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[FS] Royd "The Sorcerer" loudspeakers - price reduced

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by 2by2, Nov 25, 2022.

  1. 2by2

    2by2 pfm Member

    Having to re-post this to get the new price visible at the top of tree thread...

    I have a pair of walnut Royd Sorcerors for sale. I bought these from a gentleman called Peter at The Studio in north London in 2003 (just checked the receipt). He had taken them back from a customer in p/e. Some time around 2011 after a little experimentation I moved them out of my system, to be replaced, for a time, with a pair of RR2s. I packed them up carefully with the intention of selling but could never quite bring myself to do it somehow. Anyway, some years later here we are. They are in (very?) good condition, with one noticeable "dink" to a back edge (<1cm long), as per photo. There are spike holes and marks to the bottoms, of course.

    I'm in north London (N5) and these are for collection only, as I only have the polystyrene-lined card box I made myself for the speakers. Good enough for transport and storage but not shipping via courier. Plus they are heavy speakers (7kg each?).

    Technical info can be found here:

    I also have a pair of Linn Kan Mk2 stands that I used with them, in good condition and complete with top and bottom spikes. I would much prefer to see these go with the speakers, of course. I think they're worth around £100.

    Not sure on pricing, but the last pair of Sorcerors I can see listed here were up at £650, so...

    Was asking £650, now £600 for the speakers, or £650 (was £700) for both speakers and stands. If someone takes the speakers but doesn't want the stands I will maybe list them separately here, or (somewhat reluctantly) put them on Ebay.

    [​IMG]P1000319 by Richard Thomas, on Flickr

    [​IMG]P1000325 by Richard Thomas, on Flickr

    [​IMG]P1000321 by Richard Thomas, on Flickr

    [​IMG]P1000327 by Richard Thomas, on Flickr

    [​IMG]IMG_2456 by Richard Thomas, on Flickr

    [​IMG]P1000326 by Richard Thomas, on Flickr

    [​IMG]IMG_2457 by Richard Thomas, on Flickr

    [​IMG]P1000285 by Richard Thomas, on Flickr
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  2. 2by2

    2by2 pfm Member

    Copying this review over from old thread for reference:

    Reproduced from a review in Hi-Fi Choice, issue 139, February 1995.

    Royd Sorcerer

    Pros: Extremely musical and communicative speaker that’s fun to listen to.
    Cons: Front grille not the last word in aesthetics.

    [​IMG]An almost total absence of press activity surrounded the £595 Sorcerer launch, and it seems that many reviewers – and potential customers too, presumably – are still unaware of the speaker’s existence. The Sorcerer is a seven-litre bookshelf speaker. Traditionally, such small Royd enclosures were all infinite baffle (sealed box) designs; the Sorcerer breaks this mould with the addition of a front port.
    The port goes some way toward extending the bass down to a claimed 35Hz, while still maintaining an easy eight-Ohm impedance and a suggested sensitivity of 86dB. The Sorcerers need a lengthy run-in and, according to Royd, will only perform at their best above 15°C. Once they settle in, the bass fills out and they sound more musical and alive. They are designed to work close to a rear wall, so holographic sound- staging and image depth are not priorities. Instead, you’re blessed with a vivid, up-tempo performance that never sounds small. though best suited to average-sized rooms, the Sorcerers have enough energy to fill out larger rooms at a pinch.
    They have a slightly rich, warm tonal balance, coupled with a slight zing to the upper frequencies. The Sorcerers don’t have the sort of ‘highend’ smooth detail of a ProAc Response One ‘S’, but they are consummately musical, underpinning any hi-fi niceties with a wicked sense of rhythm. It’s also possible to use the Sorcerers in the near field, placing the speakers along the base of an imaginary isosceles triangle. This dramatically improves the imagery, but to get balanced bass weight, the speakers need to be about three feet from your ears, which is hardly practical in most listening-rooms.
    In fact, my only criticism regards the Sorcerer’s inability play music at very high volume levels. Yes, they’ll play loud, but if you want those moments of head-banging, you may have to look elsewhere.
    Then again, if you want quality, compatibility and the ability mount your speakers close to a wall, I can’t think of a better design than the Royd Sorcerer. Although I believe that the speaker is so-called because of its pointy hat-like phase plug in the bass driver, perhaps it’s because they sound magical.
    Alan Sircom
  3. CTank

    CTank pfm Member

    I’d be interested in the stands, if and when the speakers sell.
  4. Zaiden

    Zaiden pfm Member

    I went to 2by2’s place and gave these speakers a listen.

    For £600 thereabouts I don’t think you can do jazz/acoustics better. Snare drum snaps and string plucks sound unbelievably natural and effortless as if they were in the room. Much much better than second hand Dynaudio/ProAc/Tannoy/Rega/Amphion I’ve heard in this price range for those specific genres. I can imagine that reggae would be incredible on these as well - although they might be lacking for rock/types of music where there’s lots of instruments going on. The vocal midrange is warm having what I’d call an invitingly smooth analogue/vinyl quality to it (as opposed to being ultra analytical/detailed). The acoustics are the primary defining strength of the speaker followed by vocals. They are decently free feeling at the top end, which I wouldn’t describe as airy or sparkly. For its small size there is quite a surprising amount of bass coming from these too. Which was the right amount for me. But as someone who isn’t a bass head I still think most people would be looking to pair these with a subwoofer.

    The rest of the system was almost completely Naim for reference to my listening experience.

    I would have strongly considered giving these a shot if I didn’t have the ghost of a different speaker on my mind. Plus neither jazz or acoustic heavy tracks are my primary genres.

    2by2 is a fantastic person and it was lovely meeting with them and talking about audio related things. Buy with confidence!
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  5. 2by2

    2by2 pfm Member

  6. Graeme Griffiths

    Graeme Griffiths Colebrooke

    Happy to buy the stands for more than you're asking for them 2by2. I live very close to you (in N1) and could collect them today!
  7. magentawhale

    magentawhale can't carry a tuna

    Fantastic speakers...I would definitely buy them if distance wasn't such a problem...
  8. 2by2

    2by2 pfm Member

    Think I will have to look at offering shipping... Any thoughts on whether shipping in one box or two is better, in terms of them arriving intact?!
  9. roy

    roy pfm Member

    It sounds like two boxes would be safer and not much more costly with the courier company. I bet that they would sound good with my Exposure amps.
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  10. SevePFM

    SevePFM New Member

    Hi, are these stil available ?
  11. 2by2

    2by2 pfm Member

    Yes, they are. Still collection only for the moment.
  12. SevePFM

    SevePFM New Member

    Thanks for replying, just as a recap, have you owned them from new, are they unmarked, and do you have packaging. I’m correct in saying there designed to be used, against a wall are they not ?
    Best Regards
  13. nmtjb

    nmtjb pfm Member

    All of that information is avaiable in the OP
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  14. 2by2

    2by2 pfm Member

    1. I bought them from a very nice dealer called Peter. I was only intending to buy some Naim kit (his special area) but he had these back from a client as a trade-in. I therefore imagine that I am the second owner, as he would presumably have sold them to his client new.
    2. No, they are not unmarked and I have tried to show the one bit of damage, which is on a rear edge, in my photos.
    3. I don't have the original packaging and never did have, but I made a very nice double-walled cardboard, polystyrene lined box to store them.
    4. Yes, they work well against a wall, but of course it is not obligatory. This aspect is commented on in the review I copied above.
  15. SevePFM

    SevePFM New Member

    Thanks again for the information, I’m interested, my only problem being, I’ve got to move on my Totem Mite’s first to help finance the purchase.
    But thank you for all your information anyway.
  16. 2by2

    2by2 pfm Member

    I have someone who has said they will buy these at the end of the month (and collect) if unsold, but as they haven't asked me to hold them I'm not. If they are still here in the new year I will offer shipping, at buyer's cost and risk. I now have two perfect size boxes for the job. In a previous "life" I used to sometimes pack and ship high value artworks via courier, so I understand the principles of good packing. However, if you are interested and happy to collect please do get in touch, that is what I would prefer. I don't intend to drop the pice between now and January.

    I had an interesting exchange with a keen Royd collector elsewhere. It's stuff I didn't know, but as I'm no expert myself I'm taking what he told me on trust (and hope he wouldn't mind me sharing):

    "Wow. They are the best bass drivers I’ve ever seen. The doping on them is perfect. That small chip can be easily addressed. Very rare to see without the Royd logo on the tweeter focus ring."
    "Only the last run were logo free. And this is also evident in the driver doping. Joe was dab hand at it by then and this shows."
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  17. 2by2

    2by2 pfm Member

  18. 2by2

    2by2 pfm Member

  19. 2by2

    2by2 pfm Member

    I've been away but now intend to re-list these with shipping as an option.
  20. timpy

    timpy Speaker Abuser

    Word of caution on the two box shipping. I had one speaker destroyed being shipped many years ago, and they were both in the same box. The courier tried to pay out half the amount as the other one was undamaged, as though that was any good to anyone. I image the situation may be even worse to sort of if they lose / destroy one of two parcels.
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