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Speakers for my Audio Note OTO

Discussion in 'audio' started by al2813, Apr 30, 2022.

  1. IGGI

    IGGI Member

    Have used a number of speakers with an OTO se including AN-K, AN-J, LS3/5. I thought the J's almost too much of a good thing bass wise and preferred the K's. The LS3/5's were very nice indeed and had no problems with being fed with 10 watts.
    This may suit, I recently bought from Wilmslow Audio their Heybrook HB1 replica which is rated at 90db efficiency which would suit the OTO. You can choose the cabinet veneer, upgrade the tweeters and have fancy caps fitted and built by them all for less than £1300. I rate the performance very highly and the OTO would love them.
  2. gerlando

    gerlando Prog Rocker

  3. bourney

    bourney pfm Member

    I use an oto PP with my Ks, now having owned the SE version I know its a rounder sound with a slightly more forward mids but my opinion is that Ks prefer a little but more power to flesh out the bottom end. However my room dictates that my Ks are at least 12" from the back wall so that might explain that. Maybe if you plan to use your Ks with a wall behind them, they'll be spot on with the Oto.
    Oto and Js is superb and don't need a big room in my experience.
    I found the larger bookshelf ref 3a's much better speakers than the veenas, but I never tried them with an oto. Think I had a leben at the time.
    Jake's suggestion of WLMs is a good one.
    gerlando likes this.
  4. al2813

    al2813 Active Member

    the majority here seems to be for staying with AN speakers, and my feeling was going in the same direction. They are simply so hard to find.....
  5. marktr

    marktr Registered User

    How big will your new listening room be?
  6. ssimon

    ssimon pfm Member

    Normally small speakers need more power, I use large speakers JBL K2's in a room 4 X 5 metres with 12W amp and they sound great.
  7. lordmortlock

    lordmortlock A Linde Mann

    These ones don’t.
  8. Brits

    Brits pfm Member

    What about Devore Fidelity. Hard to find used but great speakers and worth the effort to find …
  9. al2813

    al2813 Active Member

    Reviving this one as I've been talking on another forum to a member who went through a very similar scenario. He strongly recommended to me the Graham Audio speakers who apparently is very easy to drive and can perfectly work in a smaller room with a low power SET. Am looking at LS6 which got very favourable views compared also with Harbeths which cost more and apparently are harder to drive?
  10. Tarzan

    Tarzan pfm Member

    Try and get home demos of the speakers you have had suggested if possible this is the only way to tell what will work and what won't.

    Best l have heard The Oto sound was with an Audionote CD player and Audionote ANK/LX- a brilliant sound.

    Good luck any road.:)

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