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Self promoting my Icon Audio Valve Amp

Discussion in 'Interesting eBay auctions' started by Silver Birch, Jan 12, 2022.

  1. Silver Birch

    Silver Birch Member

    Shamelessly self advertising my icon audio Stereo 25 valve amp now listed on eBay...
  2. Silver Birch

    Silver Birch Member

    Apparently I can't link to it or add any pictures!

    Great fully working condition, no scratches or marks to speak of. Fitted with EL34 valves. Only selling due to a whole-system change. Selling for £800 but reasonable offers considered.

    With 30w RMS per channel this amplifier easily powers 4 or 8ohm loudspeakers and has been used happily driving B&W CM10 floorstanders and more recently a pair of Buchardt audio S400 standmounts.

    A look inside shows point-point hand wiring which shows the care and attention put into manufacturing the amp.

    I love the sound from this thing - engaging, musical and with the wonderful tone you’d expect from valves. The headphone socket, being a dedicated winding on the output transformers, is fantastic quality.

    I will add that Icon Audio’s customer service is always fantastic - on hand to give advice even for the stupidest question!

    EL34 output valves, can be rolled to 6L6/6CA7/KT66/KT88/6550
    • 6SN7/6SL7 double triode driver valves
    • Class A, all Triode front end
    • Ultralinear output circuit
    • Hand wired point to point. No printed circuit board
    • 30w RMS per channel Ultralinear (EL34)
    • 4 and 8ohm loudspeaker output
    • Tertiary Wound Transformers
    • Frequency response 20-20khz +0 - 0.5db
    • THD typically less 0.5% 1kHz
    • Hand wound transformers
    • Attractive valve cover included in the price
    • Hi Fi quality Solen capacitors
    • Silver PTFE audio cable
    • Gold plated Input & speaker sockets
    • 3 line Inputs for CD, Tuner, Phono etc

    Brief Description from Icon Audio:-

    Ideal first valve amplifier with plenty of valve power to drive most loudspeakers.!

    In essence a simplified ST40 MKIII, yet no reduction in quality, this is our best value integrated amplifier. Features include the excellent 6SN7 and 6SL7 valves for improved sound, and a headphone socket with excellent performance.

    Our simple bias circuit means that valve replacement of the same type requires no bias adjustment*. Yet retains the ability to use “tube roll” different valves, so the ST25 MK II is designed to use: 6L6, EL34, 6CA7, KT66, KT88, 6550.

    If you are new to valves the Stereo 25 MK II is an excellent starting point. With ample power, its affordable price and excellent power make it an ideal “starter” amplifier to find out what valves can do for your system.

    The inclusion of a dedicated headphone winding on the output transformers guarantees the best possible performance. Giving a closer intimacy than is possible that with solid state headphone amplifiers.

    These retail new at £1499 today

    Collection only from Nottingham due to weight and fragility.
  3. JimmyB

    JimmyB pfm Member

  4. Silver Birch

    Silver Birch Member

  5. Silver Birch

    Silver Birch Member

  6. Silver Birch

    Silver Birch Member

  7. JensenHealey

    JensenHealey pfm Member

    interesting way around the 50 post limitation?
  8. Silver Birch

    Silver Birch Member

    Not trying to be naughty. Just signposting to the eBay advert which I believe is allowed.
  9. Silver Birch

    Silver Birch Member

    I’d rather make a slower more meaningful contribution to the forum than spam it with another 50 useless posts :)
    Alan McClymont likes this.
  10. effinity

    effinity pfm Member

    Looks fab, gotta be worth it at that price, hopefully great sound assured also with the right speakers.

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