm Member

    The Marantz NR-1504 AV receiver.

    £229.95 from Richer Sounds.

    Only one optical and one coaxial input, but six HDMI in for sat boxes, Blu-Ray players, Apple TV etc.

    A bit big I guess but not huge like many AVR's. DLNA, Airplay, internet radio, remote control, iPhone/Android compatible.

    I'm thinking of one for the DM5's, if I buy them, as it looks ideal for use with active speakers.

    If the size isn't off-putting and one is happy with the sound, or happy to trust it'll sound fine, then it seems a good alternative to a stand-alone DAC with remote at a great price.

  2. Igloo Audio

    Igloo Audio Registered User

    And your point?

    It'll be perfectly good for driving an average sound that 80% of HiFi owners will be happy with, while 20% throw-up on the floor.

    It's always been that way from Amstrad to Linn/Naim in the '80s.

  3. maxflinn

    maxflinn pfm Member

    I've been looking at the options out there as I may need a remote controlled DAC with plenty of inputs. This is one, albeit in a rather big box, compared to stand-alone DACs.

    It's by far the cheapest suitable option I've yet to find. I thought it good value so posted for the benefit of others who may have requirements like mine.
  4. Igloo Audio

    Igloo Audio Registered User

    And that's perfectly reasonable :)

    After listening to all the shite in Brighton recently, I have to say, I would be completely lost if a novice these days and would opt for obvious solutions.

  5. dss

    dss Musical Bons

    I had high hopes for the Marantz combo streamer / FM / DAB / CD / amplifier is it, but it is let down by a rather reluctant shy sound compared to the nice NAD receiver.

    But is a neat little box though, and plenty of inputs.

  6. TheDecameron

    TheDecameron Unicorns fart glitter.

    Earliest AV receivers using hdmi suffered from a lot of sound degradation due to jitter on that interface. Has this now been fixed on recent amps?
  7. muzzer

    muzzer Numb Nut

    I was looking at that Marantz AV amp myself but purely for AV duties only.
    It is one of the few that is relativley slim in stature.
  8. beammeup

    beammeup pfm Member

    I notice it also has pre-outs so you can use a separate power amplifier if necessary.

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