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Saturday Fun Favourite Drummers

Discussion in 'music' started by fegs, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. fegs

    fegs pfm Member

    Ok Just for fun, who's your favourite drummer and why?

    (Bit of a theme occurring here)

    Note I said favourite not best!

    We're not necessarily looking for technical prowess here, they may well just be cool as ........ any reason will do!

    Or they may well be your fave because they're masters of their craft?

    Here's mine in no particular order, and like all good lists this may well be different tomorrow

    • Clem burke - Blondie (Check his drumming on "Dreaming")
    • John Maher - Buzzcocks (One of the best of his era IMHO,cites Clem Burke as his main influence)
    • Kev Bales - Spiritualized (He's my mate, great bloke, great drummer)
    • Rat Scabies - The Damned (One of the best I've seen live)
    • Topper Headon - The Clash (The best thing that happened to The Clash)
    • Tony Allen - Fela Kuti , The Good, The Bad & The Queen (Afrobeat Legend)
    • Janet Weiss - Sleater Kinney (ferocious, physical brilliant rock drummer)
    • Dave Grohl - Nirvana (I've seen him live in three different bands, he's one of the best)
    • Donald Johnson - A Certain Ratio (This man oozes talent)
    • Stephen Morris -Joy Division, NO (Incredible precise timing)

    Ok, let's hear yours
  2. wylton

    wylton Naim and Mana member

    • Ginger Baker
    • Mitch Mitchell
    • Robert Wyatt
    • Buddy Rich
    Snufkin and fegs like this.
  3. Joe Hutch

    Joe Hutch Mate of the bloke

    Any drummer who doesn't do solos.
  4. wylton

    wylton Naim and Mana member

    Ah well, that probably rules out two from my list!
  5. Joe Hutch

    Joe Hutch Mate of the bloke

    When I was a lad, I borrowed a friend's copy of Cream's 'Wheels of Fire'. I managed about two minutes of 'Toad'.
  6. NigelP

    NigelP pfm Member

    No particular order my top 5

    Neal Peart. Rush. Subdivions on air drums is amazing but he did like a solo
    Ian Mosely. Marillion the infills on Fugazi etc live just blew me away and no drum solos
    Dr Avalanche/ Pandora Sisters/Ghostdance. Got to love a drum machine it made their sound
    Budgie. Loved in the banshees but with John Grant great
    Phil Collins Genesis. Loved the early stuff forget the vocals.

    pS forgot Bill Brufford such a maestro. King Crimson and YES

    madscientist likes this.
  7. John C

    John C pfm Member

    Max Roach.. the rest
    Nagraboy likes this.
  8. robs

    robs pfm Member

    Michael Shrieve (just love the Woodstock Soul Sacrifice video!).
  9. Cav

    Cav pfm Member

    Jaki Liebezeit like a drum machine but without the humanity....
    Dozey and Snufkin like this.
  10. Joe Hutch

    Joe Hutch Mate of the bloke

    Ian McCulloch on replacing a drum machine with a human drummer in Echo & The Bunnymen: 'The drum machine had a better sense of humour, and smoked less dope'.
    paulfromcamden and fegs like this.
  11. Weekender

    Weekender pfm Member

    Moe Tucker.

  12. BillT

    BillT Member

    Mitch Mitchell
    Larnell Lewis
    Omar Hakim
    Max Hallet
    The Big Figure
  13. Marchbanks

    Marchbanks Hat and Beard member

    Damn, you beat me to it. OK, Meg White. And Animal from the Muppet Show. And Elvin and Dannie of course, both of whom were not only cool but great. Oh, and whoever was the original butt of the ‘only have to punch the information in once’ joke.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2020
  14. monstrous lie

    monstrous lie Infinitely Baffled

    Jon Hiseman - Technically dazzling, but also sooo musical.
    Michael Giles - Because ... well, Schizoid Man!
    Mark Guiliana - Avishai Cohen Trio. Just listen.
    Bill Bruford - Intelligent AND a drummer!
    Jack DeJohnette - Because he understands how to integrate peerless drumming into an ensemble without overwhelming it.
    Paul Mc, pickwickpapers and Nigel like this.
  15. Arkless Electronics

    Arkless Electronics Trade: Amp design and repairs.

    John Bonham
    Keith Moon
    Mitch Mitchell
    Musicman19 likes this.
  16. Nagraboy

    Nagraboy pfm Member

    Buddy Rich and Tony Williams.
  17. paulfromcamden

    paulfromcamden Baffled

    idris Muhammad on a record is normally a good sign.
    Nigel likes this.
  18. Woodface

    Woodface pfm Member

    Art Blakey
    Ringo Star
    Pedro83 likes this.
  19. ciderglider

    ciderglider pfm Member

    I saw him play a solo gig in the early 90s, where he just played a snare drum.
  20. Ponty

    Ponty pfm Member

    Dennis Davis
    Dennis Chambers
    Omar Hakim
    Vinnie Colaiuta
    Dave Weckl

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