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sad day for coatbridge tannoy factory

Discussion in 'audio' started by hifinutt, Dec 4, 2020.

  1. Tumeni Notes

    Tumeni Notes pfm Member

    Would love to have supported them by buying new from the Prestige range, happily indulging myself by comparing Cheviots to Ardens to Kingdom Royals. My idea of audio heaven.

    However ...

    Cannot. Afford. To.
    Mr Pig likes this.
  2. tonerei

    tonerei pfm Member

    Feedback from my dealer is Coatbridge is still very much open! I would suspect if it was closing up it would have made the papers. I assume at some point if the re-development goes ahead some move or adjustment would happen at that stage.
    hifinutt likes this.
  3. effinity

    effinity Bafflingly

    I wonder where they are hanging out then?

    Maybe another location?

    Coatbridge - Tannoy Factory Auction finised today, out of 292 'lots' only one was left, so nothing to sit on either!

    Lot 174 - Roller Line Parts (not sold)

    Asset location
    Music Tribe Brands UK Ltd, Rosehall Industrial Estate, Coatbridge, ML5 4TF
  4. tonerei

    tonerei pfm Member

    Have no idea what is exactly the case. I could see the logic of getting rid of the various bits of stuff they advertised at that auction just to generate space. Need somebody local to go snooping :D
  5. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig ^'- -'^

    He's full of it.
  6. effinity

    effinity Bafflingly

    Ha yes, that was my plan although I’m not local.

    Unfortunately I was in the process of changing my bid last minute, on some Lockwood cabinets, then ran out of time before I could click ‘bid’, seconds, DOH!

    Would’ve got em too.

    I’ll have to wait for the museum to open now! ;)
  7. ToTo Man

    ToTo Man the band not the dog

    That's a pity. How much did they go for, if you don't mind my asking?
  8. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig ^'- -'^

    Yeah, if only there was someone who lived less than two miles away and knows people who worked there....
    Darren L and effinity like this.
  9. effinity

    effinity Bafflingly

    no problem, 200+15% buyers premium + VAT.
    i'm over it now, winning them would be only the start of the challenge, 400 mile round trip to collect, storage, refurb, drivers, crossovers, I got off lightly :rolleyes:
    Would have been fun though, not to mention the long term value in em' :eek:
    ToTo Man likes this.
  10. wow&flutter

    wow&flutter pfm Member

    I would have imagined that the Legacy range will have boosted a Tannoy sales no end and although relatively large to ship will be relatively inexpensive to manufacture. The Prestige range however is just that, stunning construction and very labour intensive and very skilled labour at that.
    It’s interesting we have no definitive answer as to where the above will be built in the future, hopefully we don’t see a price hike but I suspect we will which is likely to rule them out for many which is real shame, hopefully the new factory location won’t tarnish the brand!
  11. ToTo Man

    ToTo Man the band not the dog

    Gosh, that was a bargain, especially if the buyer is local and has the drivers & crossovers ready to transplant into them.
  12. effinity

    effinity Bafflingly

    We'll soon find out :D
    ToTo Man likes this.
  13. Hoopsontoast

    Hoopsontoast pfm Member

    The Fyne Audio stuff just looks naff, reminds me of that super high end speaker (now long gone) that put a 6x9 speaker in a fancy cabinet for silly money.


    IMO they could have attracted a lot of Tannoy customers with a clean, simple cabinet like this, from a knock off Chinese brand...

  14. effinity

    effinity Bafflingly

    I would'nt like to say whether the same skilled labour as deployed on Prestige was the same as Legacy but i've got no complaints about the quality of my Ardens, perhaps the terminations could have been a notch up, perfectly adequate for my speaker cable but if someone using heavy/chunky then particular care needed.

    I have a friend who thinks the Prestige range is spectacularly ugly and only fit for oligarchs and classic architecture fans! I know what he means but I do love the wood finishes on them.

    I've had HPD Tannoys of all sizes here and there over the last 40 yrs and I'm very happy with all the qualities of Legacy Ardens and feel extremely fortunate to be owning a pair. They do sound superb across the board and i'm free to concentrate on enjoying the music I play through them.

    For the future, subject to Tannoy strategy, price rises etc, it may very well be a good time to get into whatever model, within ones resources, one can.
    wow&flutter and Coda II like this.
  15. effinity

    effinity Bafflingly

    They'll get there, give them time?
    Now Big Brother is offshore they might just toss off the shackles (and possible legal actions?) your e.g's excepted I quite like the look of their stuff.
  16. tonerei

    tonerei pfm Member

    Can't like that post but spill the beans then what is the real story?
  17. cooky1257

    cooky1257 pfm Member

    TOTL Fyne audio HF drivers are made by Beyma.
    Hoopsontoast and wow&flutter like this.
  18. wow&flutter

    wow&flutter pfm Member

    I would imagine the veneering alone on the Prestige especially the Canterbury and Westminster models would be very labour intensive, they’re hardly standard square boxes. The Legacy models are certainly more standard in terms of box design.
    Either way I think Tannoy can be very proud of them all
    effinity likes this.
  19. Lockwood76

    Lockwood76 Trade: Lockwood Loudspeakers

    They did not come with crossovers or drivers Just empty Cabinets
  20. effinity

    effinity Bafflingly

    Correct, as I stated....”winning them (the cabinets) would only be the start of the challenge”

    I’m guessing you would know that more than most, but are better equipped from the off :)

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