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Speaker cable for ATC SCM40 passives

Discussion in 'audio' started by K'ford Pikelet, May 23, 2023.

  1. Hello everyone. I’d be grateful if anyone could recommend speaker cable for for my ATC scm40s. I have Teddy Pardo MB100 power amps and currently use Tellerium Q black.
    Many thanks Paul
  2. boegelund

    boegelund pfm Member

    Whats wrong with your TQB then ?
    The EWA something is original TQ design but reported better, no experience myself.
    Other cables, your in a minefield.
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  3. kernow

    kernow pfm Member

    Van damme
    End thread
  4. Woodface

    Woodface pfm Member

    Check with ATC, they don’t go for foo cables.
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  5. DavidR

    DavidR pfm Member

    I have ATC SCM19s paired with Avondale modified Naim amps and use Witch Hat Phantom cables, they really are excellent.
    Another post here also mentions the Van Damme cables, I started off with them, and they are great cables for the money, however the Phantom cables, in my system were a huge step up though.
  6. hifi-dog

    hifi-dog pfm Member

    no need to spend loads but make sure it has about 2mm sq of copper, witchhat phantom a solid reccomendation, atlas hyper also.
  7. Salamander

    Salamander pfm Member

    Where's the fun in that when there are so many more cables to discuss at various price points. :D
  8. kernow

    kernow pfm Member

    That sounds riveting
    AndyCC72 likes this.
  9. Shane2468

    Shane2468 pfm Member

    Another shout for Van Damme cables.

  10. AndyU

    AndyU pfm Member

    ATC themselves say:

    “4. What cable do you recommend for loudspeaker and line-level connections?

    For loudspeaker cables we recommend using oxygen free multi-stranded copper cables., For lengths under 5 metres we recommend using 2.5mm2, and for longer cables up to 10m we recommend using 4mm2.

    For line level cables we suggest good quality oxygen free multi-strand copper cable. Ideally bare silver-plated copper with less than 100pF/metre capacitance from core to screen.”
    maxhifi likes this.
  11. hifinutt

    hifinutt hifinutt

  12. Cesare

    Cesare pfm Member

    Sommer Meridian would be my recommendation for an easy flexible cable, good quality, easy to terminate, and cost effective. I think it's around £5/m for 4mm. I've seen in it plenty of studios, and for fixed installation. They also do a tougher but less flexible version for fixed installs as it pulls through wall cavities easier, but i'd avoid that for domestic purposes and stick with the flexible softer stuff.

    This stuff:

    A bit more expensive than I remember, pushing £7/m, but there we are, inflation and whatnot.
  13. kernow

    kernow pfm Member

  14. Musicraft

    Musicraft Trade: Musicraft

    Basic 500 strand speaker cables is what we mostly use with passive SCM40's -

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  15. Witterings

    Witterings Witterings

    If I've one length 4m and the other 7m ... I'm guessing they'd need to be matched in thickness so I'd be best off with the 4mm but does anyone know if the lengths should actually be matched leaving a lot of spare unused cable on one side?

    With the Van Damme there are various colours, the one linked above

    but also blue and black ... is there any difference between them?
  16. AndyU

    AndyU pfm Member

    ATC gives some advice about the effect of different lengths of cables on damping factor and loss at the end of their data sheet on remote amp pack mounting. I’d just use the heaviest cable I could in whatever lengths reached the speakers neatly, and avoid coils of unused cable which I think was a naim thing for particular reasons.
    Witterings likes this.
  17. krenzler

    krenzler pfm Member

    What do you expect from changing from your current cables?

    I used Mogami W3103 and later W3104 (can be a pig to connect correctly) with SCM19v2.
  18. kernow

    kernow pfm Member

    It makes zero difference to match the lengths

    The blue and black have a sturdier thicker jacket for studio use
  19. linvc

    linvc pfm Member

    Agreed. I have used cables of different lengths for a long time now. The manufacturer said it makes no difference in typical domestic cable runs
  20. Leeken

    Leeken Active Member

    Van damme 6mm with my ATCs 40s,yet to have any electrons go on 70s/2023 style strike or start smashing up my system like our glorious bizzies at the beanfield in the 80s.

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