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Rega Saturn MK3

Discussion in 'audio' started by PerF, Jan 14, 2022.

  1. w00fer

    w00fer pfm Member

    Funnily enough, what you saying about the Rega reminds me of what I thought about the Naim CD5x compared to other players I'd heard. That's to say, rather analogue, quite refined, not always immediately impressive, but _musical_. Now if the Rega is also like that, but perhaps even more so, and comes with promise of great longevity, then it sounds very appealing indeed!
  2. w00fer

    w00fer pfm Member

    Didn't Quad do this - provide inputs to the DAC - with one of its CDPs?
  3. w00fer

    w00fer pfm Member

    Mine's similar vintage to yours, still going strong. (Touch wood!) It got loads of use from 2006 to 2010 - the PhD years - then over the past decade it's come in and out of systems as I've swapped things around with house moves, speakers changes etc. Just reintroduced it last week into the current main system and thought 'wow, had forgotten how good this was'. BTW I tried putting a FlatCap 2x on it and in the end decided I preferred it without. I think that's a minority view though.
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  4. James Morris

    James Morris pfm Member

    Correct me if I am wrong, but the top loading is mentioned in the book. I shall check very shortly.
    I admittedly took a while to come round to the design, but I eventually took to it. Simple design, straight to the point. No unnecessary bling. I mean, what is likely to fail? A powered opening and closing draw? Or a manual top loader?
    Now have you tried the Isis? Ooh, the top loader on that, whilst it looks similar, is so much nicer in operation. Smoother, sleeker in operation. You'd end up changing CDs just for the fun of it!!!
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  5. James Morris

    James Morris pfm Member

    Ignoring the top loader, which is fair enough.
    As you go up in price, as well as better sound quality and better build quality, you normally get extra inputs.
    Now lets say you need an amp with a simple single pair of inputs and speaker outputs. Nothing else at all.
    You can afford the 7k required for an Osiris, but it has far too many inputs and outputs and whatever else it has. But in all other respects, it is the bees knees.
    Then you find this cheapo chinese piece of junk costing a fiver. It'll break in 5mins, and the sound is awful. But all it has is the single pair of inputs and outputs you need. Nothing else. In this regard, it is the only amp that fits the number of holes you need perfectly.
    Are you really going to let the number of inputs and outputs rule your head?

    I know thats an extreme example, but you get the idea.
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  6. James Morris

    James Morris pfm Member

    It wouldnt even be cheaper. Having to design 2 different cases and internals would add to the cost quite possibly.
  7. boon

    boon pfm Member

    Take a look at the arse end of a Linn Selekt katalyst dsm and tell me that I need a CD player with a load more shit built in to it that I already have in the back of my dsm, that’s why I wanted preferably a cd transport only or an analogue only CD player. The problem with the majority of pfmers is that they can’t be bothered to read the full thread before jumping in feet first!!!
  8. James Morris

    James Morris pfm Member

    Regards the top loading.
    Assuming you believe what Rega have written in their book.
    You have the following reasons:
    1- Reliability
    2- Watching the disc slide into the chamber has a sensation akin to watching a cremation. Often accompanied by an irritating whine
    3- Its a more satisfying experience, like placing a vinyl on a TT.
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  9. James Morris

    James Morris pfm Member

    I have read the full thread from first to last, and I saw the post you highlighted.
    But my point stands. Should sound quality come first or second in this argument? I have to admit, extra holes on the back of a box is the last thing I look at.
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  10. jamesd

    jamesd pfm Member

    yes. I was a pretty early computer audio adopter and the Quad was on the demo list. I never got around to it.

    I was at the Jolida headquarters in the early 2000’s and mentioned that it would be cool if their tube CD player had a digital input and he looked at me like I was crazy.

    I’d love a Saturn but at $3K+ bucks USD, it’s well out of my price range. Looks great to me
  11. Jazzyguy

    Jazzyguy pfm Member

  12. Mr Pig

    Mr Pig Trade: ^'- -'^

    The 5-series Naim players didn't all sound alike, some were 'softer' sounding than others. I bought the CD5XS because it was supposed to be the best of them and more akin to their top players than the other 5-series ones. I expected it to be good and at least trade punches with the Saturn-R, when new it cost more, but it wasn't even close.

    The CDX/XPS was different. I really wanted to like that player and bought the XPS to try and give it the best chance possible. It was more 'up front' than the Saturn, very punchy, but the Saturn was far more musical. Like comparing a good turntable to a CD player, the vinyl player just makes music flow and hang together better. I've never heard a Saturn against an original CDS but I've heard the CDS many times and I think they'll be similar. They've both got that rare ability to be rhythmic and involving while letting you forget that you're listening to a CD player.

    I lent my Rega book to someone and didn't get it back! ;0) I think top loading is a perfectly good idea. Cheaper, reliable, yeah no problem with it but I don't think Rega's implementation on the Saturn is very good and I'm sorry to see they haven't redesigned it on the new player. If you get a chance to look at one, imagine trying to load and unload a CD if you had very large hands, arthritis or some other kind of limitation. The lid does not get fully out of the way so have limited space to work in. You cannot go straight down, you need to bend your fingers while holding the CD to get it in without hitting the lid or scraping the disk off the top of the player. Then you only get two small and badly positioned indents to get two fingers into to lift the CD back out. Without good dexterity you're going to struggle. It's not particularly comfortable at the best of times and there's no need for it. The indents could have been twice the width and that alone would've made a big difference without effecting functionally or aesthetics at all.

    Nobody's convinced mate. I think we did read what you said, it's just that it doesn't make any sense. I'm not going to consider the better sounding audio component because it has sockets on the back panel I don't need? I'd love to be in the shop when you try to buy an AV receiver!

    I'm not exactly sure what you're saying, it would be cheaper without the inputs? Yeah, it might be slightly. The DAC circuit already had all the inputs but you could have not fitted the sockets and omitted the holes on the case. Which is something manufacturers do. Many Japanese cassette decks for instance used the same board across the range and simply blanked off the buttons and omitted the components from the board on lower models with less features. The difference in production cost was probably negligible but it was a lot cheaper than designing new boards for each model.

    So Rega already had the DAC board design. There was probably little additional cost in just fitting the whole thing rather than cutting it back, so they're giving the buyer a lot more functionality for not a lot more money. Personally, I find it bizarre that anyone is complaining about it! You want a DAC from Naim, they want you do buy another whole product. Despite the fact you already have one of their DACs inside your Naim CD player. But they can't give you inputs to it because..bullshitbullshitbullsit, right? So Rega said 'No, that's dumb. The DAC is in the box anyway, crazy not to let you access it'. Good for them.
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  13. James Morris

    James Morris pfm Member

    I could go downstairs and look at mine!!! Hold on!

    Inserting discs is very simple. Hold the disc by the edge as normal (if you can't do this, then no CD players are any good). Move your hand in at a shallow angle (no more difficult than coming in at 90 degrees). Let go of disc, then gently push down to engage the notches.
    Taking disc out. I actually find the shape of the indents to be very good (much larger than required, and all but the fattest of fingers should have no problem). The annoying bit is the location. Instead of having them fore and aft, they would be better off located on the sides I think. As it is, the aft indent is not much use as the lid is in the way. However, most people should still be fine, as it does not take a lot to put a finger in the fwd indent, and flick the disc up.

    But yes, my only suggestion would be the location of the indents.

    As per my post. It wouldn't even be cheaper.
    I was agreeing with you that a 2nd design with less holes for a minority of people has zero benefit. Then adding the fact that designing another case to suit the minority of people that don't like additional holes, would not actually be any cheaper. Designing and manufacturing 2 different cases, and 2 different internal setups, is likely to increase costs as you no longer have the same saving from a large product batch.
    You want large product runs of the same item.
    Whats cheaper to manufacture?
    1- 100 boxes with 10 holes
    2- 90 boxes with 10 holes and 10 boxes with 5 holes?
    Those 10 boxes would be a nuisance to manufacture. The saving from having less sockets on the back is more than lost by having to manufacture a small run of a different item. Even though the changes are extremely small.

    Anyway, we are both in agreeance. The cost saving for those picky people is probably nothing, so what is the point?
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  14. terrycym

    terrycym pfm Member

    Providing CD digital output & DAC inputs allows you to daisy-chain a digital processor in there.
    It's almost like a tape loop
    Accuphase have been doing this for decades.
  15. Ria Tolstoy

    Ria Tolstoy Member

    I for one am in. It will be an upgrade from the Apollo to the Saturn.
    I like the DAC out option, will try the Saturns dac with my Naim ND52XS streamer. I wonder what the Naim will sound like with a Wolfson chip as opposed to its PCM... Hmmm.
    All running through an Aethos. Someone said earlier that they wished the casing of the new Saturn looked like the Aethos... I think it does.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2022
  16. Ron Ellis

    Ron Ellis Ronaudio

    Not heard a definitive answer yet, but need to know if there has been any sound quality hike over the Saturn-r? If not, and is merely a change of casing, then I would be disinclined to change, despite the new player being a better cosmetic match for my Aethos and Aria 3
  17. Neil P

    Neil P pfm Member

    It's a bit vague on that front. The website says this, but is that improved since the Mk1 or the Mk2?
    • Enhanced output amplifier circuit
    • Enhanced digital power supplies
    • Redeveloped analogue & digital outputs
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  18. Tiernoise

    Tiernoise Active Member

  19. lordibiza

    lordibiza Active Member

    I have had a Rega Saturn-R for 4 years.
    Great sound, very balanced, natural, with rhythm.
    But I had problems with the laser lens after two years with little use. I had to exchange it for another original Sanyo (a lot of expense in official service in my country).
    It also got stuck and had to always turn off and on to get it working again. I ended up a little tired, fed up and changed it for another from another French brand and now I am very happy, also in terms of sound and reliability.
    They should also watch the quality a bit. In my unit there were Chinese sam young capacitors, there were none from Nichicon as in photos on the internet. This I think lowered the quality a bit, it is not the same Sam Young electrolytic capacitors as Nichicon Fine gold from other Saturn-R series, this made me sad.
    I think the new one is identical, just a slight cosmetic change. I'd like to see the inside of the new one for comparison.
  20. Neil P

    Neil P pfm Member

    As per my earlier question it doesn't say whether this is improvement from mk1 or mk2. My rega dealer told me he believed no internal changes (but he had not seen full spec at that point). Anyone know the definitive answer?

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