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Sideways Uni-Pivot Arm, SUPATRAC Blackbird, formerly "Ekos Killer (Price?)"

Discussion in 'audio' started by sonddek, Sep 20, 2020.

  1. sonddek

    sonddek Trade: SUPATRAC

    I quite like the way the narrator's claim that we are "fresh! young! newcomers!" cues up the closeup of my grey, growing bald patch. That German sense of humour ;-)
  2. sq225917

    sq225917 Bit of this, bit of that

    Yeh, but compared to much of the industry....
    NickofWimbledon likes this.
  3. Hound

    Hound pfm Member

    Nice to see things are going well.
    Hope it continues for you
    sonddek likes this.
  4. Alex S

    Alex S carbon based lifeform

    Probably less well than both.
    sonddek likes this.
  5. BlueYeti

    BlueYeti pfm Member

    Excellent! Glad Mr. Fremer was friendly and took the time to give the arm a listen and hope the review goes forward :)

    I like the red Garrard plinth, as it's just so different to most idler drive supports and as a result, totally unexpected. Also like the form factor too, following the contours of the Garrard top plate.
    sonddek likes this.
  6. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    It gets Fremer’s thumbnail! I hope you can make them fast as this will generate ton of interest…
  7. Alex S

    Alex S carbon based lifeform

    Nice one. Beautifully and confidently explained, Richard. Although "you're not much to look at".
    wiresandmore, Durmbo and sonddek like this.
  8. sonddek

    sonddek Trade: SUPATRAC

    Another balding middle-aged man in a sea of us ;-)

    I got a bit excited because we all know how effective the Fremer spotlight is. It's quite a surreal moment when you sit in the two centre front seats and have a little listen to your own hand-made tonearm with Michael Fremer! I owe a lot of thanks to everyone on this thread and others who have helped me get this far by sharing your views and ideas, and especially all those who have bought a Blackbird thereby helping to keep the pro-ject on the road.

    Rik of Takumi is a very nice chap and he bought one of my display arms and took it at the end of the show.

    Munich was a phenomenal experience and I give a big shout to Moonriver, Sonner, Pachanko and OePhi who gave my mullet deck a platform for three days and loved it enough to order three arms between them. Their room sounded great, and their digital kit sounded superb too.
  9. sq225917

    sq225917 Bit of this, bit of that

    Get ready to scale up.
    sonddek likes this.
  10. rn82497

    rn82497 pfm Member

    Richard - Well done! Still love my SUPATRAC / LP12 StackAudio combo - and it's been so nice seeing your story develop! Keep going!!
    Alex S and sonddek like this.
  11. RoA

    RoA pfm Member

    Nice success story in what is a very crowded market.
    sonddek likes this.
  12. Howdy

    Howdy pfm Member

    Really enjoyed listening to your chat. Congrats.
    sonddek likes this.
  13. jagdesign

    jagdesign pfm Member

    This is great to see, well done @sonddek :)
    pickwickpapers and sonddek like this.
  14. laughingboy

    laughingboy pfm Member

    Great coverage. Very nicely explained. Well done, Richard.

    That said, for the UK market, I'd avoid using display records with that particular combination of purple and yellow if I were you. ;)
    sonddek likes this.
  15. stuwils

    stuwils pfm Member

    I think that the fremer video explains loads about how the tonearm works, a great demo of the properties of the arm by yourself.

    sonddek likes this.
  16. leroyd

    leroyd pfm Member

    Nice to see a small scale (for now) specialist product inch its way into a very competitive market. The conversation was interesting in so far as that builder was not engaging in the usual sales pitch, rather it was his enthusiasm and engineering nohow that came across in abundance. Sadly too expensive for me, but no doubt with a bit of luck and continued hard work, this arm will make alot of people in the industry sit up and take notice. I do not have an engineering mind and did not understand everything about the unique deign of the arm. I wish the builder every success.
  17. sonddek

    sonddek Trade: SUPATRAC

    I love it when I come across yet another DIYer getting stunning results from copying the SUPA concept for personal use. I'm aware of twenty or more DIY builds, and the builders invariably report unprecedented performance, even from some quite casual attempts. Here's one I found yesterday. Check out the tracking and dynamics, well audible even on a smartphone recording. Standard SUPA fare...
  18. Paul Mc

    Paul Mc pfm Member

    I really enjoyed your Fremer interview - he's a tricky character at the best of times! Good luck.
    sonddek likes this.
  19. John

    John Rack’em Up!

    That was a great session with MF!
  20. waxkinglyrical

    waxkinglyrical pfm Member

    Yes, then again that’s Mikey’s schtick.

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