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Sibelius a new amp

Discussion in 'audio' started by CJ14, Nov 28, 2020.

  1. CJ14

    CJ14 Waiting for the Death Monitor


    Top left PCB convert Balance to un-Balance,Top right PCB is the twin bridge PSU with 88,000uF Caps and the 12V supply for the Balance PCB and the ON LED drive. The bottom two PCB's are the power Amp, they will be running 35W P-P Class A.
    NOTE:- The balance PCB can have a variable gain control not used in this project.
    Running the PCB on +20 and _20VDC will allow with larger heat sink a deeper current and more Class A, also note the DC offset can be adjusted to less than 1mV, max current is 12A continuous and 1mS peak current can be over 100Amps. Then the fuse blows.

    Great fun on a lock down day.
  2. Nice! sounds like a new amp's on its way @ABCaudio
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  3. ABCaudio

    ABCaudio Trade: ABCaudio, representing EWA

    It does rather...

    So this is a partnership with Pearl Acoustics, who manufacture a very fine loudspeaker of the same name. They recently trialled our mid-range M-50 power amplifier and were rather impressed, so this is a special design just for Harley! It's somewhere between our M-50 power amplifier and our discontinued Oberon amplifier, very much based on M-50 but now biased to A.

    This isn't a powerhouse like the M-100 series, but it's going to put out thirty five (and more) W RMS of glorious Class A goodness. I hope to hear it before the prototype is shipped out!
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  4. mega lord

    mega lord Centre tapped

    Colin, you are a legend :)
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  5. Mike Reed

    Mike Reed pfm Member

    Is there any connection with Finland or the composer, as it's a little unusual to find amplification named after classical composers?
  6. Neat so some OEM/partnership work?, are these going into active speakers?
  7. wd40addict

    wd40addict pfm Member

    With a single driver surely they're active by definition!
    Cereal Killer likes this.
  8. iansr

    iansr pfm Member

    Colin, does that Balanced conversion PCB work both ways; ie will it convert a SE output to Balanced?
  9. CJ14

    CJ14 Waiting for the Death Monitor


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