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Roon... an idiots guide!

Discussion in 'audio' started by Greyandy, Sep 22, 2022 at 9:35 AM.

  1. Greyandy

    Greyandy pfm Member

    Can someone explain (in simple terms!) how Roon works?
    Currently I am using Tidal either direct into a DAC or via Connect into a streamer. I also have a Qobuz account so will Roon enable me to use both through a single interface?

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. chartz

    chartz If it’s broke fix it!

    I too fail to understand what all the fuss is about, I must say. I am a Spotify, Apple (which was the first one) and Qobuz user.
  3. flutteringwow

    flutteringwow I am a sound quality evaluation device

    Yes, it will allow you to use both streaming services in one interface.

    It also does a LOT more, I probably only know and use a snippet of its abilities. For example, if you have more than one system or speaker in your house (Naim Muso, Audio Pro C etc) you can stream to them all, individually, or grouped, and choose whatever you want to play on them (all different or even in sync on the same album etc), and it dosent matter what manufacturer the devices are.

    The new Roon Arc means you can have access to all your Roon content (NAS contents, playlists, recently listened albums etc) all mobile, anywhere in the world. Game changer.

    It also contents lots of DSP options, room correction, DSD upsampling etc, can control everything from any device with the Roon Remote installed, all with the same top shelf interfacing.

    Its an amazing piece of software, but many don't understand its value when they havent explored all its uses.

    I did buy in when it was affordable - the subscription price now is so high, I doubt I would if I hadnt already got a lifetime membership. The Roon management team is also very arrogant, and their followers are insanely defensive, so don't mention anything critical about it on a Roon forum or Roon social media as you will be hounded within seconds! It's very much like the ASR crusaders of the playback software world.
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  4. Wolfmancatsup

    Wolfmancatsup Empire State Human

    Some years ago I asked "what's the point of Roon?" on another forum and most suggestions were to take a trial and see. Best way to discover its worth, for me. Within a week I'd bought a lifetime sub (luckily, just before it went up by a huge amount) and haven't looked back. I use a Linn KDS and it's the only control point I've used that feels on a par with the hardware. Linn's apps are woeful by comparison.
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  5. AndyU

    AndyU pfm Member

    Very true! The CEO is especially arrogant and conceited. But it is (now) good, useful software, which really enhances my enjoyment of music, so I am happy to pay the subscription. There’s a free trial, so it is easy to make up your own mind.
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  6. Purité Audio

    Purité Audio Trade: Purite Audio

    It the most solid playback software I have used, the PEQ is extremely useful allowing you to use any speaker in any room.
  7. Sloop John B

    Sloop John B for more years than I care to remember

    Yes once logged into both accounts in Roon they are seamlessly integrated together and with any ripped music you have.

    You can see in Anais Mitchell’s discography the symbols showing Tidal and Qubuz.

    upload pic

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  8. sls4321

    sls4321 pfm Member

    It does:
    - Music management
    - Streaming
    - Hosts Tidal, Qobuz and Dropbox
    - EQ
    - Plays in multiple zones and zones can be grouped
    - Plays to devices that are Roon Ready (full player integration), Roon Tested or with Airplay.
    - Now has a mobile service so you can listen to music from your server in Timbuktu.

    It will integrate Qobuz and Tidal, but you will need hardware and pay a £100 p.a.

    The new Innuos Pulse Mini at £899 has a superb streaming app and will also integrate Qobuz and Tidal and is probably better for a standalone system.

    I use both, Roon for multi-room and Innuos for my main system, usb into my DAC.
  9. jlw2000

    jlw2000 pfm Member

    I use it as a simple streamer with a great interface. And it merges streaming content with the locally stored stuff. And for those of us with various masterings, it does a great job of keeping track. Also makes tagging and finding stuff a breeze.

    I have the Nucleus, attached to a DAC, to a Klimax Kontrol. It also streams to a few devices in my house for easy multi-room (it’ll interface with anything it seems)

    That said, I feel it’s a stopgap tech with an unsustainable business model. Streaming services will find a way to incorporate similar. And record companies will find a way to extract streaming revenue from your redacted/what sourced content.
  10. AndyU

    AndyU pfm Member

    Or they’ll go bust. Qobuz has had a flakey past financially, and Tidal has been criticised for overhyping. Hence why I subscribe to Roon rather than buy. It’s good value, as is Qobuz. If they fold, so be it.
  11. Rug Doc

    Rug Doc pfm Member

    indeed. The EQ is something that not enough people use.

    I use REW to analyse my room, then suggest EQs, then implement these Eqs in Roon.

    Bingo! Fabulous sound.
  12. jobseeker

    jobseeker pfm Member

    I really must try that
  13. Yank

    Yank Bulbous Also Tapered

    I have not dipped my toe into streaming yet, being a physical media holdout. My question is - is it possible to have music streaming without a phone? I do not have a cellphone and do not want one.

    - Dave the Luddite
  14. flutteringwow

    flutteringwow I am a sound quality evaluation device

    Yes, your phone has little to do with it really, its merely a 'remote' for Roon.

    You can use other remotes such as a computer, tablet etc

    You can of course buy a streamer with a screen and possibly its own remote, but that could be a ballache trying to navigate menu's etc as the screens are pretty small.
  15. jms1

    jms1 pfm Member

    100%. I have played about at a basic level with REW and have made some initial EQ changes,which have made a great improvement. 80/20 rule for the gains made and effort expended for sure.
    Love the seamless integration with my Devialet end point and Tidal subscription. Toyed with building my own Core, but was a sucker for the Nucleus’s casework in the end.
    Bought a lifetime subscription a couple of years ago as it seemed a small price to pay to configure my playback system.
  16. Zombie

    Zombie pfm Member

    Yes, you can call the local switchboard and they will send a technician to you that adjusts the sound or switches to another album or stream.
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  17. AndyU

    AndyU pfm Member

    Your existing laptop or pc is all you need to give it a try. Just take a free trial of Qobuz or Tidal. You could listen from the headphone socket, or connect that to your hifi, or (much better) connect to a DAC by USB. A phone or tablet is handy as a remote control, but not necessary. If after the trial you decide that having access to all that music appeals to you, you can spend more money, say on a dedicated streamer box, or a server, or a cheap computer or even a raspberry Pi. Loads of possibilities. But you can try for nothing more than maybe a lead and a bit of messing around.
  18. andrewd

    andrewd pfm Member

    I love Roon. I bought a lifetime license outright four years ago. Purchase cost long since forgotten, so going forward it is effectively free.

    I use an ipad as the remote. Nice big screen for viewing album content and hyperlinking to other artists and albums.
    The Roon radio feature is brilliant for discovering new music. I just keep adding new albums to my library when I discover with Roon Radio.

    I also use Roon as a front end for HQ Player which can do upscaling with more sophisticated algorithms than Roon (for example sinc interpolation using millions of coefficients).

    My only concern with Roon is that they insist on doing major updates every year. I can see it just getting more and more bloated with little benefit for usability and performance. Sort of like the Mac operating system which was brilliant in 2008 but went downhill rapidly since then.
  19. carruthersesq

    carruthersesq pfm Member

    Potentially a rather silly question but don’t you need something constantly running the server? I.e. a pc/laptop? I don’t have any personal devices other than iPads so I presume I can’t use it?
  20. andrewd

    andrewd pfm Member

    Yes you need a computer to run the ‘core’. Preferably something designed to be running 24/7 like a NAS, Intel NUC or dedicated audio server.
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