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Sony ST2950F AM/FM Tuner

Discussion in 'classic' started by Mark Packer, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. Mark Packer

    Mark Packer pfm Member

    Any good?

    Better than a Denon 260 Mk1?
  2. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    I'd hold fire and try and find a ST-5950 - all the Sonys are sleepers so you won't pay much for the 5 gang range topping monster. The 2950 was the baby of the range.

  3. Mark Packer

    Mark Packer pfm Member

    Thanks Tony.

    It is £10 after all.
  4. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    It's well worth a tenner! It is a basic if very nicely and solidly made little 3 gang tuner. It's bigger brothers the 4950 and 5950 are serious high-end contenders, very, very good tuners.

  5. Michael L

    Michael L pfm Member

    I sored a 5950 thanks in large part to Tonys' recommendation, sounds triffic. Cost about £60 inc p and p from ePay, I'll try to post a pic later to make me feel good about myself.
  6. Mark Packer

    Mark Packer pfm Member

    I caught the Tuna. I'll probably collect it on Saturday and will report in in due time. It'll be replacing a Denon 260
  7. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    Excellent - it certainly looks far nicer than the Denon! Let us know how they compare.

  8. Mark Packer

    Mark Packer pfm Member

    I landed the Tuna this morning and have connected it up. It sounds beautiful on first listening after 10 minutes. More detail when we've listened further.

    It doesn't lock on the signal as cleanly as the Denon, but I am only using a 1 wire T ariel. It hisses terribly in stereo. Although, as we mainly listen to Radio 4 at the present this isn't a big prroblem.

    I think I should buy a better ariel and get it up on the ariel mast on the chimney. I think I'll go for one of those cheap circular FM ariels as a first shot. We live less than 10 miles from Wrotham so the signal strength should be fine.

    Comments and suggestions appreciated.
  9. Martyn Miles

    Martyn Miles pfm Member

    I had a Sony ST3950 in the '70s. Lovely tuner... I liked its smooth ' flywheel ' tuning, not to mention the way it sounded. I later has a ST80F . Taller than it was wide. Looked good,but didn't sound as good as the '3950. Bad move. The '3950 went because of space considerations. I have a Denon 260L on a second system. I've no complaints about that model. Martyn .
  10. Stevie A

    Stevie A pfm Member

    Hi Mark,

    Whatever aerial array you chose,try to keep it with a single piece downlead if poss,straight into the back of the tuner,also choose the best downlead you can afford(Ct100 or better)above all enjoy!!!!
  11. DSJR

    DSJR Between us and them

    1978 HiFi Choice Tuners by Gordon King, one of the more subjective, objective reviewers (if you see what I mean) - 2950 Recommended (3950 and 5950 both Best Buy).

    2950 - Average sensitivity but may overload on strong signals. More expensive circuits have wider sensitivity range but admittedly cost more. Spuriae noted on strong signals, background noise on moderate signal strengths. Upper treble and transient attack poor and over-modulation caused heavy splashes from the non-speaking channel.

    Recommended for AM reception but not judged too happy sounding on FM - sorry.........
  12. Martyn Miles

    Martyn Miles pfm Member

    Re. 3950. In my system, near Oxford ( 12 miles ) with a 4 element Antiference aerial correctly aligned. No 'burbles' on R3 ( common around the Oxford area) and all other FM channels from the Oxford Beckley transmitter ( 45Kw ERP ) perfect. The only other tuner which sounded as good on my system was a ( briefly owned) Quad FM4. Now I've a Denon DAB/FM tuner. I use the FM most of the time... Martyn .

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